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Wading The Waters of my Mind

by Martine Daniel

Description 'Promise me you'll never tell anyone. This can just be our little secret.' Fourteen years ago, Adam Waddoups made his father a promise - and for fourteen years, he's kept that promise, keeping to...

Under The Magnolia Trees

by Rebecca Morgan

Description Using diaries written from an early age, Rebecca gives an evocative portrayal of her childhood in Hertfordshire. She reflects on her upbringing with her parents and her four siblings and tries to...

Trust Yourself

by Alexandria R Wesley

Description The book is a story of my childhood written in poems. I am an incest survivor. As a child I was forced to take part in many rituals as my family worshiped satan. Many times I thought I would be killed....

Crossing Out The Emperor

by Michael Black

Description Crossing Out The Emperor is an exploration into the states of mind of Beethoven in various states of love and deafness, and Napoleon during his invasion of Russia in 1812. Are these states of mind...

Community Mental 'Elf

by Karen Shearsmith-Farthing

This book is a very powerful addition to the current range of mental health texts, there really is nothing like it because this is Karen's experience and as such unique whilst at the same time gut wrenchingly...

Community Chaos: A Collection of Plays Exploring Mental Health Issues in Today's Society

by Louise Stokes

Description 1. THE ORDER OF DISORDER Through the use of dialogue, soliloquy, physical theatre, imagery, and some moments of stark humour, the 'Order of Disorder' presents a woman's attempts to examine her eating...

Walking with Chris

by Gayatri Pagdi

Description 'Walking with Chris' are the memories of a decade-long journey of a bi-polar bear who became a caregiver to her partner suffering from a spinal cord injury. The last 10 years saw her walk from hell...


by Roland Moore

Description Intellectual stimulation is not so easy to come by these days - especially in a form that does not require you to squeeze your logic box in so many different ways that the sheer effort to maintain...

Victim of Dreams

by Jeremy Gluck

"I've read your book and I am impressed - and obviously I relate. I hope it sells well because I am sure it will help many people." - By Katy-Sara Culling, The Bipolar Foundation Description Novelist, poet and...

Crossing the Sahara by Scooter

by Linda Appleby

Description This is a diverse collection. Variety is the hallmark of the poems. You cannot take one of two poems alone and become familiar with the poet's style. The subject matter is the most uniform aspect....

Time Whiled

by Guy J. Jackson

Description Time Whiled is the scathingly funny story of Lark McDougall, an impoverished, obsessive-compulsive ne'er-do-well struggling with a crumbling psyche and soulless jobs while he scrapes together money...

Concrete Frog

by Norah Blasé

Description This is the story of how the depressed writer came to kill a man she once knew, and due to the preceding events was unable to go to the police thus forcing her to dispose of the body herself. It...

Dark Angels

by Robert Dando

Description When student nurse Brenda Dalton starts work at her local mental hospital, she finds the place being run by tyrannical Senior Nurse Rawsthorne. When Brenda reports Rawsthorne for bullying patient...

Vice Versa

by Bernice Beirer

Description This book tells the story of events from an unhappy childhood, due to an alcoholic and violent stepfather. Through to an end of an eighteen year relationship and marriage due to her partner leaving...

Poems To Live For

by Paula Simpson

Description This is the first half of Simpson's two part collection. The poems are often shocking and always sincere, but whilst many painful experiences and emotions are explored, there is often a sense of...


by Alan Morrison

Reviews "An extraordinary piece of writing. The only thing I know that I can compare it to is Gorky's The Lower Depths. I love the richness of the phrasing, musical and rhythmical, mixing the vocabularies of...

Cracking Up

by Deirdre Geraghty

Description I have tried to portray the time leading up to my schizophrenia and the experience of psychosis. I have described how I felt in the world of psychiatry especially in relation to the use of cannabis...

To Hell and Back

by Ann Denise Parsons

Description Ann's book is the poignant yet accessible memoir of being bought up with an alcoholic father. 'To Hell and Back' documents the effect that this, coupled with her parent's bitter divorce, can have...

Too Much Information

by Mark Christopher Mason

""What I really needed was someone to talk to - someone who would listen. That's a million times more useful than all the medication in the world - prescribed or otherwise."" - Mark Magrs Description 'Too Much...

Out of the Frying Pan

by Joe Chapman

Like many Prison Officers, Joe comes across as someone who will not simply unquestioningly accept what he is told to do (and which therefore provides the general reader with an insight into the complex world...