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Devil and God

by Author John O'Loughlin

This substantial collection of loosely aphoristic philosophy, which the author is apt to term 'supernotational', embraces the Christian dichotomy of Devil and God in such fashion that one is left in no doubt...

The Soul of Being

by Author John O'Loughlin

Divided into twelve headed sections, 'The Soul of Being' examines a number of dichotomous antitheses, such as freedom and binding, the conscious and the unconscious, form and content(ment), sensuality and sensibility,...

The Dialectics of Civilization

by Author John O'Loughlin

'The Dialectics of Civilization' continues the dialectical analysis of civilization and, in a broader sense, of the evolutionary process from where it left off in 'The Dialectics of Synthetic Attraction', the...

From Materialism to Idealism

by Author John O'Loughlin

In this book of loosely aphoristic philosophy, textural diagrams are sometimes used to delineate and elucidate complex philosophical propositions which would otherwise lack linear perspective or schematic definition,...

Elemental Spectra

by Author John O'Loughlin

Without a doubt 'Elemental Spectra' signifies a significant milestone in the evolution of the ideological philosophy of Social Transcendentalism, since it introduces a stylistic and thematic consistency comparatively...

Eternal Life - Supernotes from Beyond

by Author John O'Loughlin

Cryptically subtitled 'Supernotes from Beyond', ETERNAL LIFE is by any standards a substantial compilation of essayistic aphorisms which cycle, or pass through several turns of the spiral of metaphysical ascension,...

The Last Judgement

by Author John O'Loughlin

'The Last Judgement', a title with evident eschatological implications, advances the ideological philosophy of Social Transcendentalism by highlighting the extent to which gender conditions axial divergence...

The Will to Truth

by Author John O'Loughlin

'The Will to Truth' combines dialogues with essays and aphorisms with maxims in a substantial 'multi-genre' project of original philosophy with strongly transcendental overtones, such that embrace a concept...

Veritas Philosophicus

by Author John O'Loughlin

This long and difficult text should reward patient reading, since it is of a deeply metaphysical character that takes the Element-based quadruplicities of texts like 'Philosophical Truth' (1991), its immediate...

The Yang and Anti-Yin Quartet

by Author John O'Loughlin

This quartet of books of aphoristic philosophy with a Social Theocratic dimension is comprised of 'Yang and Anti-Yin', 'Lamb and Anti-Lion', 'Celestial City and Anti-Vanity Fair' and, last but by no means least,...

Ethnic Universality - The Next Totalitarianism

by Author John O'Loughlin

'Ethnic Universality - The Next Totalitarianism' ... is about the promise of globalization and the universal oneness that it portends if taken to a sensible conclusion. In that respect, it is the antithesis...

Opus D'Oeuvre

by Author John O'Loughlin

'Opus D'Oeuvre' is one work, as suggested by the title, out of a large oeuvre of works of a literary nature that collectively add up to 'Opera D'Oeuvre', and, true to its metaphysical bias, it continues John...

The Triumph of Being

by Author John O'Loughlin

'The Triumph of Being' is a critique of morality in relation not only to Being but also - and no less significantly - to Doing, giving, and taking, and proceeds to analyze these different approaches to morality...

Evaluations and Revaluations

by Author John O'Loughlin

'Evaluations and Revaluations', which is divided into two parts, each of which reflects one aspect of the overall title, is a compilation of aphoristic writings with strongly metaphysical and subatomic overtones...

Future Transformations

by Author John O'Loughlin

'Future Transformations' combines essays with dialogues, both of which are transcended by aphorisms in the lengthy appendix of what, for a work dating from 1982, remains one of John O'Loughlin's most revolutionary...

Between Truth and Illusion

by Author John O'Loughlin

Mr O'Loughlin's first exercise in philosophy, originally dating from 1977, takes as its starting-point an analysis of the inter-relativity of dualities and expands, via a series of aphoristic essays and dramatic...

Maximum Truth & Truthful Maxims

by Author John O'Loughlin

This voluminous project is comprised of two substantial books of maxims respectively entitled 'Maximum Truth' and 'Truthful Maxims', both of which, dating from 1993, extend the philosophy of Social Transcendentalism...

The Centre of Truth

by Author John O'Loughlin

An extensively revised and reformatted philosophical weblog project from 2009 by John O'Loughlin which, with its more confident approach to metaphysics, represents a significant step beyond his last such project,...

Judgemental Afterthoughts

by Author John O'Loughlin

'Judgemental Afterthoughts' concludes a loose trilogy of volumes of aphoristic philosophy beginning and continuing with 'Revelationary Afterthoughts' and 'Revolutionary Afterthoughts', and the 'afterthoughts'...

A Perfect Resolution

by Author John O'Loughlin

'A Perfect Resolution' corrects certain of what the author regards as the 'heathenistic' ('secular' in contemporary parlance) aberrations of its aphoristic precursor, 'Stairway to Judgement', as it exposes the...