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Angels Come in Strange Disguises

by Mavis Thompson

“Angels Come in Strange Disguises”, gives meaning to the true stories therein. They are a light hearted compilation of experiences from many unconnected events, occurring over a wide span of years and encompassing...

The Bible's Yes to Same-Sex Marriage: An Evangelical's Change of Heart

by Mark Achtemeier

In the early 2000's, Mark Achtemeier embarked on a personal journey with the Bible that led him from being a conservative, evangelical opponent of gay rights to an outspoken activist for gay marriage and a fully...

Presbyterian Faith That Lives Today

by Donald K. McKim

In this insightful book, Donald K. McKim explores the basic tenets of Presbyterian theology and doctrine, from their beginnings to their meaning for the church today. Throughout McKim emphasizes the how Presbyterian...

God's Promise and the Future of Israel: Compelling Questions People Ask About Israel and the Middle East

by Don Finto

How can the church fulfill its role in an end-time scenario, coming to grips with sweeping global changes, including the Jewish return to Israel and the rise of Messianic Jewish believers? Finto asks and answers...

Out of Africa

by C. Peter Wagner & Joseph Thompson

The miraculous is evident in the church of Nigeria. Out of Africa offers the testimony of numerous Nigerian pastors who are making a difference for God all over the world. Learn from churches who are experiencing...

History Makers: Your Prayers Have the Power to Heal the Past and Shape the Future

by Dutch Sheets & William L. III Ford

As we look to our Christian forebears, we are challenged to pray for the renewal of the covenants God made with them, building on God's past work to move closer to His ultimate goals for us as a nation and a...

What Is God Waiting For?: Understanding Divine Delays in Your Life

by Marlinda Ireland

Sometimes, if we don't get a quick answer to our problems, we feel stuck. Has God forgotten us? No. Discover four primary causes of delayed answers to prayer. Then learn three secrets that help readers mature...

Apostles and Prophets: The Foundation of the Church

by C. Peter Wagner

God is harnessing apostles and prophets to fulfill the promises of His divine plan in which the people called to crucial roles in the church--apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers--must work...

Preparing for Marriage: Discover God's Plan for a Lifetime of Love

by Dennis Rainey

This dynamic program is designed to help couples lay the foundation for a strong and lasting marriage through eight sessions of fun, romantic study, including how to handle finances, plan for the future, develop...

The Goal and the Glory: Christian Athletes Share Their Inspiring Stories

by Max Lucado & Josh Davis

"No guts no glory" the saying goes. But how far do "guts" go in the midst of physical feats of great strength? Learn from at least a dozen Christian Olympic gold-medal winners and Olympic contenders who tell...

Heart of a Competitor: Daily Devotions for a Winning Attitude

by Fellowship of Christian Athletes

With 90 inspiring devotions written by competitors for competitors at every level, this inspiring book helps athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts keep God at the center of their sport--and their lives.

Passionate God

by Kenneth C. PhD Ulmer

Once we understand that God expresses a wide range of passion, we can relate to Him on a more "human" level, as a God with emotions of joy, sympathy, grief, laughter . . . and involved with His beloved creation....

Not Alone: Trusting God to Help You Raise Godly Kids in a Spiritually Mismatched Home

by Dineen Miller, Lynn Donovan & Kim Bangs

Moms who are the sole spiritual leader in their home wonder if their influence is enough to impact the spiritual lives of their children. This book shows them it is possible to raise children who have a vibrant...

God Has an App for That: Discover God's Solutions for the Major Issues of Life

by Dudley Rutherford

Pastor Dudley Rutherford invites readers to explore the book of James and discover God's user-friendly solutions for their biggest challenges in faith and life.

I Believe in Heaven: Real Stories from the Bible, History and Today

by Cecil Murphey & Twila Belk

Experience heartwarming, uplifting, and dramatic stories about heaven and the people who have had a taste of this glorious place. Included are stories from the Bible, from history, and present-day accounts.

Living a Supernatural Life: The Secret to Experiencing a Life of Miracles

by James W. Goll & Bill Johnson

By living as Jesus did, Christians will witness God's kingdom coming in power against the kingdom of darkness--often in miraculous ways. Understand the "why" of signs and wonders and discover what it means for...

Rock-Solid Children's Ministry: Biblical Principles That Will Transform Your Ministry

by Larry Fowler

Discover the seven standards of a rock-solid children's ministry that reaches the hearts of the children in your care.

Eternity in Their Hearts

by Don Richardson

Don Richardson, author of the bestselling Peace Child, demonstrates through compelling stories from many different cultures how the concept of a supreme God has existed for centuries, preparing people worldwide...

Unburdened Heart, The: Finding the Freedom of Forgiveness

by Suzanne Eller & Renee Swope

Explore multiple facets of forgiveness through Scripture and the power of story, focusing on the idea of "leaving one place to go to another." Believers can, with God's help, leave pain to find wholeness, leave...

The Unburdened Heart: Finding the Freedom of Forgiveness

by Suzanne Eller & Renee Swope

Explore multiple facets of forgiveness through Scripture and the power of story, focusing on the idea of "leaving one place to go to another." Believers can, with God's help, leave pain to find wholeness, leave...