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Revealing God's Intended Finish

by Frans Du Plessis

We need a fresh revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ to accurately understand the end, for Christ is the beginning and end of all things. This apostolic season is bringing a fresh interest in the study about...

The Mass of the Early Christians, 2nd Edition

by Mike Aquilina

EXPANDED! Using the words of the early Christians themselves, Aquilina traces the Mass' history from Jesus' lifetime through the fourth century. Discover the timelessness of today's Eucharistic celebration.

Pastor's Aid Guide

by R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation

This book gives suggestions to those who wish to help the pastor with various tasks. It also lists the pastor's duties that are performed and their reasons.

Haskalah and Beyond: The Reception of the Hebrew Enlightenment and the Emergence of Haskalah Judaism

by Moshe Pelli

This book discusses the Hebrew Haskalah (Enlightenment), representing the emergence of modernism and perhaps the budding of some aspects of secularism in Jewish society, following the efforts of the Hebrew and...

Jesus and Prayer: What the New Testament Teaches Us

by Daniel J., SJ Harrington

In this inspiring and informative book, renowned Scripture scholar Daniel J. Harrington, SJ, looks at the prayers of Jesus as well as the New Testament prayers about him.

31 Greatest Chapters in the Bible

by Mike Murdock

Dr. Mike Murdock Has Selected The Most Powerful Chapters For Your Daily Devotional. Such As... / The Creation Chapter / The Love Chapter / The Holy Spirit Chapter / The Protection Chapter / The Financial Blessing...

Borobudur: Golden Tales of the Buddhas

by John Miksic, Anita Tranchini & Marcello Tranchini

This book is intended to enhance the enjoyment which one obtains from Borobudur and its reliefs, by describing what is known of the ancient Javanese who built it and of the symbols which they employed to express...

40 Days to Life-Changing Family Worship

by MyRon Edmonds

What if you could change the destiny of your family by committing about fifteen minutes of your day to God? The answer to that questions is You Can. By bringing your household together for about fifteen minutes...

The Silk Road Journey with Xuanzang

by Sally Wriggins

Walk the Silk Road with the Buddhist monk who crisscrossed the Asian continent and prompted a great cultural exchange between India and China

Rich Minds, Rich Rewards: 52 Ways to Enhance, Enrich, and Empower Your Life

by Valorie Burton

A rich mind nourished with positive thoughts, learning, and encouragement can indeed reap rich rewards, writes dynamic author Valorie Burton as she offers 52 simple but powerful ways to enrich your everyday...

The Signature of God: Astonishing Bible Codes Reveal September 11 Terror Attacks

by Grant R. Jeffrey



As American society becomes more secularized, Christians need to know all the facts about the Bible. Dr. Grant R. Jeffrey has spent decades researching history, science,...

The Faith: A History of Christianity

by Brian Moynahan

Beginning with the birth of Jesus and tracing the religion established by his followers up to the present day, The Faith is a comprehensive exploration of the history of Christianity. Judiciously covering all...

Light Through the Crack: Life After Loss

by Sue Mosteller

A deeply moving and engaging work of Christian spirituality in the tradition of Henri Nouwen, written by his close friend and literary executrix.

Sue Mosteller has had a rich life as a spiritual adventurer and...

Embracing the Beloved: Relationship as a Path of Awakening

by Stephen Levine & Ondrea Levine

   Stephen and Ondrea Levine have devoted more than eighteen years to investigating the mind/body relationship, particularly as it relates to the states healing, dying, and grieving.  Their work has affected...

God's Blueprint for a Happy Home

by Lester Sumrall

What are the foundations and building blocks of a successful family? What does the blueprint from God look like? In this book, missionary statesman Lester Sumrall draws on decades of experience in raising a...

America! Jesus Is Here!

by Cliff Dudley & Mel Tari

Mel Tari because of the daring of Like a Mighty Wind is in suspect by many people. There are those who praise him and those who curse the day he was born. 

Now Mel brings you messages from God on the simplicity...

Can Martha Have a Mary Christmas?: Untangling Expectations and Truly Experiencing Jesus

by Brenda Poinsett

The Christmas season can often be a time of great stress and pressure for women, who feel the weight of expectation for a "perfect" holiday from the many internal and external influences in their lives. The...

The Prayer We Offer: A Catholic Guide to Communion with God

by Peter J. Vaghi & Seán, O.F.M. Cap.,, Cardinal O'Malley

Msgr. Peter J. Vaghi guides readers in an exploration of the practice of Christian prayer, starting from the perspective that prayer is God's gift to his people. Following the outline of the fourth section of...

The Altar of My Soul: The Living Traditions of Santeria

by Marta Moreno Vega

Long cloaked in protective secrecy, demonized by Western society, and distorted by Hollywood, Santería is at last emerging from the shadows with an estimated 75 million orisha followers worldwide. In The Altar...

Semiotics of Religion: Signs of the Sacred in History

by Robert Yelle

Following the heyday of L�vi-Straussian structuralism in the 1970s-80s, little attention has been paid by scholars of religion to semiotics. Semiotics of Religion reassesses key semiotic theories in the light...