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by Jo Saxton

Are you a woman getting on with shaping your surroundings - in the office, at church, in your local community? Do you ever feel unsupported and unequipped? Do you sometimes doubt your calling? If the answer...

The Accidental Pilgrim

by Maggi Dawn

Pilgrimage has been an important practice for Christians since the fourth century, but for many people these days it is no more than a relic of church history, utterly irrelevant to their lives. In THE ACCIDENTAL...

The Wrong Messiah

by Nick Page

He came from the wrong social class, the wrong place and the wrong profession. He ate with the wrong people, championed the wrong causes and attracted the wrong kind of supporters. He even spoke with the wrong...

Epiphanies of the Ordinary: Encounters That Change Lives

by Charlie Cleverly

Through his work as a vicar both in Paris and Oxford, Charlie Cleverly has become passionate about the need to feed our love for God through every means possible, and to find ways of holding on to the love we...

Solomon's Song

by Sarah deCarvalho

'You have to search for the key to the song of your life and when you find it, don't let it go.'

Fourteen year old Solomon lives for adventures with his cousin Ze, his dog Duke and above all, to sing and play...

The Greatest Thing in the World (Hodder Classics)

by Henry Drummond

'You have life before you. Once only you can live it. What is the noblest object of desire, the supreme gift to covet?' THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD is perhaps the most famous exposition of Paul's message...

The Happiness Secret

by J. John

It's something we all want. But what is happiness, and where can we find it? In this thoughtful and uplifting book, inspirational speaker J. John takes a look at the most famous teachings of Jesus - the Beatitudes...

Stupid about Men: 10 Rules for Getting Romance Right

by Deborah Dunn

Tired of Kissing Frogs?

Even the most capable and intelligent women are sometimes struck stupid when it comes to relationships with men. Maybe you're like Cinderella, who thinks that only a man can rescue...

Qur'an: Bullet Guides: Everything You Need to Get Started

by Victor Watton

Open this book and you will

  • Learn how the Qur'an came into being

  • Understand how it is used today

  • Ocercome misconceptions

  • Tackle issues of interpretation

  • Islam: Bullet Guides

    by Victor Watton

    Open this book and you will

  • Discover Islamic worship

  • Learn about Muhammed

  • Explore the Qur'an

  • Understand contemporary issues

  • Christianity: Bullet Guides

    by Victor Watton

    Open this book and you will

  • Discover core beliefs

  • Understand basic teachings

  • Learn about the Bible

  • Trace its history

  • Buddhism: Bullet Guides

    by Paul Oliver

    Open this book and you will

  • Discover Buddha's teachings

  • Gain awareness

  • Apply Buddhist beliefs

  • Become enlightened

  • Christianity Made Simple: Flash

    by John Young

    The books in this bite-sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious. Christianity Made Simple is a short and...

    Buddhism Made Simple: Flash

    by Clive Erricker

    The books in this bite-sized new series contain no complicated techniques or tricky materials, making them ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious. Buddhism Made Simple is a short, simple...

    How to Pick a Religion: Teach Yourself

    by Trevor Barnes

    This book is organized as a thematic consumer guide to religion, looking at the benefits (and costs) of different world religions from the viewpoint of the believer. Whether you're interested in money, sex and...

    Islam - An Introduction: Teach Yourself

    by Ruqaiyyah Maqsood

    Do you want to learn more about this fascinating and complex world religion? Islam - an Introduction is a complete guide to the history, beliefs, and practicalities of this often misunderstood faith. Fully updated,...

    Becoming Enlightened

    by His Holiness The Dalai Lama & Jeffrey, Ph.D. Hopkins

    In Becoming Enlightened, His Holiness the Dalai Lama powerfully explores the foundation of Buddhism, laying out an accessible and practical approach to age-old questions: How can we live free from suffering?...

    High Heels and Holiness: The Smart Girl's Guide to Living Life Well

    by Jo Saxton & Sally Breen

    'With their usual warmth and honesty, Jo and Sally tackle tricky subjects head-on, giving sound advice and wisdom that is firmly rooted in real life. This book is a joy to read' Ali Martin, Soul Survivor Society...

    Hope Endures: Leaving Mother Teresa, Losing Faith, and Searching for Meaning

    by Colette Livermore

    The searing memoir of an extraordinary woman who served as a nun for eleven years in Mother Teresa's order, Hope Endures is a compelling chronicle of idealistic determination, rigid discipline, and shattering...

    Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World

    by Jill Rigby

    Child expert Jill Rigby reveals the dangers of the self-esteem parenting philosophy and offers an alternative approach that teaches children to respect both themselves and others.

    After decades of experimenting...