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The Protestant Revolution

by William G. Naphy

When Martin Luther nailed 95 criticisms of the Catholic Church to the door of his local church in 1517 he sparked not just a religious Reformation, but an unending cycle of political, social and economic change...

Isn't It Time for a Coffee Break?: Doing Life Together in an All-About-Me Kind of World

by Amelia Rhodes

Isn’t it Time for a Coffee Break? offers humor and insightful Bible-based encouragement that will inspire a new outlook, as you begin to discover the beauty and fulfillment of “doing life together” with...

Heaven--Here and Now: True Stories of God's Kingdom Here on Earth

by David McLaughlan

If life is a test of sorts, a journey preparing us for heaven—shouldn’t there be bits of heaven around us already? This book unveils them!



Wisdom from the Bible: 365 Daily Devotions from the Proverbs

by Dan Dick

Drawn from the down-to-earth wisdom of the book of Proverbs, Daily Wisdom from the Bible offers you 365 brief, relevant, biblical reflections perfect for daily devotions.



Prayers for Difficult Times: When You Don't Know What to Pray

by Inc. Barbour Publishing

Here’s a practical guide of short prayer starters that will help you pray confidently during difficult times. Great as a ministry resource or a personal library!



Answers to Your Bible Questions: 75 Reasons to Believe Scripture's Truth and Trustworthiness

by Ed Strauss

Can we trust the Bible’s claims of truth? Does it really make sense? How do we know where it came from? Get clear, easy-to-read answers here!



Daily Wisdom for Teens: God's Word for Your Future--365 Devotional Readings

by Toni Sortor & Pamela L. McQuade

Teens, here’s the guide to help you get the most from your future—to help you find God’s best for you, through all the opportunities and challenges you face.



Beacons of Light

by Thomas Kinkade

As a painter and a person, I believe in the overwhelming power of light. Whether it's the strong lighthouse beam cutting through thick fog or the warm glow of firelight emanating from a cottage window, light...

Promoting Peace, Inciting Violence: The Role of Religion and Media

by Jolyon Mitchell

    This book explores how media and religion combine to play a role in promoting peace and inciting violence. It analyses a wide range of media - from posters, cartoons and stained glass to websites, radio and...

    Islamic Civilization in South Asia: A History of Muslim Power and Presence in the Indian Subcontinent

    by Burjor Avari

    Muslims have been present in South Asia for 14 centuries. Nearly 40% of the people of this vast land mass follow the religion of Islam, and Muslim contribution to the cultural heritage of the sub-continent has...

    Digital Religion: Understanding Religious Practice in New Media Worlds

    by Heidi A. Campbell

    Digital Religion offers a critical and systematic survey of the study of religion and new media. It covers religious engagement with a wide range of new media forms and highlights examples of new media engagement...

    Mary Magdalen

    by Susan Haskins

    A dramatic, thought-provoking portrait of one of the most compelling figures in early Christianity which explores two thousand years of history, art, and literature to provide a close-up look at Mary Magdalen...

    Wisdom for Living the Final Season

    by Kathy Kalina

    Even those with a strong faith in God’s limitless mercy and may fear the process of dying. In this book, hospice nurse Kathy Kalina helps us find peace and solace so that we can live fully the end of our lives....

    Walk with Me the Way of the Cross

    by J. Francis Sofie

    Walk with Me the Way of the Cross includes the Stations of the Cross in a traditional format, with the addition of Jesus and/or God the Father speaking directly to the reader. This personal approach provides...

    Women, Sex, & the Church

    by Erika Bachiochi

    The contributors to Women, Sex, and the Church challenge the common misconception that Catholic teachings are anti-women and anti-sex. Instead, these women explore how controversial teachings on abortion, sex,...

    Theology of the Body in Context

    by William E. May

    The zenith of John Paul II’s thought on the human person, marriage, and the family is found in his “theology of the body.” For the first time, William E. May provides a comprehensive yet readable overview...

    The Theology of the Body Made Simple

    by Anthony Percy

    This is a simple introduction to the basic premise of the theology of the body. It explains how our bodies are symbolic, free, meant for love, and redeemed by Christ. It presents unambiguous reasons for the...

    Secrets of the Spirit: Wisdom from Luis Martinez (Cwc)

    by Luis Martinez

    How do I develop a deep, loving relationship with God? Martinez, author of The Sanctifier, encourages us to trust in the love and concern God has for us in all that we do. Without glossing over the reality of...

    Solace in Suffering

    by Thomas à Kempis Mary Lea Hill FSP

    Does suffering have meaning? Drawing from the timeless spiritual classic The Imitation of Christ, this book helps the reader discover the meaning of suffering in everyday life and how these trials can lead him...

    St. Joseph

    by Kathryn J. Hermes FSP

    Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus and husband of Mary, is often called on to intercede in the selling of a house. However, those with a devotion to Saint Joseph know that he can help with much more: employment,...