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Joker's Probation

by Rickie Chew

The story is about four blokes attending a therapy group headed by a doctor with the intention of helping them towards a normal and fulfilled life. In the group the men discuss their problems using the language...

In a Place of Disconnection: Tales of Horror, Abuse, Mystery and Longing

by Pamela Pickton

With thoughtless parents, two divorces and far from good experiences with the legal services, the author has not found life easy in fact at times felt victimised and even abused. But she has never let go of...

Mind Boggled

by Yvonne Poulson

Experiencing a car accident and suffering a head injury as a baby lead Yvonne to develop various illnesses including dyspraxia and lead her to develop the belief that she was being punished by God for being...

Happy Daft Volume II

by David Willmott

This is Willmott's second book and it takes the form of a diary. Whilst dealing with the difficult experiences and questions laid down in his first book, Willmott's latest book is infused with dark humour throughout....

Crossing the Sahara by Scooter: A Collection of Poetry

by Linda Appleby

This is a diverse collection. Variety is the hallmark of the poems. You cannot take one of two poems alone and become familiar with the poet's style. The subject matter is the most uniform aspect. These poems...

It's My Life

by Anne Brocklesby

This book is Anne's fourth for Chipmunka Publishing and in many ways one that reaches out to other people. Its aim is to encourage others who have also experienced mental health difficulties to take up new interests....

I Can't Recall: By Way of Dementia - A Loved One, A Family, And A Zigzag Journey

by Suzy O'Connor

I Can't Recall is a sister's narrative of her brother's struggle with vascular dementia, diagnosed at age fifty-four. The book delves into family relationships, especially between a brother and sister. Younger...

Moroccan Success; The Kada Way

by Greg Rowlerson

"Excelling in international distance running is not an easy caper. Who is willing to put in the hours of everyday training? Who wants to physically exhaust themselves at regular intervals? Who finds satisfaction...

Into The Darkness

by Marci Manna

I want to invite you to take an experiential and phenomenological journey through one of the most misunderstood psychiatric disorders - Bipolar Disorder. This piece of work highlights it's nature: it's circularity,...


by Peter Vealey

This is my second collection of poems, called "Particular". This is a far wider range of poems and unashamedly "Particular", covering many subjects including my periods of working life, unemployment and social...

Gardening in the Dark

by Jennifer Syrkiewicz

Albert Camus wrote that the only real question a human being has to ask of themselves is; should I live, or should I die? Before this question is answered, we are unable to progress with life, to seize the grass...

For Endings to End, Beginnings Have to Begin

by Teresa Moore

For Endings To End Beginnings Have To Begin' was written to show how a person diagnosed with the debilitating mental illness, Borderline Personality Disorder thinks. It describes what it is like to be given...

Broken Syntax

by Laura Hargrove Schneilin

Broken Syntax' was written over a period of a year and a half, after a lengthy hospitalisation. It carries the seeds of rebirth, yet also the melancholy of what most are never meant to see. The writing is deceptively...

Fun Rhyming Poetry

by Kevin Shepherd

The poems in this book are my own poems that I have written myself. They all rhyme in every verse. When I started writing poems at first they had four verses, then five and then six. I think they have improved...

Face the Music and Dance

by Brian Walker

Guy Dangerfield is young, bright and on his way in life. He'll stroll into university, and has a highly promising future. But almost overnight, this all changes. Fate sends him on it's own journey. He is 18,...

If We Win The Pools We Can Go To The Coronation

by Pamela Pickton

Christmas was upon them in the village, and Gladys had not won the pools. It would seem that the yearly event had taken her, yet again, by surprise to see her at such a loss. Then, she had so much on her plate....

In Through the Outdoor

by Scott Stewart

`In Through The Outdoor' is my only link with the real world. It is my way to both live and then eventually die. I did not set out or plan to write this book, it simply began. It began because I had to write...

Being Icarus

by Maureen Oliver

Prolific artist and author Maureen Oliver brings us her autobiography. This is the story of Maureen's activism, her fight against mental illness, the travels, the traumas and the ups and downs of this extraordinary...

Bathed in Blue: A family's journey with bipolar depression

by Rona Ross

This is a real life drama about a child of nine developing into a young woman and as the onset of puberty evolved, so did the condition bipolar affective disorder. Jennifer and her family struggled with an unnamed,...

Our Love

by Rosaleen O'Brien

Our love has been written with openness, and honesty opening up emotions that stir the heart. This book shows that we all have a choice of not loving, and not ever getting hurt or taking a risk by sharing our...