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He Will Never Leave You

by Jaylin Palacio

Are you or someone you know facing the aftermath of adultery? People will betray us, but God will never leave us or forsake us. He gives us the ability to truly forgive and be set free from the pain of betrayal....

Orthodox Saints of the British Isles: Volume 2 - April - June

by Dr. John (Ellsworth) Hutchison-Hall

This is the first, and only, compendium to be written of the Lives of Orthodox Saints of the British Isles. Covering April through June, this second of four volumes provides an enlightening guide to another...

Meditation & Confession In Christ

by Kevin A. Krall

Manual For Christian Meditation & Confession In Light Of The New Creation

God Is...: Six True Images of God

by Michael Matthew Mercer

God Is... is a book that takes a look at Genesis and portrays six true images of God. There are many ways we think about God that are unhealthy and even destructive. These six images help turn our attention...

A Church for the 21st Century

by Leith Anderson

From the author of Dying for Change, a book on how to bring change to a local church to meet the challenges of a changing society.

444 Surprising Quotes About Jesus: A Treasury of Inspiring Thoughts and Classic Quotations

by Isabella D. Bunn

A perfect library addition for pastors, students and quote collectors. Bunn includes old and new quotations--inspiring and surprising.

The Book

by Anjeza Angie Gega

PAIN... LOVE... ENLIGHTENMENT... The path to enlightenment is Long. The book of mistakes is thick. The desires can draw a masterpiece of stars in the sky. The tears of pain can fill an ocean. No matter what,...

Issues and Your Tissues a Manual for Deliverance

by Valerie Miller Simpson

This book explores the definition of spiritual issues, the dry places, transfer of spirits and what they really are. Matthew 12:43 Says: "When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places,...

Coincidence of Double Interest

by Sampson Adah

The destinies of two rich female colleagues in desperate need of marital breakthrough and social acceptance segue into the hands of two young men with disparate aspirations and social strata. How will the spinsters,...

Homosexuality: Dispel the Myth, Mend the Broken Pieces

by Mya C. Huff

Homosexuality: Dispel the Myth, Mend the Broken Pieces is a book about encouragement, redemption, and hope. As a body we are called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in compassion, truth, and in love. Truth...

The Soul Journey: How Shamanism, Santeria, Wicca, and Charisma are Connected

by Kent A Philpott & Katie LC Philpott

Shamanism, Santería, Wicca, and Charisma are connected via the trance state or ecstasy. Philpotts detail the theology and practices of shamanism, Santería, and Wicca, and then regretfully demonstrate why the...

Black Diamonds and the Blue Brazil NEW EDITION: A Chronicle of Coal, Cowdenbeath and Football

by Ron Ferguson

Very funny, moving, uplifting and spiritual, this is no ordinary football book. Set against the rise and decline of the local mining industry, readers join in with the sheer joy of supporting one of Britain's...

A New Harmony: The Spirit, The Earth and the Human Soul

by J Philip Newell

In a world that seems increasingly fragmented, J. Philip Newell calls us to a vision of life′s essential oneness. He invites us to listen for the heartbeat of God and to be part of a new harmony. A New Harmony...

Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life

by Shiva Rea

"We are created in rhythm, kept alive in rhythm, evolve through rhythm. Tides, breath, and blood flow in rhythm. We are born into a universe of currents, and our heart is the great conductor of the body, orchestrating...

The Tao of Intimacy and Ecstasy: Realizing the Promise of Spiritual Union

by Solala Towler

"Harmony is the essence of a lasting and loving relationship," teaches Solala Towler, "and no teaching offers us greater insight into the path of harmony than the Tao." For anyone seeking to build greater connection,...

Writing Methods in Theological Reflection

by Heather Walton

Writing Methods in Theological Reflection offers a stimulating, provocative and accessible book that will be of use to students and practitioners who are seeking ways to use their own experience in the work...

Islam's Political Culture: Religion and Politics in Predivided Pakistan

by Nasim Ahmad Jawed

This book examines the political dimension of Islam in predivided Pakistan (1947-1971), one of the first new Muslim nations to commit itself to an Islamic political order and one in which the national debate...

James' Journey

by Barbara Howell

This manuscript, “James' Journey� is a grandmother's attempt at sharing, not only his story of courage, but his family and friends story of love shared, inspiration, companionship, and cultivation...

The Church in Brazil: The Politics of Religion

by Thomas C. Bruneau

In 1980, Brazil was the largest Roman Catholic country in the world, with 90 percent of its more than 120 million people numbered among the faithful. The Church hierarchy became aware, however, that the religion...

The Little Zen Companion

by David Schiller

While it seeks neither to define Zen nor answer its most famous koan (a riddle unanswerable by conventional thinking, in this case the sound of one hand clapping), this bestselling little book with 437,000 copies...