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Every Good and Perfect Gift: Devotional Thoughts on the Gift of the Savior

by Compiled by Barbour Staff

God has blessed us with many gifts-the greatest being His only Son, Jesus Christ. This new devotional celebrates "every good and perfect gift" from the heavenly Father. Ideal reading through the Christmas season-or...

Watch Of The Lord: The Secret Weapon of the Last-Day Church

by Mahesh Chavda & Bonnie Chavda

Whether you intend to start your own prayer watch, or learn how to become a watchman on the wall alone, you will come away with practical, Scripture-based tools that will help you to experience more of God daily-and...

Bible Promise Book a Treasury of Christmas Scriptures

by JoAnne Simmons

Here are hundreds of scriptures, categorized under Christmas-related themes, perfect for the holiday season. The Bible Promise Book: A Treasury of Christmas Scriptures is a brand-new compilation from the beloved...

180 Prayers for a Woman of God

by Compiled by Barbour Staff

The all-powerful God we serve is interested in what you have to say! . . . This devotional prayer book is a lovely reminder to bring any petition before your heavenly Father. Dozens of just-right-sized prayers...

This Christmas, God Wants You to Know.: Inspiration for Your Soul

by Shanna D. Gregor

This beautifully designed devotional will delight and encourage you in your daily faith walk, giving you just the encouragement and inspiration you need during the busy holiday rush. Heartwarming readings offer...

The Prophetic Romance

by Fuchsia Pickett

Hidden deep in the canons of Old Testament scripture is the little book of Ruth, one of the most endearing love stories in recorded history. It captivates hearts and inspires our courage.

Christianity: The Basics

by Bruce Chilton

Christianity: The Basics is a compelling introduction to both the central pillars of the Christian faith and the rich and varied history of this most global of global religions. This book traces the development...

15 Characteristics of Effective Pastors: How to Strengthen Your Inner Core and Ministry Impact

by Kevin W. Mannoia & Larry Walkmeyer

This practical book examine the foundations of pastoral effectiveness, bringing together nine experienced pastoral leaders to discuss the basic characteristics that exist in effective pastors.

The Son Rises: Resurrecting the Resurrection

by Robert L. Wise

A fresh exploration of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead and his promise of continuing relationship with those who believe in him.

The Focus on the Family Women's Ministry Guide

by Focus on the Family

With the step-by-step guidelines in this manual, you can successfully start, run, and grow a women's ministry. Discover how to bring the women of your church together for a journey of laughter and growth in...

Let Justice Roll Down

by John M. Perkins

His brother died in his arms, shot by a deputy marshall. He was beaten and tortured by the sheriff and state police. But through it all he returned good for evil, love for hate, and brought hope to black and...

I'll Hold You in Heaven

by Jack W. Hayford

Jack Hayford provides compassionate answers to troubling questions for those who have lost a baby. The freeing truth of the Word of God promises that, like David, you will hold your child again in heaven.

Fun-Filled Parenting: A Guide to Laughing More and Yelling Less

by Silvana Clark

For families wanting to inject some fun back into their daily routines, here are all the tools they need to help foster a feeling of family fun and togetherness based on solid biblical teaching.

Strategic Vision: Embracing God's Future for Your Church

by Frank Damazio

Strategic Vision provides a clear set of directives and expectations with which an entire church strategy can be framed.

Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media

by Phil Cooke

Today's culture is cluttered by social media, with the average person receiving up to 5,000 messages a day. How do you get your unique vision on the radar of those who need to know it? Media producer Phil Cooke...

Jesus: Dead or Alive?: Evidence for the Resurrection

by Josh McDowell & Sean McDowell

Skeptical teens are the beating heart of Josh McDowell Ministires, and in this specially designed resource for youth, bestselling author Josh McDowell and his son, Sean, look at the claims of the Gospel writers...

Lead Vertically: Inspire People to Volunteer and Build Great Teams that Last

by Craig Johnson & Joel Osteen

In this hopeful book, leaders learn how to inspire (even when saying no), to build trust personally and professionally, and to build teams that look not just for success but also for fulfillment.

Deep Like Me: (Or Another Failed Attempt to Walk on Water)

by Rick Bundschuh & Dick Anderson

Pastor Rick Bundschuh shares what he had discovered about shuffling after Jesus, and invites readers to wrestle, grieve, reevaluate, redirect, focus, contemplate, be still, and get real about living the life...

The Mirage of Peace: Understand The Never-Ending Conflict in the Middle East

by David Aikman

Former TIME magazine Jerusalem bureau chief David Aikman,brings a journalist's mind and a believer's heart to his exploration of the political and religious factors in play, and goes beyond the media's chronic...

Survival Guide for Young Women: Learning How to Navigate Today's World with Grace and Strength

by Holly Wagner & Nicole Reyes

The essential guide for Christian women who long for a lifetime of spiritual meaning and personal fulfillment, this handbook for life will challenge young women to make the most of every minute of their 20s...