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Always a Virgin: Catholic for a Reason II

by Leon Suprenant

With a reminder that the authentic interpretation of Sacred Scripture is reserved to the Magisterium and that we must not rely on Scripture alone, Leon J. Suprenant examines the Church doctrine of Mary's perpetual...

Treat Her Like a Queen: The Biblical Call to Honor Mary as Royal Mother: Catholic for a Reason II

by Edward Sri

Analyzing a variety of passages in both the Old and New Testaments, Professor Edward Sri shows us a Biblical basis for honoring Mary as our Queen. The gebirah, or queen mother, possessed the most powerful position...

Mary, Full of Grace: Catholic for a Reason II

by Kimberly Hahn

Kimberly Hahn shares her own struggles, as a former Protestant, with Catholic devotion to Mary, and her journey of coming to love the Mother of God. Through her study of Scripture, she came to realize that Mary...

Mary, the God-bearing Ark: Catholic for a Reason II

by Tim Gray

Professor Tim Gray examines the parallels between Scriptural passages about Mary in the New Testament and the ark of the covenant in the Old Testament, particularly the narratives of the Visitation and King...

The Woman in Salvation History: Reflections of Mary in the Old Testament: Catholic for a Reason II

by Curtis Mitch

By examining numerous types, or models, particularly in the Old Testament, Curtis Mitch explores Mary's presence in the Scriptures and shows how her role was foreshadowed both by objects and persons. Mitch also...

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary: Catholic for a Reason II

by Curtis Martin

In order to tackle common objections to Catholic teachings about Mary, Curtis Martin leads us into a deeper reading of Scripture. Through the Scriptural texts that he presents, Martin ultimately highlights the...

She Gave the Word Flesh: Catholic for a Reason II

by Scott Hahn

Dr. Scott Hahn shows us that Marian doctrine is an essential part of the Catholic faith, touching our relationships with God, the Church, and others. As a convert, Dr. Hahn understands the frequent objections...

Mary as the New Eve: Catholic for a Reason II

by Tim Gray

Drawing a connection between the similar language used in the books of Genesis and Revelation, Professor Tim Gray shows that Mary is the woman prophesied in the proto-evanglium (first Gospel) whose offspring...

Biblical Theology and Marian Studies: Catholic for a Reason II

by Scott Hahn

In a beautiful and more extended look at typology in Scripture, Scott Hahn shows us the necessity of theology that is based on Scripture-biblical theology-and how Mariology gives us this biblical theology by...

The Moment: there is no place like now

by David W. Jones

The Moment: seventy-five practices and praxises for individuals and communities living every moment as The Moment taking church out of the past and into the present out of sanctuaries and into homes, bars, and...

One Church Under God: His Rule Over Your Ministry

by Tony Evans

The church has been established as that place where the values of eternity operate in history. It is a place where weary people can go to find truth, acceptance, freedom, forgiveness and hope. Operating in the...

The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook

by J. Daniel Hays & J. Scott Duvall

This full-color, comprehensive handbook to the Bible includes more than 500 pages of photos, maps, and background information on every book of the Bible.

Wholly Sanctified: Living a Life Empowered by the Holy Spirit

by A. B. Simpson

Wholly Sanctified was first published in 1890. A.B. Simpson preached these sermons then printed these shortly thereafter. As A. B. Simpson hoped the people would quickly endear themselves to the sanctifying...

Faith in Dark Places

by David Rhodes

What meaning does my life have? What hope is there for the Church? How can I see beyond the media hype and false images I am bombarded with every day? Where can I find God in all this noise and turmoil? Combining...

Is there a Christian Case for Assisted Dying: Voluntary Euthanasia Reassessed

by Paul Badham

Issues surrounding euthanasia and assisted dying continue to hit the headlines with strong feelings on both sides. In Is There a Christian Case for Assisted Dying? Paul Badham makes a significant and controversial...

Faith Confirmed: Preparing for confirmation

by Peter Jackson & Chris Wright

A completely updated edition of our bestselling confirmation preparation guide,Faith Confirmed covers all the essentials of the Christian faith and is ideal for use with individuals or groups.

The Pariah Problem: Caste, Religion, and the Social in Modern India

by Rupa Viswanath

Once known as “Pariahs,” Dalits are primarily descendants of unfree agrarian laborers. They belong to India’s lowest castes, face overwhelming poverty and discrimination, and continue to be a source of...

The Sea Can Wash Away All Evils: Modern Marine Pollution and the Ancient Cathartic Ocean

by Kimberley Patton

Kimberley Patton examines the environmental crises facing the world's oceans from the perspective of religious history. Much as the ancient Greeks believed, and Euripides wrote, that "the sea can wash away all...

Religion in America Since 1945: A History

by Patrick Allitt

Moving far beyond the realm of traditional "church history," Patrick Allitt here offers a vigorous and erudite survey of the broad canvas of American religion since World War II. Identifying the major trends...

Halloween: Harmless Fun or Risky Business?

by Diana Wallis Taylor

Most people consider Halloween to be a harmless occasion for children to wear costumes and collect candy. But there is a lot more behind the holiday, both historical and spiritual that Christians may want to...