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Politics and Piety: Baptist Social Reform in America, 1770-1860

by Aaron Menikoff & Keith Harper

Historians have painted a picture of nineteenth-century Baptists huddled in clapboard meetinghouses preaching sermons and singing hymns, seemingly unaware of the wider world. According to this view, Baptists...

Good Sex: A Christian and a Pagan Discuss Sexual Ethics

by Martin J. Buss & Nickie M. Stipe

Good Sex presents sexual ethics in the light of faith. Speaking on behalf of Christianity, Buss describes love your neighbor as yourself as the only Christian rule; it is a positive rule rather than one that...

Luke's People: The Men and Women Who Met Jesus and the Apostles

by Thomas J. F. Stanford

Luke's People seeks to understand the men and women who met Jesus and the apostles as they are described in the Gospel of Luke and in the Acts of the Apostles in the way that Luke, who wrote these works, intended....

The Preacher as Liturgical Artist: Metaphor, Identity, and the Vicarious Humanity of Christ

by Trygve David Johnson & Eugene Peterson

Trygve Johnson invites us to consider a new metaphor of identity of The Preacher as Liturgical Artist. This identity draws on a theology of communion and the doctrine of the vicarious humanity of Christ to relocate...

Training Young Hearts for Christ: Opening Up the Reformed Catechisms for the Entire Family

by Adam Murrell

Many people react negatively to the word catechism, viewing it with suspicion in the belief that it involves rote repetition of obscure points of doctrine. But nothing could be further from the truth. While...

No Man's Land: Poems

by Logan C. Jones

No Man's Land is a book of poems of searching, longing, and belonging overlaid by the ancient struggle with home, family, and God. These poems are often confessional, persistent, and speak to the interior journey...

The Identity and the Life of the Church: John Calvin's Ecclesiology in the Perspective of His Anthropology

by Yosep Kim

This study of John Calvin's ecclesiology argues that Calvin's idea of the twofold identity of the Church--its spiritual identity as the body of Christ and its functional identity as the mother of all believers--is...

The Fifteen Confederates: Johann Eberlin Von Gunzburg

by Geoffrey Dipple

The Fifteen Confederates was published anonymously in the fall of 1521, shortly after Martin Luther's hearing at the Diet of Worms and subsequent disappearance. The fifteen pamphlets that make up the book address...

Health as a Virtue: Thomas Aquinas and the Practice of Habits of Health

by Melanie L. Dobson

How are we to care for our bodies and our health as part of faithful Christian living? Melanie Dobson excavates from Thomas Aquinas an answer for how contemporary Christians might live well in the midst of a...

Religious Mourning: Reversals and Restorations in Psychological Portraits of Religious Leaders

by Nathan Carlin

Religious Mourning is about a common experience among those who study religion: religious loss. When people of faith study religion critically, or when life experiences such as death and divorce trigger personal...

Eyes from the Outside: Christian Mission in Zones of Violent Conflict

by Kim Marie Lamberty

Christian mission has often been a project allied with colonial powers and conquests. Contemporary theologies of Christian mission, however, call for a new approach. In Eyes from the Outside, Kim Lamberty suggests...

Joseph Smith's Tritheism: The Prophet's Theology in Historical Context, Critiqued from a Nicene Perspective

by Dayton Hartman

I have always declared God to be a distinct personage, Jesus Christ a separate and distinct personage from God the Father, and that the Holy Ghost was a distinct personage and a Spirit: and these three constitute...

Six Doors to the Seventh Dimension

by Timothy Carson & Genevieve Howard

Like a who-done-it of the spirit, Six Doors to the Seventh Dimension escorts travelers through the house of life, revealing at each threshold another critical aspect of the way to wholeness, harmony, and peace....

Missional: Impossible!: The Death of Institutional Christianity and the Rebirth of G-D

by Francis Rothery

Mainline Christianity in the West is dying. Addiction to hierarchical and bureaucratic power is killing it. A management-god and a mission-god have usurped the Way of Christ. In the midst of decline the missional...

A Spirituality of Ageing

by Mark G. Boyer

Sometime around the age of fifty--or as early as forty and as late as sixty--most of us come to terms with our age. We recognize that we have lived out at least half of the time allotted to us, and that the...

Christ's Miracles in Poems

by Ronald E. Hignite & Gene Williams

Christ's Miracles in Poems will inspire its readers through a greater understanding of Christ's miracles as revealed in the New Testament of the Bible. These poems in rhyme reflect the divine power demonstrated...

The Death of the Messiah and the Birth of the New Covenant: A (Not So) New Model of the Atonement

by Michael J. Gorman

In this groundbreaking book, Michael Gorman asks why there is no theory or model of the atonement called the new-covenant model, since this understanding of the atonement is likely the earliest in the Christian...

The Perspective of Love: Natural Law in a New Mode

by R. J. Snell

While many of the Reformers considered natural law unproblematic, many Protestants consider natural law a Catholic thing, and not persuasive. Natural law, it is thought, competes with the Gospel, overlooks the...

The Gift of the Other: Levinas, Derrida, and a Theology of Hospitality

by Andrew Shepherd & Steven Bouma-Prediger

We live in an age of global capitalism and terror. In a climate of consumption and fear the unknown Other is regarded as a threat to our safety, a client to assist, or a competitor to be overcome in the struggle...

Priest, Prophet, Pilgrim: Types and Distortions of Spiritual Vocation in the Fiction of Wendell Berry and Cormac McCarthy

by Todd Edmondson

Priest, Prophet, Pilgrim: Types and Distortions of Spiritual Vocation in the Fiction of Wendell Berry and Cormac McCarthy provides a reading of characters in the novels and short stories of two important contemporary...