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All that Jesus Asks: How His Questions Can Teach and Transform Us

by Stan Guthrie

Award-winning journalist explores every question Jesus asks from the Gospels and Acts, offering a fresh look at who Jesus is and who we are in relation to him.

Pure Eyes: A Man's Guide to Sexual Integrity

by Craig Gross

Written specifically for men, this biblically based guide helps readers overcome sexual sin or remain sexually pure.

Adventures in Daily Prayer: Experiencing the Power of God's Love

by Bert Ghezzi

Beloved author Bert Ghezzi shares forty-five years of experience with the promise, practice, problems, and power of faithful daily prayer.

Sword between the Sexes?, A: C. S. Lewis and the Gender Debates

by Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen

A leading authority on male and female roles offers the first in-depth look at C. S. Lewis's thought on gender and what it means for today's debates.

An Eyewitness Remembers the Century of the Holy Spirit

by Vinson Synan

An Insider's Account of Key Events in Charismatic/Pentecostal Movements

His Princess Warrior: Love Letters for Strength from Your Lord

by Sheri Rose Shepherd

The bestselling author of His Princess Bride shows women how to stand strong in the face of their battles, relying on a God who loves them, encourages them, and even fights for them.

Unlearning Protestantism: Sustaining Christian Community in an Unstable Age

by Gerald Schlabach

Addresses the "Protestant dilemma" in ecclesiology: how to build lasting Christian community in a world of individualism and transience.


by R. R. Reno

This addition to the well-received Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible offers a theological exegesis of Genesis.

Death and Afterlife: A Theological Introduction

by Terence Nichols

This biblical examination of the afterlife addresses both contemporary and perennial human questions about death and what lies beyond.

Homeschooling for the Rest of Us: How Your One-of-a-Kind Family Can Make Homeschooling and Real Life Work

Effective Marriage Counseling: The His Needs, Her Needs Guide to Helping Couples

by Willard F. Jr. Harley

Finally a resource for pastors and counselors based on the bestselling His Needs, Her Needs. This comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques that have brought Dr. Harley success will bring them success...

Five Secrets Great Dads Know

by Paul Coughlin

Inspirational and Practical Help for Dads

Rewards of Simplicity, The: A Practical and Spiritual Approach

by Chuck D. Pierce

Bestselling charismatic leaders offer biblical teaching, practical tips, and keen insights in a timely guide to living a clutter-free life--both spiritually and materially.

Prophetically Incorrect: A Christian Introduction to Media Criticism

by Paul D. Patton

In a media-saturated age when many claim to speak for God, this book shows how to evaluate prophetic speech and communicate faithfully.

Under the Influence: California's Intoxicating Spiritual and Cultural Impact on America

by Monica Ganas

An insider to California culture wittily examines the downside to our national obsessions with celebrity and appearance and shows how Christians can respond.

From We to Me: Embracing Life Again After the Death or Divorce of a Spouse

by Robert C. De Vries

A psychologist and a pastor offer a hopeful and practical guide for widowed and divorced people to rediscover who they are and set goals for their future.

Desperate Faith, A: Lessons of Hope from the Resurrection

by Jo Kadlecek

A narrative based study on the 40 days after Christ's resurrection, with lessons on comfort, care, and compassion from Christ.

Rooted in Good Soil: Cultivating and Sustaining Authentic Discipleship

by Tri Robinson

A contemporary farmer and pastor reinterprets the parable of the sower, showing how to grow a durable faith even in hard times.

Strategically Small Church, The: Intimate, Nimble, Authentic, and Effective

by Brandon J. O'Brien

Pastor and Leadership journal editor shows how small churches are uniquely equipped for success in today's culture, offering encouragement and help to pastors and leaders.

Good News About Worry, The: Applying Biblical Truth to Problems of Anxiety and Fear

by Dr. William Backus

A licensed clinical psychologist and pastor shows how to ease and reduce anxiety by replacing worry-producing thoughts with peace-giving truth