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The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition

by William Strunk, Jr. & E.B. White

The Elements of Style is a prescriptive American English writing style guide in numerous editions. The original was composed by William Strunk Jr., in 1918, and published by Harcourt, in 1920, comprising eight...

GTA Cheat Sheet

by Markus Reiter

pThis ebook contains all known GTA V cheats and will be updated if new cheats are discovered./p p /p pstrongNote:/strong These cheats are for the Xbox One version of the game./p

Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Handbook

by Water Environment Federation

This Handbook complements several recognized wastewater treatment design references, including Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants, MOP 8. It facilitates access to those design guides by providing...

Ballet Music

by Matthew Naughtin

Musicians who work professionally with ballet and dance companies sometimes wonder if they haven’t entered a foreign country—a place where the language and customs seem so utterly familiar and so bafflingly...

James Joyce. Triestine Itineraries

by Renzo S. Crivelli

In reconstructing Joyce’s Triestine years, 1904-1915 and 1919-1920, so crucial to his literary growth, this book also avails of unpublished sources, of documents, of newly-checked data from the registry offices,...

Canadian Literary Landmarks

by John Robert Colombo

Here is a list of three dozen of the top literary locales in the country. The selection of sites is necessarily subjective, yet it attempts to represent geographical, historical, social, and cultural concerns...

All About the Movies

by Maurice Rapf

Movies are a passion shared by people of all ages and backgrounds. Maurice Rapf, the first director of the Film Studies Program at Dartmouth College, recognizes that most people who profess a love of the movies...

iOS Programming: Starter Guide: What Every Programmer Needs to Know About iOS Programming

by Jason Scotts

What Every Programmers Need To Know About iOS Programming Exposed! iOS Programming: Starter Guide: What Every Programmer Needs to Know About iOS Programming is a precise and concise book for any programmmer...

International Business Research

by Esther L. Gil & Awilda Reyes

In the 21st century, most businesses participate in globalization, whether by entering new markets worldwide or dealing with competitors from around the world. In addition, the Internet and the accelerated evolution...

Journey of Memoir

by Linda Joy Myers

In Journey of Memoir you will find lessons on how to write a great scene; information on the difference between freewriting and outlining, and why you need both; timeline and turning point exercises to help...

GTA V Cheat Sheet

by Markus Reiter

This ebook contains all cheats discovered until now and will be updated if new ones are discovered.

Note: These cheats are for the PlayStation version of the game.

Lettering From A to Z

by Phawnda Moore

Spark Your Creativity with Calligraphy

“I found Lettering from A to Z to be an open door, inviting me to play and create in entirely new ways.” —Sherry Richert Belul, author of Say it Now and founder of...

A Guide to VA Benefits

by Lord,Jonathan

Welcome to the world of VA benefits. Picking up and reading this book is a good place to start. The book is set up in a realistic scenario of a soldier getting off active duty/retiring. It?s appropriate for...

Rare, Vanishing and Lost British Birds - Compiled from Notes by W. H. Hudson

by Linda Gardiner & W. H. Hudson

First published in 1923, this book deals with the various endangered and recently-extinct birds of contemporary Britain. ?Rare, Vanishing and Lost British Birds? is profusely illustrated and contains interesting...

Bird Life at Home and Abroad - With Other Nature Observations

by T. A. Coward

?Bird Life at Home and Abroad? is a wonderful little volume full of anecdotes and observations related to bird watching across the globe. These musings and recollections are highly readable and interesting,...

Chairing a Meeting

by Kevin Paul

Run meetings with confidence! Do you need help running a meeting? Robert?s Rules of Order -- the rules of order used to run formal meetings -- can be confusing and intimidating. This concise guide simplifies...

Catalogue of Ploughs Manufactured by R. Hornsby & Sons Ltd - Spittlegate Iron Works, Grantham, England


?Ploughs Up-To-Date? is a vintage catalogue of ploughs made by the Hornsby company in the late nineteenth century. With a wealth of interesting historical information and wonderful illustrations and photographs,...

Rabbits for Food, Fur and Profit

by C. H. Williams

?Rabbits for Food, Fur and Profit? is a classic guide to rabbit farming, dealing with everything from selection and breeding to preparing for market and beyond. Written in clear, plain language and full of helpful...

Fish of Minnesota Field Guide

by Dave Bosanko

  • Popular, proven, best-selling format: the first edition sold more than 15,000 copies
  • Adventure Publications field guides sell—resellers frequently turn over their field guide inventory multiple times in a...

Wild Berries & Fruits Field Guide of Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan

by Teresa Marrone

Now you can identify wild berries and fruits!

Learn what’s edible and what to avoid with this easy-to-use field guide. The nearly 200 species in this revised and updated book are organized by color, then by...