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Evidence-Based Practice with Emotionally Troubled Children and Adolescents

by Morley D. Glicken

This book on evidence-based practice with children and adolescents focuses on best evidence regarding assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of children and adolescents with a range of emotional problems including...

WISC-IV Clinical Assessment and Intervention

by Aurelio Prifitera, Donald H. Saklofske & Lawrence G. Weiss

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children: Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) is one of the most often used measures to assess intelligence and cognitive functions in children, ages 6-16 years. The second edition of...

The Social Validity Manual: A Guide to Subjective Evaluation of Behavior Interventions

by Stacy L. Carter

Applied Behavior Analysis is the science of applying experimentally derived principles of behavior to improve socially significant behavior. The research and application of ABA contributes to a wide range of...

Development of Mental Representation: Theories and Applications

by Kathleen Tyner & Irving E. Sigel

There is a general and extensive literature in the development of representational thought and symbolic processes because of its centrality in human evolution. However, the umbrella of science and its method...

Geriatric Residential Care

by Robert D. Hill, Brian L. Thorn & John Bowling

This book's main goal is to examine the concept of residential care from a psychological perspective. The chapter authors espouse a psychological approach to long-term residential care and an effort is made...

Self Creation: Psychoanalytic Therapy and the Art of the Possible

by Frank Summers

"Insight" and "Change."  The problematic relationship between these two concepts, to which the reality of psychoanalytic patients who fully understand maladaptive patterns without being able to change them...

Adolescent Psychiatry, V. 26: Annals of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry

by Lois T. Flaherty

Volume 26 of The Annals begins with essays that address the challenge of maintaining human connections in a biological century; Philip Katz focuses on the human encounter between therapist and patient whereas...

Is There Life Without Mother?: Psychoanalysis, Biography, Creativity

by Leonard Shengold

In this richly textured study of personal growth and creativity hemmed in by childhood disaster, Shengold compares the differing gifts and differing solutions of extraordinary talents as they seek to negotiate...

Adolescent Psychiatry, V. 25: Annals of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry

by Aaron H. Esman

Volume 25 of The Annals is a timely reprise on developmental, psychotherapeutic, and forensic issues that enter into the evaluation and treatment of adolescents. It traverses different explanatory perspectives,...

Adolescence: Psychotherapy and the Emergent Self

by Mark McConville

Many therapists can attest to the fact that adolescents can be difficult and frustating clients-problems are seldom well defined, clearly delineated symptoms are more exception than the rule, and troubling situations...

Reclaiming Herstory: Ericksonian Solution-Focused Therapy for Sexual Abuse

by Cheryl Bell-Gadsby & Anne Siegenberg

Women who have survived sexual abuse are among the most traumatized individuals who seek therapy. Assisting such clients to reframe transcend their abusive pasts requires enormous sensitivity and therapeutic...

Treatment of the Borderline Adolescent: A Developmental Approach

by M.D., James F. Masterson

Published in the year 1986, Treatment of the Borderline Adolescent is a valuable contribution to the field of Psychiatry.

The Development of Sensory, Motor and Cognitive Capacities in Early Infancy: From Sensation to Cognition

by Butterworth University of Sussex., George Butterworth & Francesca Simion

Research on the development of human infants has revealed remarkable capacities in recent years. This work reviews a number of issues in early human development.

Security of Attachment and the Social Development of Cognition

by Elizabeth Meins

Investigates how children's security of attachment in infancy is related to various aspects of their cognitive development over the preschool years.

Smoking, Drinking, and Drug Use in Young Adulthood: The Impacts of New Freedoms and New Responsibilities

by Jerald G. Bachman, Katherine N. Wadsworth & Patrick M. O'Malley

Why do some young adults substantially change their patterns of smoking, drinking, or illicit drug use after graduating from high school? In this book, the authors show that leaving high school and leaving home...

Memory Development Between Two and Twenty

by Wolfgang Schneider & Michael Pressley

This text, which examines in detail the growth and development of memory, is intended for an audience of upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers in cognitive and memory development.

Assessment and Intervention Issues Across the Life Span

by Stephanie M.C. Dollinger, Lisabeth F. DiLalla & Stephanie MC Dollinger

This volume addresses, across a variety of topics and subject populations, issues in the assessment of behavior and intervention to improve or ameliorate performance. Of interest to life-span, developmental,...

Development of Person-Context Relations

by Thomas A. Kindermann & Jaan Valsiner

This volume is an exploration of the idea that how we describe and explain human development will be closely tied to our understanding of what contexts are, how individuals and contexts become influential for...

Compensating for Psychological Deficits and Declines: Managing Losses and Promoting Gains

by Roger A. Dixon, Lars B„ckman & Lars Backman

Designed to contain broad, deep, and current perspectives on compensation, this volume continues the processes of:

* explicating the concept of compensation;

* linking and distinguishing compensation from neighboring...

Values and Knowledge

by Edward S. Reed, Elliot Turiel & Terrance Brown

It is widely recognized that a person's values will profoundly affect what that person attends to, thinks about, and remembers. Yet, despite this, psychologists have only begun to study and think about the deep...