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Ral, Space Colonizer

by David B. Kingman

Description The main character of "Ral, Space Colonizer" mirrors my own life of loneliness, fear, depression and suicidal ideations and it was only after I began writing the book that I observed this to be true....

Ruler of Nothing...Important

by Greg Rowlerson

Description Life is unpredictable and magical. It is also not for the faint of heart. The Ruler Of Nothing...Important is an autobiography on the life thus far of a fairly ordinary boy. One who has been raised...

Remains of a Cloud

by Ruth Cohen

Description My book at the start describes my very young life in tunis (in north Africa) were i was born and lived with my large family. There, I became aware of a strange sickness on my mom side and i could...

Save the World

by Richard Vere-Compton

Description The United States of America the world's most indebted society played for high stakes in a game based on bluff, with a charade of star wars used to end the threat of global annihilation. You the...


by Sue Holt

"'Psychotic Interlude' may come over as less polished than Sue Holt's previous work but there is a rawness and honesty that shines through. The combination of poetry and insights into Sue's mindset at the time...

Recipes for the Green and White Diet

by Dorothy Foster

Description This book of recipes is designed to help you to follow Master Advarr's Green and White diet as explained in my book Nutrition and the Imprisoned Splendour. You will notice the absence of red foods...

Riding the Edge

by Kevin Young

Description Riding the Edge is about the author's struggles through life in dealing with his bipolar disease coupled with attention deficit disorder. There is humor and sadness to the book but it is a life truly...

Relating To Michael

by Mary Maher

Description 'Relating To Michael' is a work of fiction. Michael is Robin and Tamsin Cooper's beautiful autistic son. Robin has left Brock Cottage, their home, and moved to a room over 'Coopers and Son', the...

PTSD: The Ageless Disorder

by Scott Blake

Description The book was written with a view to enlighten those with little or no experience of coming into contact with those unfortunate to be suffering with PTSD, or indeed those with PTSD wanting more information...

Priory Citings

by Professor Piers van Edscem

Description Ever wondered what happens in the Priory? Piers knows and spills personal, political and practical beans through unique verse that has many depths and meanings if looked for. So a light hearted take...

RAF Heroes and the Desert War 42-48

by Rosaleen O'Brien

Description This book introduces us to a new phase in the theatre of war in the Middle East. All partakers had been trained with both land and sea forces and were in a situation both to attack and defend. Controlling...

Rosaleen's Diary

by Dr Rosaleen O'Brien

Description This autobiography intercedes factual reminisences in prose with later poems reflecting on the wider implications of Rosaleen's life. These implications stretch to encompass all those who may have...


by Andy Higgins

Description Inside the pages of this book are poems and observations that now fill Andy's head. As he says "now that reality has returned, lots of regrets and if only's" but all of them the truth. About the...

Prison and Beyond

by John Simons

Description This book is one mans experience of his time incarcerated in the prison system of this country. Basically it is a diatribe against the system, what it does to human beings and how it affects the...

Schizophrenia: One Woman's Story

by Tiffany Sutton

Description This is a short and to the point book which describes what it is like to live with schizophrenia. Tiffany charts her history from her childhood to the present day explaining how this illness has...

Reflections: Me & Planet Weirdo

by PJ Hughes

Autism is a condition that affects the way an individual relates to the world around them. Its diagnosis is based on, amongst other criteria, social interaction and communication. It also affects each individual...

Rotten Jellybeans

by Michele Koh

WARNING: CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE "I would sit up all night and sometimes first thing in the morning just banging away at the keyboard hoping to loosen the chains of a mind that had condemned itself. I was...

Sanity Inhibits Wisdom

by Emu Camel Drum

Description My mother raised her children on Scandinavian and German literature. I had a happy childhood and was thought imaginative. When I learnt English, I wrote poetry to help me. I already spoke two languages...

Poetic Licence

by Blu Tyler

DescriptionComing soon About the AuthorI am age 22 this year, and I am British. I first wrote poems because I had problems writing, and poems were short and I could express myself. the more I wrote the more...

Pole's Apart

by Michelle McMeekin

Description"Poles Apart" tells the story of how suffering from severe mental health problems since the age of 17 nearly destroyed Michelle. But now, strangely, when she looks back at her life she feels it has...