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Feasting on the Word: Year A, Volume 3: Pentecost and Season After Pentecost 1 (Propers 3-16)

by David L. Bartlett & Barbara Brown Taylor

With this lectionary commentary series, Westminster John Knox offers the most extensive resource for preaching on the market today. Now complete, the twelve volumes of the series cover all the Sundays in the...

God's Triumphant Love

by Carol Zarska

Have you ever felt alone in your journey on this earth? Have you questioned your purpose and wondered if your life truly mattered? God's Triumphant Love: Fall in Love With Jesus All Over Again! is about the...

A Day in the Life of Jesus

by Dennis Nickel

How did Mary feel when she found out the babies in Bethlehem had been murdered? How did the blind man respond to Jesus' gift of sight? How did the Pharisees react when Jesus called them hypocrites? How did Peter...

A Day in the Life of Jesus

by Dennis Nickel

How did Mary feel when she found out the babies in Bethlehem had been murdered? How did the blind man respond to Jesus' gift of sight? How did the Pharisees react when Jesus called them hypocrites? How did Peter...

Power Through Prayer

by E. M. Bounds

For many Christians, prayer is nothing special, just something we're supposed to do--go to church, tithe, read the Bible, pray. But prayer should be so much more than an item on our "to do" lists. With this...

Visions Of Heaven And Hell

by John Bunyan

This book will draw you to the joys of heaven and warn you of the reality of hell. Take a visionary pilgrimage to the glorious City of God and the wretched inferno of Satan. Find out how to equip yourself for...

Grace Abounding

by John Bunyan

This book presents the ageless spiritual journey of one man into true Christian faith. John Bunyan relates his personal experiences of the crises that brought him to the end of himself and to the merciful God....

Spiritual Warfare

by George Bloomer

Guilt. Shame. Fear. They steal your joy and cripple you with doubt. Just when you think you're gaining new revelation from God and developing fresh intimacy with Him, the devil comes to deny you of all your...

More Of Him: Receiving The Power Of The Holy Spirit

by George Bloomer

Are you walking in power as Christ did? Is your desire for intimacy with the Father increasing? Are you passionately pursuing the Holy Spirit's presence? Prepare to discover a deeper understanding of the indwelling...

The Truth Within: Book of Light & Love

by Valentina Marie

Through the true teachings of Christ Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, one will experience Gnosis, or intuitive knowledge and wisdom of transcendence of the heart by way of Divine, inner, Spiritual initiations. You...

Rehab Is Not for the Soul: "A Journey Out of Addiction"

by Gary J Bentley

Any attempt to 'rehabilitate' someone without the saving power of God is only a temporary fix." In Rehab Is Not for the Soul: A Journey Out of Addiction, Gary Bentley makes a poignant and highly personal case...

How to Listen to a Sermon: With 'Honoring the Gospel' and Other Homilies for the Sake of Heaven

by Donald L. Berry

After exploring several aspects of the craft of homily, this book explains how listening to a sermon is different from attending to other forms of public address. This view presupposes a distinctive understanding...

Found Treasures: Discovering Your Worth in Unexpected Places

by Linda Clark

Found Treasures launches women on an unforgettable journey of personal and spiritual discovery. With biblical references and an application-based approach, ordinary objects become the tools to discover deeper...

Paul and Virtue Ethics

by S.J., Daniel J. Harrington

Daniel Harrington, SJ, and James Keenan, SJ, approach moral theology through virtue ethics, asking the key questions, Who am I? Who do I want to become? And how do I get there? With the apostle Paul as a guide,...

Precious Songs of Awakening: Chants For Daily Practice, Feast, and Drubchen

by Padmasambhava Guru Rinpoche

PRECIOUS SONGS OF AWAKENING, CHANTS FOR DAILY PRACTICE, FEAST AND DRUBCHEN is a delightful collection of poetry for practitioner to recite or sing in any situation of ritual on the Tibetan Buddhist path.


I Am a Cosmic Woman! - The Women of Bellatrix, Taxos, Pentax & More!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wondered if you have had a former life on another planet? A life where women are more powerful and adventurous than on Earth at this time. Those of you who have read The Abbotts book 'Who Are You?...

Pleiadian Ways - Starseed Relationships!

by The Abbotts

This amazing new book explores how the Starseeds (Generations, X, Y and Z) handle everyday relationships with family members, friends, work-mates, bosses, authorities and lovers! Following the success of their...

Understanding Christianity - What It Means to Become a Christian

by Brent Devenney

eBOOK: Many people, even those who might call themselves "Christian," do not really understand Christianity. "Understanding Christianity" gives a clear and simple explanation of what is a Christian!

Past Life Lovers - Have You Met Before?

by The Abbotts

Are you one of the many people who instinctively feel that they have known their romantic partners somewhere, sometime long ago? Well, The Abbotts, paranormal specialists and past lives hypnotherapists, say...

India - Land of Light!

by The Abbotts

Everyone knows that India is a mysterious land of spiritual knowledge and psychic phenomena. Many of our current New Age practices originated in this intriguing sub-continent. The Abbotts put forward the original...