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A Shakespearian Grammar: An Attempt to Illustrate Some of the Differences Between Elizabethan and Modern English

by E. A. Abbott

Finest guide to the peculiarities of Elizabethan syntax, grammar, and prosody addresses every idiomatic usage found in Shakespeare's works. Each of more than 500 classifications is illustrated with quotes, all...

Literary Research and the Era of American Nationalism and Romanticism: Strategies and Sources

by Angela Courtney

This book recommends best practices for research in the lively and vibrant literature of the American Early Republic. Covering all formats, the volume discusses bibliographies, indexes, research guides, archives...

Literary Research and the American Modernist Era: Strategies and Sources

by Robert N. Matuozzi & Elizabeth B. Lindsay

Examines best current reference resources and strategies for doing research on American modernist era writers, with narrative coverage of archival collections, digital content and printed tools, as well as historical...

Finding History: Research Methods and Resources for Students and Scholars

by Christine Bombaro

Finding History is a practical and modern guide to research for history projects. It simplifies and clarifies the research process so that students new to the experience may locate appropriate research material...

Learning English at School

by Dr. Kelleen Toohey

This fully revised edition provides a comprehensive discussion of how insights and concepts from new materialism and posthumanism might be used in investigating second language learning and teaching in classrooms....

The Seventh Day

by Kris Doulos

According to the Lord, one day is the same as one thousand years and one thousand years is the same as one day (2 Pet. 3:8). Based upon dates recorded in the Bible and the words of Christ, this world has just...

The Gift of Healing

by Dr. Rev. Diana B. St. Clair

The Bible is a divine guide that shows what we need to do to avoid sickness and disease, so why dont people use it as such? Dr. Rev. Diana B. St. Clair, an ordained minister, proves that everyone has the gift...

The “New” Epidemic– Grading Practices

by Andre’ Mathews

This book is a comprehensive view on the grading practices and policies in American public schools. The content of the book identifies the lack of alignment amongst the Federal, State, and Local Districts and...

The Public Image of the Immigrant in Italy

by Vincent C. Figliomeni, PhD

The original empirical research studies contained in this book represent a series of social science inquiries aimed at measuring public opinion of immigrant involvement in crime as well as opinions on certain...

Nurturing the Human Spirit Through Character Development in Adolescents

by Rev. Dr. Bronco H. Crooke

Nurturing the Human Spirit through Character Development in Adolescents was designed to discover and develop the spiritual nature of our adolescents by assisting them in discerning and constructing positive...

Excellent Research Methods

by Peter James Kpolovie

This book is absolutely for everyone who is truly interested in identifying and solving an important problem in human life. It has marshaled the entire step-by-step procedures for arriving at empirical solutions...

Can Music Help Special Education Students Control Negative Behavior in the Classroom?

by Pennie Rockerfeller

Music therapy has been researched and found to have a calming relaxing effect on students who fear large crowds, especially in classrooms. Music therapy has been proven to have a calming effect on those students...

Breeding Ground for Corruption

by T.A. Garrison

Breeding Ground of corruption is a challenging text in which many case examples of police corruption is paired with contemporary research. Garrisons firsthand knowledge of how police corruption disintegrates...

How to Think Critically Using Sun Tzu’S Art of War Stratagems

by Daniel Theyagu & Sandra Daniel

This short and informative book is targeted at middle and higher level leaders as well as tertiary level students. In recent years critical thinking has become an essential tool for leaders dealing with a highly...

Sasquatch Research Manual

by Red Grossinger

This manual provides comprehensive and practical knowledge about procedures, protocols and techniques used to conduct Sasquatch field research.

Sasquatch leaves activity signs behind while wandering through...

Bridging the Divide Between Immigrant and African American Muslims by Utilizing the Concept of Tawheed as the Catalyst

by Dr. Salahuddin Mustafa Muhammad

The Islamic community boasts of being one united community. Its cornerstone belief is Tawheed (Oneness of G-d). Its fundamental principle is the Unity of G-d, and this speaks to the unity of humanity. Yet when...

Mixed Marriage…Interreligious, Interracial, Interethnic

by Dr. Robert H. Schram

I was inspired to write Mixed MarriageInterreligious, Interracial, Interethnic through my study of the Torah and its Mitzvot that prohibit certain mixed marriages while our greatest prophet (Moshe) and King...


by Erdman Pandero

The communities in the Southern Philippines are wounded and scarred by the never-ending atrocities between the Philippine Government and Muslim rebel groups who are fighting for their land, their identity and...

Why Are First Term Soldiers Leaving the Us Army Reserve?

by Vaine Caldwell, PhD

"The information presented takes a look at what some military observers see as an emerging issue that the United States Army Reserve will have to address more thoroughly."

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

by Alphonso W. Knight Sr.

Alphonso W. Knight Sr., is a retired architectural engineer, teacher, and college administrator. He served as superintendent of buildings and grounds at Fessenden Academy in Martin, Florida and at Virginia Union...