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Who Put The Butter In Butterfly?: ... And other Fearless Investigations in

by David Feldman

The English language is filled with familiar words that, when one thinks about them, are downright peculiar: cooties, doozies, and heepie-jeebies; finks and funks; mugwumps and muumuus; deep six and cloud nine....

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition

by William Strunk, Jr.

'The Elements of Style' (1918), by William Strunk, Jr., is an American English writing style guide. It is the best-known, most influential prescriptive treatment of English grammar and usage, and often is required...

The Art of Baby Nameology

by Norma J Watts

What really is in a name? What does that mean for your baby?

Astrologist and nameology expert Norma J. Watts helps every expecting parent explore those questions. By analyzing names using numerology, Watts has...

Scientific Names of Southern African Birds Explained

by Antonios Andreanidis

Ancient Greeks, Romans, Europeans, places, colours, parts of the body and much more are hidden behind strange sounds and words. We try to unveil this fascinating world and at the same time we aim to inspire...

A Real Search Volume Iv

by Beverly Norris

In an attempt to bring spiritual maturity to the body of Christ, AHA, satan is designed to educate believers to know the strategies, strengths and weaknesses of our enemies. As doers of the Word, we should also...

How to Speak Bayonnease

by V & G

A little known town, just outside of Manhattan, nestled within the boroughs of New York, Bayonne has an eclectic bunch of folk, these people are the residents of Bayonne, known as the Bayonitte. The Language...

Foe (Freedom of Expression)

by Hw

The words in your vocabulary represent the building blocks of your thought, and they are essential to your ability to understand a communicate. Today, modern technologies influence has catapulted mankinds ability...

Sanders' Dictionary

by Donna Rice

Many years have passed with many mentions of Sanders Dictionary. By the grace of God you have given so much too so many people, only heaven knows for sure. How shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall...

Book of Names

by Graham Burgess

When I first published on this topic I called the book Why is the letter A at the beginning of the alphabet ? It was too complex and so was the book. After lots of questioning on the topic I have decided to...

Name Crazy

by Lewis Burke Frumkes

Jane: One of the four caustics; potash, soda; acid, and Jane. John: Short for "Jump-On-His-Neck," an old racing term used to exhort jockeys who are sitting too far back on their mounts. In this remarkably useful...

A Guide to Federal Terms and Acronyms

by Don Philpott

Navigating government documents is a task that requires considerable knowledge of specialized terms and acronyms. This required knowledge nearly amounts to knowing a completely different language. To those who...

The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition

by William Strunk Jr.

'The Elements of Style' (1918), by William Strunk, Jr., is an American English writing style guide. It is the best-known, most influential prescriptive treatment of English grammar and usage, and often is required...

First Words 100 Animals : Children's Reading & Writing Education Books

by Baby Professor

Build your child's vocabulary by using a topic that he/she would truly find interesting - animals. You have to remember that in order for your child to learn, his/her attention must be secured first. That can...

Letter Sounds for Preschoolers - Made Simple (Kindergarten Early Learning)

by Baby Professor

This book is a supplementary tool for preschool teachers. The book emphasizes letter sounds aiding the teachers in successfully inputting the ideas to their pupils’ heads. Designed specifically for preschoolers,...

How are You? First Words Baby Book: Sight Word Books

by Speedy Publishing LLC

For a first-time parent, baby's first words are always very exciting to hear! You can encourage your child's vocabulary and desire to speak using these targeted words that are designed to be your baby's firsts....

The Pirate Primer: Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers and Rogues

by George Choundas

Ebbry-blastin'-theng ye needs must know-oo to lay tongue liker aargh-thentic pirate, by the devil's twisted tail.

Take a tour through the world of piracy with the only authoritative work on the pirate language....

What's In a Word?

by Webb Garrison

Once upon a time…

Tying the knot actually involved tying a knot-not saying vows.  Meanwhile, a thinking cap wasn’t just a cute idea for schoolchildren, but an actual hat worn by scholars in the Middle Ages. ...

Casual Lex

by Webb Garrison

Are you a lover of language?

Awaken your passion for words, and savor the sheer deliciousness of the things people say!

Casual Lex holds the hidden pleasures found in our usage of words. This fresh edition of...