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Mowgli and the Missionary

by James Penrice

Can a boy raised by wolves come to know his Heavenly Father? Brother Jude risks all to find Mowgli, the jungle boy hated by the local villagers, to bring him the Good News of God's love.

Women of Blessing: 31 Days of Flowing in the Favor of God

by Leann Guzman

God wants to pour out His blessings on you like never before! He wants to shower you with the very best, give you good gifts, and shine His favor on you, for one very specific reason: so you can be a blessing...

God's Just Judgment  of a Nation

by James Tarter

God gives an amazing word about nations in the Minor Prophets in the Bible that is being worked out before our eyes. This word fits into fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission and also the judgment of spiritual...

Dall : The Easter Passion-Hymns Of Hallgrimur In English

by Dall Wilson

Revised and expanded! Includes stanzas from all 50 Passion-Hymns. Set in English, the 1657 masterpiece of great Icelandic poet Hallgrimur tells the last days of Christ to a set of Moravian hymn-tunes. These...

The Magic Eightball Test: A Christian Defense of Halloween and All Things Spooky

by Lint Hatcher

What happens when a pumpkin carving, trick or treating, late night monster movie watching monster fan becomes a Christian? Is Halloween now off-limits? Is the whole thing pagan, occult, satanic? Is a love for...

Orthodoxy & Catholicism: A Comparison

by Dave Armstrong

It has been my strong desire for some time now to revise my book in order to emphasize ecumenism and unity proportionately a lot more than in the first (2004) edition. I'm much more interested in finding common...

Minyan: Ten Principles for Living a Life of Integrity

by Rami Rabbi Shapiro

A path of daily living based on ten spiritual practices that have been used by Jews for centuries. MINYAN is an invaluable source of inspiration and insight not only for those large numbers who are returning...

God's Story for You: Discover the Person God Created You to Be

by Neil T. Anderson

In the first study in the Victory Series, bestselling author Neil Anderson reveals the meaning of the gospel in light of creation and salvation, and how we can truly know God.

From Every Tribe and Nation: A Historian's Discovery of the Global Christian Story

by Mark A. Noll & Joel Carpenter

A leading church historian shows how studying world Christianity changed his understanding of the nature of the faith, as well as of its history.

Give Your Kids the Keys: Navigating Your Child to a Personal and Sustainable Faith

by Karie Stadtmiller, Adam Stadtmiller & Jim Burns

Parents learn to integrate God's presences into every aspect of family life, helping their kids connect deeply with God at any age. With practical ideas for fun, meaningful activities that allow each family...

Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker: A Theological Vision for Discipleship and Life Together

by Andrew Root

A youth ministry expert presents Bonhoeffer as the forefather and model of the growing theological turn in youth ministry.

The Cat on My Lap: Stories of the Cats We Love

by Callie Smith Grant & H. Wright

Well-known authors, including Melody Carlson, Tracie Peterson, and Robert Benson, as well as new voices share their inspirational true stories of cats and dogs.

The Dog at My Feet: Stories of the Dogs We Love

by Callie Smith Grant

Well-known authors, including Melody Carlson, Tracie Peterson, and Robert Benson, as well as new voices share their inspirational true stories of cats and dogs.

The Drama of Living: Becoming Wise in the Spirit

by David F. Ford

A renowned theologian provides a reflective contemporary Christian spirituality, helping readers live wisely in the Spirit amid the ups and downs of modern life.

Conflict and the Practice of Christian Faith: The Anglican Experiment

by Bruce N. Kaye

Anglicans around the world have responded to the gospel in many different cultural contexts. This has produced different customs and different ways of thinking about church issues. In the process of enculturation...

Follow the Lamb: A Pastoral Approach to the Revelation

by Douglas D. Webster

The Revelation builds conviction, inspires worship, and encourages patient endurance. This is a prison epistle like no other: a disciple-making tract, a manifesto, an extraordinary treatise on Christ and culture,...

Childfaith: Experiencing God and Spiritual Growth with Your Children

by Donald Ratcliff & Brenda Ratcliff

Parents can encourage the spiritual growth and experiences of their children through activities both inside and outside the home. Parents in turn can benefit in the process because their own spiritual growth...

Bodies in Society: Essays on Christianity in Contemporary Culture

by Margaret R. Miles

Education is about learning to think. Much of what we call thinking, however, is a hodge-podge of repetitious self-talk, opinion, and cutting and pasting of second-hand ideas. Moreover, thinking in the present...

Killing from the Inside Out: Moral Injury and Just War

by Robert Emmet Meagher & Stanley Hauerwas

Armies know all about killing. It is what they do, and ours does it more effectively than most. We are painfully coming to realize, however, that we are also especially good at killing our own "from the inside...

Living Without a Why: Mysticism, Pluralism, and the Way of Grace

by Paul O. Ingram & Marit Trelstad

In this book Paul O. Ingram adds his voice to a long list of writers seeking to relate Christian tradition to the hard realities of this post-Christian age of religious and secular pluralism. As a Lutheran,...