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Hachette Children's Infopedia & Yearbook 2013

by HachetteIndia

India?s FIRST EVER Children?s Yearbook! 4th BESTSELLING EDITION! It's a fact-finder, it's an almanac, it's a GK book, it's a notable notes diary ? Yes, it's indispensable for every student who wants to know...

Yours Truly: Everything You Need for Writing Cards

by Helen Harman

You?ll never be lost for words with this book!

Are you sometimes stumped by a blank page? Never know what to write on a card? You?re not alone ? and Yours Truly: Everything you need for writing cards is the answer!...

Uncle John's Facts to Go Where'd That Come From?

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

Uncle John’s Where’d That Come From? delivers the true stories behind all sorts of things, even things you never thought of as having origins. Covering a wide range of topics--pop culture, science, sports,...

Uncle John's Facts to Go UJTV

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

From the Honeymooners to Honey Boo Boo, this entertaining expose of all things television is full of behind-the-scenes secrets, amazing origins, quotes, quizzes, goofs, and fun facts. Culled from Uncle John’s...

Malaysia Travel Atlas: Includes Singapore & Brunei: Includes Singapore & Brunei

by Periplus Editors

Finding your way around Malaysia (and also the island nation of Singapore and the kingdom of Brunei Darussalam) is a breeze with this handy Tuttle Travel Atlas.

Designed for adventurous travelers and containing...

Everyday Internet at Any Age: The Easy Guide to Everything Online

by Todd Alexander

People aged 55 and up, who don?t use the Internet each day in their work, often find it daunting to search for the information on the net, and often don?t even know where to begin. While Baby Boomers represent...

Outback Survival

by Bob Cooper

Bob Cooper?s incredible bushcraft skills have been developed through more than 25 years? experience in the Australia?s harsh outback. He has picked up the tools of survival from time spent living with traditional...

60 Million Gingernuts: A Book of New Zealand Records

by Peter Janssen

Did you know there are 60 million gingernuts produced in New Zealand every year? Or that the biggest hangi included 150 cattle, 480 pigs, 180 sheep, 7200 litres of milk and 9000 eggs? Did you know that a female...

Succeed At Numeracy Tests In A Week: Teach Yourself

by Mac Bride

Sunday Computation 1: estimates and checks, calculator techniques, percentages and decimals


Computation 2: fractions, ratios, conversions, rates


Sequences and similar: looking for patterns; types...

Successful Cover Letters in a Week: Teach Yourself

by Pat Scudamore & Hilton Catt

Sunday: Understand the importance of first impressions and the common mistakes people make

Monday: Ensure your application is taken seriously with a cover letter that is concise, complements your CV and is targeted...

Writing for the Web: Teach Yourself

by Robert Ashton & Jessica Juby

Like it or not, the internet has become integral to every aspect of our lives, with smart phones, tablet computers and wifi enabling us to communicate easily and instantly.

Whether you're a rising star in the...

Persuade People with Your Writing: Teach Yourself

by Karen Mannering

The ability to persuade people to agree with you can be crucial to your working life. This book will help you apply the psychology of persuasion to your writing. Persuasion expert Karen Mannering guides you...

Make Money From Freelance Writing: Teach Yourself

by Claire Gillman

Make Money From Freelance Writing takes you step by step through every avenue for making an income from professional writing. Covering everything from travel writing to writing self-help features and full-length...

Write a Novel and Get it Published: Teach Yourself

by Stephen May & Nigel Watts

There is a saying that 'everyone has a book in them'. But not many people are able to get it out. This practical and inspiring guide, written by a successful author whose novels are published by Bloomsbury,...

Write Great Dialogue: Teach Yourself

by Irving Weinman

'Commissioning editors say good dialogue is one of the first things that make a book stand out from the crowd - and similarly, that clunky direct speech is one of the first things that will send a book straight...

Write a Bestselling Thriller: Teach Yourself

by Matthew Branton

Write a Bestselling Thriller: Strategies to Get Your Book Published is a step by step guide to putting together an unputdownable narrative. It takes you on a journey through each component of the thriller, breaking...

The Selfish Pig's Guide To Caring: How to Cope With the Emotional and Practical Aspects of Caring for Someone

by Hugh Marriott

Six million people in the UK, often unnoticed by the rest of us, provide unpaid care for disabled or elderly relatives, friends or neighbours. Their job is long, lonely and hard, yet there is limited support...

Mahatma & the Monkeys

by Anuradha Kumar

Mahatma Gandhi never said, ?What can I do, I?m only one person.? Instead he said, ?In a gentle way, you can shake the world.? And he did. The Mahatma and the Monkeysbrings together the most interesting incidents...

Roget's Thesaurus of Words for Writers: Over 2,300 Emotive, Evocative, Descriptive Synonyms, Antonyms, and Related Terms Every Writer Should Know

by David Olsen & Michelle Bevilaqua

The ultimate tool for writers!

Whether you're crafting the next great American novel or pounding away at a last-minute blog entry, there will come a time in the process when you struggle to find just the perfect...

The Fast Way to a Perfect Groom's Speech: Bullet Guides

by Matt Avery

Open this book and you will

  • Know what to say

  • Hook your audience

  • Keep it simple

  • Make your bride proud