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Surviving Sexual Violence: A Guide to Recovery and Empowerment

by Thema Bryant-Davis

This book helps to empower survivors of sexual violation to navigate through the healing process. Sexual violation affects survivors but does not have to dictate their future, and this book shows readers how...

WIth Culture in Mind

by Muriel Dimen

This is a new kind of anthology. More conversation than collection, it locates the psychic and the social in clinical moments illuminating the analyst's struggle to grasp a patient's internal life as voiced...

Therapeutic Feedback with the MMPI-2: A Positive Psychology Approach

by Richard W. Levak, Liza Siegel & David S. Nichols

Therapeutic Feedback with the MMPI-2 provides the clinician with empirically-based, practical information about how to convey the abundance of information in the MMPI-2 profile in a way that is collaborative,...

Understanding the Behavioral Healthcare Crisis

by Nicholas A. Cummings & William T. O'Donohue

Understanding the Behavioral Healthcare Crisis is a necessary book, edited and contributed to by a great variety of authors from academia, government, and industry. The book takes a bold look at what reforms...

Vulnerability to Psychosis: From Neurosciences to Psychopathology

by Paolo Fusar-Poli, Stefan J. Borgwardt & Philip McGuire

Early clinical intervention in psychosis is now a major objective of mental health services and the development of specialist intervention services has greatly facilitated research on the early phases of this...

Lacanian Psychotherapy

by Michael J. Miller

The work of Jacques Lacan is associated more with literature and philosophy than mainstream American psychology, due in large part to the dense language he employs in articulating his theory - including  often...

Restoration Therapy

by Terry D. Hargrave & Franz Pfitzer

How can a therapist help his or her clients and ensure that they continue to maintain the insights and motivations learned during therapy in everyday life, beyond termination? Restoration Therapy is a professional...

The EFT Casebook

by James L. Furrow, Susan M. Johnson & Brent A. Bradley

There is currently no single resource that compiles the various applications to the many clinical populations being served by Emotionally Focused Therapy today. The Emotionally Focused Casebook fills that void...

World, Affectivity, Trauma

by Robert D. Stolorow

Stolorow and his collaborators' post-Cartesian psychoanalytic perspective - intersubjective-systems theory - is a phenomenological contextualism that illuminates worlds of emotional experience as they take form...

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice: An Evidence Based Approach

by Michael Neenan & Stephen Palmer

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice explores various aspects of coaching from within a cognitive behavioural framework. Michael Neenan and Stephen Palmer bring together experts in the field to discuss...

The Art Of Art Therapy

by Judith A. Rubin

The Art of Art Therapy is written primarily to help art therapists define and then refine a way of thinking about their work. This new edition invites the reader to first consider closely the main elements of...

The Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder

by Elizabeth F. Howell

Building on the comprehensive theoretical model of dissociation elegantly developed in The Dissociative Mind, Elizabeth Howell makes another invaluable contribution to the clinical understanding of dissociative...

The Aging Intellect

by Douglas H. Powell

Habits such as regular exercise are well known to be linked to better health in older adults. Far less is understood about behaviors that contribute to the optimally aging mind. This may be a reason why only...

Bullying, Suicide, and Homicide

by Butch Losey

In our society, bullying is commonly seen as a normal, inescapable part of growing up that children and adolescents must simply endure. In Bullying, Suicide, and Homicide, Butch Losey challenges this viewpoint,...

Hermeneutics for Clinicians

by Donna M. Orange

Utilizing the hermeneutics of Hans-Georg Gadamer and the ethics of Emmanuel Lévinas, The Suffering Stranger invigorates the conversation between psychoanalysis and philosophy, demonstrating how each is informed...

Helping Grieving People - When Tears Are Not Enough

by J. Shep Jeffreys

Helping Grieving People - When Tears Are Not Enough is a handbook for care providers who provide service, support and counseling to those grieving death, illness, and other losses. This book is also an excellent...

Dying to be Men

by Will Courtenay

Masculinity has a powerful effect on the health of men and boys. Indeed, many of the behaviors they use to "be men" actually increase their risk of disease, injury, and death. In this book, Dr. Will Courtenay,...

Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society

by Robert A. Neimeyer, Darcy L. Harris & Howard R. Winokuer

Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society is an authoritative guide to the study of and work with major themes in bereavement. Its chapters synthesize the best of research-based conceptualization and clinical...

Masters of Narrative and Collaborative Therapies: The Voices of Andersen, Anderson, and White

by Tapio Malinen, Scot J. Cooper & Frank N. Thomas

Tom Andersen, Harlene Anderson, and Michael White have shaped the landscapes of dialogical, collaborative, and narrative therapies. This unique book archives one of their gatherings and, in the spirit of therapeutic...

Counselor Preparation

by Wendi K. Schweiger, Donna A. Henderson & Kristi McCaskill

Supported and proudly co-published by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), the largest certification organization for professional counselors in the world, the thirteenth edition of Counselor...