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Writing with a Word Processor

by William Zinsser

In this helpful and entertaining book the author of the classic On Writing Well explains that he has always had a love of paper and a fear of mechanical objects. He describes how he confronted his hang-ups,...

Courtney's Legacy: A Father's Journey

by George Cantor

In the fall of 1998, George Cantor and his wife sent off their 18-year-old daughter Courtney to the University of Michigan as a freshman. Six weeks later, the university called Cantor to claim her corpse. Courtney...

Modern Language: Sound Smarter Without Trying Harder

by Adams Media

You speak it everyday, but have you ever really thought about language? Where it originates? What its evolutionary purpose is? The Very Lazy Intellectual: Modern Languages teaches you the history and etymology...

Music: Sound Smarter Without Trying Harder

by Adams Media

Is your musical knowledge limited to the Top 40? Have trouble telling the difference between Mozart and Beethoven? Fear not! The Very Lazy Intellectual: Music introduces you to both the world's most influential...

Philosophy: Sound Smarter Without Trying Harder

by Adams Media

Did you sleep through Intro to Philosophy? Does Plato leave you in the dark? Fear not! The Very Lazy Intellectual: Philosophy introduces you to both the major thinkers and the fundamentals of philosophical thought....

Prepare For Disaster: The One Book You Need To Plan For Emergencies

by James D. Lee, Steve Healy & Marc Lee

event is forecast to strike or actually strikes when you are at home or at work.

An Underground Education: The Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement to Everything You Thought You Knew Ab out Art, Sex, Business, Crime, Science, Med

by Richard Zacks

The best kind of knowledge is uncommon knowledge.

Okay, so maybe you know all the stuff you're supposed to know--that there are teenier things than atoms, that Remembrance of Things Past has something to do with...

Daily Guideposts 2013

by Guideposts Editors

America's favorite devotional, with more than twenty million copies sold, Daily Guideposts is a trusted companion, helping readers to live and grow their faith in their everyday lives. Every day, Daily Guideposts...

Portage Pathways

by Loris C. Troyer & George W. Knepper

As editor and executive editor of the Ravenna-Kent (Ohio) Record-Courier, Loris C. Troyer has been a pivotal figure in Portage County, Ohio for over sixty years. Since retiring, he has written a weekly historical...

The Pedant's Revolt: Why Most Things You Think Are Right Are Wrong

by Andrea Barham

Irreverent, smart, and obscenely entertaining, this book shatters the myths, misconceptions, fallacies, and falsehoods about all the things people think they know 

Lead pencils can give you lead poisoning ....

Vex, Hex, Smash, Smooch: Let Verbs Power Your Writing

by Constance Hale

A writing handbook that celebrates the infinite pizzazz of verbs. Writers know it instinctively: Verbs make a sentence zing. Grammar gurus agree: Drama in writing emerges from the interplay of a subject (noun)...

The Nonfictionist's Guide: On Reading and Writing Creative Nonfiction

by Robert Root

As a vital and growing literary genre, nonfiction impacts bestseller lists, writing programs, writers' workshops, and academic conferences on creative writing, composition/rhetoric, and literature. In a lively...

Historical Dictionary of Crime Films

by Geoff Mayer

The Historical Dictionary of Crime Films covers the history of this genre through a chronology, an introductory essay, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 300 cross-referenced entries...

An Incomplete Education: 3,684 Things You Should Have Learned but Probably Didn't

by William Wilson & Judy Jones

When it was originally published in 1987, An Incomplete Education became a surprise bestseller. Now this instant classic has been completely updated, outfitted with a whole new arsenal of indispensable knowledge...

The Virginia Woolf Writers' Workshop: Seven Lessons to Inspire Great Writing

by Danell Jones

In this brilliantly imagined book, author Danell Jones mines the diaries, essays, correspondence, and fiction of a literary legend to create an unforgettable master class in the art of writing. Using Virginia...

What Is Qualitative Research?

by Martyn Hammersley

Martyn Hammersley's What is Qualitative Research? illuminates the problems and perspectives of qualitative research. It offers researchers a comprehensive overview of the various types of investigation and is...

The Yankee Chick's Survival Guide to Texas

by Sophia Dembling

Culture Shock in Texas can be intense and is exacerbate by local rules of propriety that tell us to keep out mouths shut. But here in this book we are going to talk all about it with good old Yankee outspokenness....

The Dimwit's Dictionary: Replace Lazy Writing with Elegant English

by Robert Hartwell Fiske

Thousands of overused words and phrases—and alternatives to them—are compiled in this ultimate writer’s reference, composing the perfect companion for those seeking to weed out bland, commonplace content...

Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms

by Dale Crane

Essential for all aviation industry professionals, this comprehensive dictionary explores more than 10,000 aviation-specific terms, phrases, and acronyms. Nearly 500 illustrations, tables, and lists supplement...

The Perfect Stranger's Guide to Funerals and Grieving Practices: A Guide to Etiquette in Other People's Religious

by Stuart M. Matlins

Few of us are ever prepared for the loss of a relative, friend or colleague. This stressful situation can be made worse if we are unfamiliar with the practices and rituals of the deceased person's religious...