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Glimpses of Another Land: Political Hopes, Spiritual Longing: Essays

by Eric Miller

In Glimpses of Another Land, Eric Miller takes the reader across the American landscape in quest of insight into our times. For those facing challenges and choices from all sides, Miller offers not analysis...

Sermons by Jonathan Edwards on the Matthean Parables, Volume II: Divine Husbandman (On the Parable of the Sower and the Seed)

by Ken Minkema & Adriaan C. Neele

This second volume of Sermons by Jonathan Edwards on the Matthean Parables contains a previously unpublished series of six sermons by Edwards on Jesus' parable of the Sower and the Seed, as found in Matthew...

Apocalyptic Fever: End-Time Prophecies in Modern America

by Richard G. Kyle

How will the world end? Doomsday ideas in Western history have been both persistent and adaptable, peaking at various times, including in modern America. Public opinion polls indicate that a substantial number...

The Not-Very-Persecuted Church: Paul at the Intersection of Church and Culture

by Laura Hunt & J. Brian Tucker

How do we live distinctively in communities embedded in the world around us? The Not-Very-Persecuted Church provides church leaders, pastors, and Christians interested in community development with principles...

Restoring the Shamed: Towards a Theology of Shame

by Robin Stockitt & Jeremy S. Begbie

Shame has many faces. From the pressing need to avoid losing face to the urge to scapegoat and blame, from the desire to exclude those who are different to the horrors of ethnic cleansing, from the obsession...

Loving to Know: Covenant Epistemology

by Esther Lightcap Meek

Knowing is less about information and more about transformation; less about comprehension and more about being apprehended. This radical book develops the notion of covenant epistemology--an innovative, biblically...

Leadership Roles of the Old Testament: King, Prophet, Priest, Sage

by Marty E. Stevens

The Old Testament is an ancient collection of theological reflections of life with God that the church has claimed as authoritative Scripture. Whereas most introductory books march from Genesis to Malachi, this...

The Evangelical Universalist: Second Edition

by Gregory MacDonald & Oliver D. Crisp

• Can an orthodox Christian, committed to the historic faith of the church and the authority of the Bible, be a universalist? • Is it possible to believe that salvation is found only by grace, through faith...

Why Love Will Always Be a Poor Investment: Marriage and Consumer Culture

by Kurt Armstrong

Marriage is intimate. Marriage is hard: sober thoughts for a time when movies and television tell us that love is supposed to be romantic and fun. In this eclectic blend of playful and earnest storytelling,...

Flourishing Life: Now and in the Time to Come

by Sandra M. Levy-Achtemeier

Drawing from the fields of evolutionary neuroscience, psychology, and theology, Sandra Levy-Achtemeier considers what it might mean for humans, as embodied and spiritual selves, to flourish now, and how such...


by Clark Cothern

Have you experienced those times in life when you're zooming along on a course bound for your destination when suddenly, CLANK-some outside force beyond your control (be it accident, event, circumstance, or...

A Teacher, His Students, and the Great Questions of Life: A Beginner's Guide to Philosophy

by John C. Morgan & Linda Riccardi

Throughout history, philosophers have attempted to unravel the mystery of life. People from many diverse traditions have been invited to sit face to face at the table of philosophy to engage in analytical and...

Friendship: Portraits in God's Family Album

by Steve Brestin & Dee Brestin

To be rich in friends is true wealth! These studies focus on the treasure of good relationships. Here you will find vivid profiles of friends in the Bible like Jonathan and David, Ruth and Naomi, Barnabas, Abraham,...

Secret Sin: When God's Children Choose Abortion

by Mary Comm

Secret Sin: When God's People Choose Abortion was written because abortion is one of the last great secret sins that remains "in the closet." And because the Church hasn't been aware of the magnitude of this...

Sobering Wisdom: Philosophical Explorations of Twelve Step Spirituality

by Jerome A. Miller & Nicholas Plants

Originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous, the Twelve Step program now provides life direction for the millions of people worldwide who are recovering from addiction and undergoing profound personal transformation....

Is God Done With America?

by Eric Carlson

Powerless and ineffective in influencing greater society today, the body of Messiah in America is in retreat and losing ground daily on all fronts.  "Is God Done with America?" addresses God's plan to restore...

The Antipedo Baptists of Georgetown County, South Carolina, 1710-2010

by Jr., Roy Talbert & Meggan A. Farish

The Antipedo Baptists of Georgetown is the history of the First Baptist Church of Georgetown, South Carolina, as well as the history of Baptists in the colony and state. Roy Talbert, Jr., and Meggan A. Farish...

Iona Abbey Worship Book

by The Iona Community

The services and resources in The Iona Abbey Worship Book reflect the Iona Community's commitment to the belief that worship is all that we are and all that we do, both inside and outside the church, with no...

The Divine Hours (Volume One): Prayers for Summertime: A Manual for Prayer

by Phyllis Tickle

The first volume in a trilogy of prayer manuals compiled by Publishers Weekly religion editor Phyllis Tickle as a contemporary Book of Hours to guide Christians gently yet authoritatively through the daily offices....

The New Evangelism and Other Papers: With linked Table of Contents

by Henry Drummond

The question you will naturally ask at the outset is, What is the new Evangelism?" Now that is a question that I cannot answer. I do not know what the new Evangelism is, and it is because I do not know that...