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Literary Research and the Era of American Nationalism and Romanticism

by Angela Courtney

The early years of American nationhood, beginning at the close of colonial rule and ending with the onset of the Civil War, saw both a young country and its literature grow in confidence and develop an awareness...


by Richard Levitón


Quarks to Cosmos

by J. Mailen Kootsey Ph.D.

Science in the West was born in the 16th century, and like all living things, science did not appear fully developed but has continued to grow and mature to the present day. This book targets a general audience,...

Ginkgo Biloba

by Shahid Akbar M.D. Ph.D.

Ginkgo biloba leaf has been used as Chinese herbal medicine to treat a variety of health disorders for centuries, especially for vascular insufficiency. As dietary supplement, Ginkgo ranks among the most extensively...


by Frank Martin Brehany

In 2016, the author came into contact with passengers who had been overcome by fumes whilst on a flight from the UK to Florida. As he explored what had happened to them, he came to realise that there was a whole...

Incorporating Engaged Research in Social Development

by Wassie Kebede & Alice K. Butterfield

In a wide-ranging presentation derived from teaching experiences and research projects, seasoned professors, Wassie Kebede and Alice Buttereld, examine engaged research that links social work, human services,...

Research Strategies: Finding    Your Way Through the Information Fog

by William Badke

Everyone does research. Some just do it better than others. In this chaotic world of information and misinformation, referred to as ?information fog,? university students, in particular, need to learn how to...

Limitations of Science

by J. W. N. Sullivan

?Limitations of Science? is a vintage treatise on the state and limitations of science in the early twentieth century. John William Navin Sullivan (1886 ? 1937) was a literary journalist and popular science...

Problems in Tree Nutrition

by M. C. Rayner & W. Neilson Jones

?Problems in Tree Nutrition? is a vintage treatise primarily dealing with mycorrhizal fungus and soil fertility in relation to forestry. The contents of this volume was first published as a series of papers...

Contemporary Mind - Some Modern Answers

by J. W. N. Sullivan

?Contemporary Mind - Some Modern Answers? is a fantastic collection of essays by English science writer John W. Sullivan. They deal with a range of subjects, ranging from mysticism and immortality to the relationship...

Does Prototyping Help or Hinder Good Requirements? What Are the Best Practices for Using This Method?

by Freedom Toweh

A software prototype is a partial, possible, or preliminary implementation of a proposed new product according to Wiegers and Beatty (2013). Poor requirements are in most cases the major cause of late products...

12 Rules for Studying

by Renelo Peque

Over the years, Renelo developed study techniques and strategies that were essential in helping him complete his degrees while working full-time. He hopes to share these techniques and strategies to all students...

Suicides  Prevention and the Ex-Wife of Narendra Modi

by Singh M Parashar

The Test  of morality of  euthanasia : The suicider should ask himself : "Can I do  some service to society  by tolerating the unbearable pain created cancer? The suicider wants his parents to weep by...

A Textbook of Plant Biology

by M. C. Rayner & W. Neilson Jones

This is a classic textbook on the subject of plant biology, first published in 1920. It offers the reader an elementary course on the scientific method while exploring the relationship between plant life and...

The Best Is yet to Be

by Paul F. McCleary

One of the most important questions in selecting a retirement community is: Will I be happy here? Can I make friends easily here? One's sense of personal comfort is as important as costs and attractive environment....

The Power of Aipac (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) and U.S.-Israel Special Relationship

by Nor Aishah Hanifa

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a multi-dimensional conflict with numerous forces working collectively from international structure, regional structure and domestic structure. This book aims to offer a comprehensive...

Journeying into the Ramayana

by Mahindra Tiwary

If man is envisioned to be the masterpiece conception of God, if he is not a mere specimen of a zoological species (as Shri Radha Krishna puts it), if his community is not to be merely an ant heap or a beehive...

Social Work Capstone Projects

by John Poulin, Stephen Kauffman & Travis Ingersoll

The only practical guide for helping social work students create high-quality applied capstone research projects from start to finish

This “mentor-in-a-book” provides social work students with invaluable...

Classroom Talk

by Rupert Knight & Val Poultney

This book summarises the theoretical principles behind talk in school and briefly maps the research tradition in this field.  It examines the evidence relating to a variety of forms of classroom talk, including...

Ethnographic Fieldwork

by Jan Blommaert & Dong Jie

Ethnographic fieldwork is something which is often presented as mysterious and inexplicable. How do we know certain things after having done fieldwork? Are we sure we know? And what exactly do we know? This...