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Divorce and Loss

by Joshua Ehrlich

Divorce and Loss: Helping Adults and Children Mourn When a Marriage Comes Apart places loss and mourning at the center of the divorce experience and details how therapists can facilitate mourning through individual...

How to Seduce a Man

by Giusi Maugeri

This book is meant for all those women who want to discover new secrets to draw men attention and to be courted. The book tells you why, to be great seducers, it doesn't matter being beautiful: there are many...

Interracial Couples, Intimacy, and Therapy

by Kyle Killian

Grounded in the personal narratives of twenty interracial couples with multiracial children, this volume uniquely explores interracial couples' encounters with racism and discrimination, partner difference,...

The Single Woman-Married Man Syndrome

by Richard Tuch

Many single woman–married man relationships are characterized by such recognizable, even stereotypic, interactions and run such a predictable course as to constitute a genuine syndrome. Documenting the existence...

Working with Adoptive Parents: Research, Theory, and Therapeutic Interventions

by Virginia M. Brabender & April E. Fallon

Practical techniques for guiding parents through the stages of adoption and beyond

"This book makes a significant contribution to both a greater understanding of adoption and its complex dynamic constellations...

The Sibling Relationship

by Joyce Edward

This book focuses on the role that siblings play in each other's development, on the ways in which they may enrich or cast a shadow over each other's lives, and on how their internalized influence can be recognized...

Multimedia Psychotherapy

by Domenico A. Nesci

Multimedia Psychotherapy is a new technique that helps patients to mourn and overcome loss and grief experiences as well as blocks and inhibitions in the life cycle. The method can be easily summarized in 5...

Attachment, Intimacy, Autonomy

by Jeremy Holmes

Attachment theory is on the leading edge of a conceptual revolution. It offers a new paradigm that can synthesize into a more coherent whole the best ideas from psychoanalysis, cognitive science, and neurobiology....

The Disappearing Male

by Joan Lachkar

The Disappearing Male by Joan Lachkar, PhD, provides a psychoanalytic/psychodynamic description of eight different kinds of men who “disappear” from relationships without warning or explanation. The term...

Motivational Interviewing for Working with Children and Families

by Donald Forrester, David Wilkins & Charlotte Whittaker

Drawing on 20 years of practical experience, research and teaching in the field, this book is a comprehensive guide on the use of Motivational Interviewing (MI) in child protection and family social work.


Love and Freedom

by Jorge N. Ferrer

In Love and Freedom, Jorge Ferrer proposes a paradigm shift in how romantic relationships are conceptualized, a step forward in the evolution of modern relationships. In the same way that the transgender movement...

Stay or Leave

by Life of School The & Alain Botton

A book to offer clarity and guidance when facing the difficult decision of whether your relationship has a future.

Whether we should stay in or leave a relationship is one of the most consequential and painful...

Let's Talk About Sex

by Ann-Marlene Henning & Jamie McIntosh

A renowned sexologist shows us we’re not alone when it comes to problems of sex and love.

Ann-Marlene Henning has improved the sex lives of thousands through her TV show and advice blog. Now, readers can experience...

Love Skills

by Linda Carroll

An incisive “couple’s workshop in a book” for navigating the challenges of relationships and unlocking lasting love

Linda Carroll’s first book, Love Cycles, describes the five stages of intimate relationships...

Love Now!

by Jan Harrell & Alan Robins

We are not born knowing how to do relationships ? we have to learn. We have to learn about ourselves and our own reactions so we can translate that self-knowledge into positive action in a relationship. The...


by Martha Kauppi

Your favorite long-term client tells you they want to open up their relationship. Are you ready to help them?

This groundbreaking guide to consensual nonmonogamy offers a reading experience that feels like consulting...

Foundations of Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling

by David Capuzzi & Mark D. Stauffer

Foundations of Couples, Marriage, and Family Counseling

A newly updated and practical approach to marriage, couples, and family counseling

Now in its second edition, Foundations of Couples, Marriage, and Family...

The Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy, Set

by Karen S. Wampler, Richard B. Miller, Ryan B. Seedall & Lenore M. McWey et al.

This 4-volume set redefines the profession and practice of systemic therapy, organizing material by presenting issue rather than intervention. A first of its kind resource for clinicians, researchers, educators,...

The Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy, The Profession of Systemic Family Therapy

by Karen S. Wampler, Richard B. Miller & Ryan B. Seedall

This first volume of the The Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy includes extensive work on the theory, practice, research, and policy foundations of the profession of CMFT and its roles in an integrated health...

The Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy with Couples

by Karen S. Wampler & Adrian J. Blow

Volume III of The Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy focuses on therapy with couples. Information on the effectiveness of relational treatment is included along with consideration of the most appropriate...