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Jesus is Victor

by A. W. Tozer & Gerald B. Smith

Instead of trying to interpret the events of Revelation, Tozer looks at the underlying spiritual lessons such as the basic truth that Jesus is Victor and that the central message of prophecy is repentance

Echoes from Eden

by A. W. Tozer & Gerald B. Smith

With Echoes From Eden, Tozer traces the moral history of humankind, from the fall in the Garden of Eden to the final judgment before the throne of God. He examines the moral compass that each man finds deep...

Born After Midnight

by A. W. Tozer

Revivals, says Tozer - require a serious mind and a determined heart to pray past the ordingary into the unusual. Urges readers to find their place in the realm of intimate union with Christ.

Warfare of the Spirit

by A. W. Tozer

The life of a Christian is one that is packed full of conflict. It is a persistent struggle against the evil forces of the world, the flesh and even the deceiving ways of Satan. Daunting is the task of deciphering...

Faith Beyond Reason: With God Nothing is Impossible

by A. W. Tozer

Do you believe God will move heaven and earth for you if you trust Him? In this treasure of spiritual insights about faith, Tozer takes an in depth look at the gospel of John and asks us to examine our faith...

Set of the Sail

by A. W. Tozer & Harry Verploegh

These editorials cover a wide range of topics including the benefits of prayer, the need for sanctified thinking, trying the spirits, seeking truth. etc. Potent commentary on the religious scene.

Pastor's Handbook - NIV

by Wingspread Publishers

This concise and compact resource offers guidance to the pastor with ceremonies, Scriptures and instructions suggested for various services: worship, communion, baptism, weddings, funerals, healing, installation,...

Mornings with Tozer: Daily Devotional Readings

by A. W. Tozer

Grab your cup of coffee, find your favorite chair and begin your day with the wisdom of A.W. Tozer. These 366 devotional readings from the heart of Tozer will awaken you spiritually. A daily Scripture and prayers...

Tozer on Worship and Entertainment

by A. W. Tozer & James L. Snyder

Tozer had strong convictions about the subject of worship as well as its corruption by what he referred to as "the Great God Entertainment." The excerpts in this book were carefully selected to give you a clear...

Tozer on the Almighty God: A 366 Day Devotional

by A. W. Tozer & Ron Eggert

These excerpts from A.W. Tozer's prolific pen reflect Tozer's hunger for God. 366 daily devotions encourage the reader to trust, obey and especially worship our almighty God. Scripture references and prayers...

Who Put Jesus on the Cross?

by A. W. Tozer

Who was ultimately responsible for sentencing Jesus to death on the cross? Can we ever be good enough for God? Do all religious people go to heaven? In Who Put Jesus on the Cross? A.W. Tozer examines some of...

Praying the Hours

by Suzanne Guthrie

Praying the Hours offers us a contemporary way to practice the ancient tradition of hallowing time throughout the day by marking the hours with prayer and thanksgiving.

Sheer Christianity: Conjectures on a Catechism

by Sam Portaro

Calling upon teachers G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis, Sam Portaro wades into the abyss of confronting a life of faithfulness in a world where the Church has created a dictionary unintelligible to anyone not...

Playing with Fire: Preaching Work as Kindling Art

by David J. Schlafer

Offering a fresh approach to homiletics, David J. Schlafer provides an invitation to preaching by way of metaphor.

Sex Ethics in the Writings of Moses Maimonides

by Fred Rosner

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Conflict and a Christian Life

by Sam Portaro

This book is a hopeful and creative reflection on the positive aspects of conflict in our relationships and institutions, as demonstrated throughout scripture in the life and ministry of Jesus, the early church,...

God Grew Tired of Us: The Heartbreaking, Inspiring Story of a Lost Boy of Sudan

by John Bul Dau & Michael S. Sweeney

"Lost Boy" John Bul Dau’s harrowing experience surviving the brutal horrors of Sudanese civil war and his adjustment to life in modern America is chronicled in this inspiring memoir and featured in an award-winning...

Against the Wind: Creating a Church of Diversity Through Authentic Love

by J. Don George

As pastors we have taught our people about God's promise to bless every family on earth through Abraham. We have preached that our mission is to reach the whole world with the gospel. But what about the newcomers...

Permanent, Faithful, Stable: Christian Same Sex Marriage

by Jeffrey John

Drawing on many years' personal and pastoral experience, Jeffrey John explores the meaning and context of the mentions of homosexuality in the Bible and also considers the moral arguments, before offering guidance...

Finding Your Hidden Treasure: The Way of Silent Prayer

by Benignus O'Rourke

A simple, profound approach to contemplative prayer. The most important journey in life is the journey inwards, to the depths of our own being. It is a journey we are all invited to make. It takes us beyond...