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In His Hands: Finding a Faith That Will Sustain You, Encourage You and Give You Hope

by Vonette Bright & Kay Arthur

Cofounder of Campus Crusade for Christ encourages readers to live a life of vibrant faith, trusting wholly in God, live through the power of the Holy Spirit, serve others, and spread the gospel.

Chiseled: A Young Man's Guide to Shaping Character, True Toughness and a Life That Matters

by Marcus Brotherton, Shaun Blakeney & Doug Fields

Filled with practical, hard-won wisdom, this book inspires and challenges young men to live by a code that includes chivalry, integrity and honor, self-control, financial stewardship, a strong work ethic, and...

The Day That Changed Forever: Twenty-One Life-Changing Experiences at the Cross

by Tim Roehl

Through rigorous biblical scholarship and sanctified imagination, this book brings fresh perspective to the familiar events of the Passion and awakens in readers a newfound passion for the old, old story.

Jesus in the Mirror: Living a Life That Truly Reflects Him

by Jason Chatraw & Tri Robinson

This reflective book isn't about what's wrong with the church; rather, it's about what's right with God and how we can get that message to a broken world by living and loving like Jesus.

Prayer: Dare to Ask: Getting What We Need from God

by Ralph Moore

This inspiring book helps believers ignore the nagging feelings of guilt they get when they pray for themselves, reminding them of Jesus's example and challenging them to approach God boldly, as a loving Father...

Big God with Study Guide: What Happens When We Trust Him

by Britt Merrick

Drawing on some of the greatest lives of faith in the Bible, this book shows readers how God was worthy of these men's and women's trust and faith during biblical times in the same way that he is worthy of ours...

The Shepherd's Covenant for Pastors

by H. B. London & Neil B. Wiseman

Like having a serious conversation with a mentor or coach in the ministry, this book helps pastors make and maintain a commitment to live their lives and ministries with authenticity and integrity.

Jubilee: A Season of Spiritual Renewal

by Mel Lawrenz

Bringing the Old Testament concept of Jubilee to our modern world, the author takes readers through a season of renewal that will refocus their spiritual energies, refresh their relationship with God, free themselves...

I Want to Believe: Finding Your Way in an Age of Many Faiths

by Mel Lawrenz

For anyone struggling with doubt comes this honest and engaging conversation about the tensions inherent in of a life of faith, encouraging them to keep wrestling and keep seeking, confident that doubt is part...

A New Kind of Conservative

by Joel C. Hunter

A provocative look at how faith and politics interact in America, giving civic-minded people a balanced, biblically-based approach to political involvement. Hunter addresses environment, poverty, abortion, homosexuality,...

Writing on the Wall: Prayers, Psalms and Laments of the Rising Culture

by Brian Heasley

This utterly unique collection of prayers and laments from such diverse places as the Internet, university walls, church walls, and even the walls of a brewery will stir readers' hearts and call them to their...

The End: A Futurist's Guide to the Very Last Days

by Mark Hatch

Here is a fascinating look at why many of today's scientists and futurists believe the end is near and how that should inform our Christian journey. Explores credible doomsday scenarios and compares those theories...

A Passion for Prayer: What Happens When You Speak and God Listens

by Vonette Bright

The cofounder of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) gives readers practical, insightful guidance for developing a rewarding life of prayer. Relevant topics include the role of the Holy Spirit in prayer, making...

Blood Moon - Biblical Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

by S. Douglas Woodward

Woodward examines the Blood Moon Prophecy as articulated by Mark Biltz and John Hagee and evaluates the criticisms of Mark Hitchcock and Chris White. Woodward finds a middle ground, identifying why the Blood...

How to Listen When God Is Speaking

by Mitch Pacwa

How do we listen to God speak to our hearts, minds, and wills-especially above the noise and stress of the modern world? What is the process of discerning God's will? Best-selling author and popular EWTN host...

God and I: Exploring the Connections Between God, Self and Ego

by Philip St. Romain

What do we mean when we use the terms "God," "Self" and "Ego"? To what experiences do these terms point? What are the relationships between them? This book by Philip St. Romain, M.S., D. Min., goes beyond semantics...

Basking in Love

by Beverley DeWaal

Seals love to bask in the sun on the rocks. They love to just lie there and relax with not a care in the world! In this cold world we all look for places that are warm. We look for places where we will be accepted...

The Golden Book of Wisdom

by Seila Orienta

Seila Orienta wrote this description of the 4th Tarot Card according to the system of Franz Bardon. For the first time in the history of occult literature, this 4th Tarot Card of the great Hermes Trismegistos...

Conjugal Love and Procreation: Dietrich von Hildebrand's Superabundant Integration

by Kevin Schemenauer

While some argue that this German Catholic philosopher and theologian neglected the role of procreation in marriage, this book shows that von Hildebrand's writings on reverence and superabundant finality contribute...

Walking in the Shoes of a Young Weeping Widow

by Tanya Rena'

This is a true story of a woman Tanya Rena' Jefferson who marries a man she has known most of her childhood and teen life. After knowing about each other for years, they end up being a couple and years later...