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Food History Almanac: Over 1,300 Years of World Culinary History, Culture, and Social Influence

by Janet Clarkson

The Food History Almanac, covering 365 days of the year, is chock full of information and anecdotes relating to food history from around the world from medieval times to the present.

Just Off Main Street

by Steven Mulak

In Just Off Main Street, author Steven Mulak takes us on a seasonal tour that, month by month, celebrates his beloved New England's landscape, as well as the people, plants, and animals that occupy it. Mulak...

Bible Figures of Speech

by Aaron Schroeder

Bible figures of speech have been around since Adam. Who hasnt heard of the most famous tree, The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? And in a moment of defiance and rebellion, Cain asked God, Am I my brothers...

2018 Farmer Calendar

by Mr. Kang Wu

Agriculture played an integral role in ancient Chinese culture. They, like all farmers, plowed in spring, weeded in summer, gained in autumn, and stored in winter yearly. The ancient philosophers recorded auspicious...

Watson's Really Big Wwii Almanac

by Patrick Watson

Named as the North American Book Exchanges winner of the 2008 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Reference catagory, this book is laid out like a calendar containing information pertaining to World War II....

Poor Will's Almanack 2011

by Bill Felker

Poor Wills Almanack for 2011 offers essays by naturalist, Bill Felker; a meteorological guide for fishing, hunting and dieting; a description of the twelve seasons of the year (applicable to all regions of the...

Timeline of the 60's Counter-Culture

by Rossiter Johnson

The counterculture of the 1960s refers to an anti-establishment cultural phenomenon that developed first in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US) and then spread throughout much of the Western world...

The Philadelphia Citizen's Almanac

by Laura E. Beardsley

Philadelphia began, nearly a century before the American Revolution, as the colony of Englishman and Quaker convert William Penn. Founded in 1681 on the doctrines of the Quaker faith, the city in Penn’s Woods...

The World Almanac of Islamism 2017

by American Foreign Policy Council

Now in its third edition, The World Almanac of Islamism is the first comprehensive reference work to detail the current activities of radical Islamist movements worldwide. The contributions, written by subject...

African American Almanac: 400 Years of Triumph, Courage and Excellence

by Lean'tin Bracks & Jessie Carney Smith

The most complete and affordable singlevolume reference of African American culture available today, this almanac is a unique and valuable resource devoted to illustrating and demystifying the moving, difficult,...

Seasons of the Year: Almanac for Kids | Children's Books on Seasons Edition

by Baby Professor

There are four seasons in one year. Can your child identify them all? This educational book uses a combination of pictures and texts to teach a child what to expect at every change of the season. The information...

Purposeful Retirement

by Hyrum W. Smith, Ken Blanchard & Stephen M.R. Covey


Birds of the Southwest Pacific: A Field Guide to the Birds of the Area between Samoar New Caledonia, and Micronesia

by Ernst Mayr & Mayr

Perfect for birdwatching enthusiasts travelling to Indonesia, this concise guide is full of interesting information.

This practical handbook, by an acknowledged authority, intended primarily for the field student,...

Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Seashells

by Pauline Fiene-Severns, Mike Severns & Ruth Dyerly

Learn about the many kids of tropical seashells with this useful and portable reference book.

This handy pocket guide introduces 170 mollusk species found in Southeast Asia. These fascinating shelled animals...

The Malay Archipelago

by Alfred Russell Wallace & Tony Whitten, Ph.D

This is one the first and most important books about 18th century Malaysia and covers a wide array of topics from Malaysian culture and history to nature and wildlife. It is essential reading for anyone interested...

Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Plants

by Elisabeth Chan & Luca Invernizzi Tettoni

Learn all about tropical plants and flowers with this with this useful and portable reference book.

This handy field guide introduces approximately 60 plant species found in the Tropics. Trees, shrubs, flowers...

Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Flowers

by William Warren & Luca Invernizzi Tettoni

Learn all about beautiful tropical flowers with this useful and portable reference book.

This handy pocket guide introduces 55 plant species commonly found in the Tropics. Each exotic bloom is described in detail,...

Handy Pocket Guide to Asian Vegetables

by Wendy Hutton & Peter Mealin

Learn the essentials of Asian vegetables with this useful and portable reference book.

This handy field guide introduces over 50 tropical vegetables commonly found in Indonesia. Each exotic item is described...

A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Indonesia: Second Edition

by Morten Strange

A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Indonesia is the best, most comprehensive photographic guide to the birds of Indonesia.

Because of its vast size and geographical location, Indonesia has the world's most...

The Daily Reader: 366 Selections of Great Prose and Poetry to Inspire a Productive and Meaningful Writing Life

by Fred White

Let Great Reading Fuel Your Writing

Great writers read–voraciously and across many topics and genres. They read to learn, to research, to study the style of others, and to improve their own work. They read because...