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One Word From God Can Change Your Prayer Life

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

Spending time with God is an important part of the Christian walk and yet many Christians struggle when it comes to prayer. They wonder, "Does God hear my request?" and, "Will He answer me?" Prayer does not...

Lessons from David: How to Be a Giant Killer

by Andrew Wommack

Probably one of the most well- known characters in the Bible is David. He grew up a shepherd boy and defeated a giant named Goliath and then went on to be King of Israel. While king, David made some serious...

One Word From God Can Change Your Nation

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

God wants you to experience heaven on earth. But if you live in a nation that's filled with poverty, immorality, and violent crime, that may seem impossible. Yet, it's not. As a Christian, you have the spiritual...

Easy Way to Walk in the Spirit: Hearing God's Voice, Following His Direction

by Larry Huggins

Reverend Larry Huggins will encourage you to walk "in the Spirit" or walk with God on a daily basis. He shows how to involve God in your daily decisions, small and large. Through following God's leading on a...

Distortion: The Vanity of Genetically Altered Christianity

by Jesse Duplantis

What if you had a book that could give you the power to heal yourself? What if you had one that could give you the wisdom to become prosperous? What if you met a Man who had the power to obliterate everything...

Now Are We In Christ Jesus

by Kenneth Copeland

It isn't hard to believe that Jesus is the express image of God. But few realize that God has determined for them as Christians to be conformed to that image. Nothing is impossible to the man or woman who knows...

Faith And Patience

by Kenneth Copeland

Oh Lord, how long? If you've ever asked that question, this book is for you! It will help you learn how to wait . . . without wavering. To persevere in faith (even when you're under pressure) until your victory...

True Prosperity

by Gloria Copeland

Prosperity is more than financial blessings. It includes healing, protection, favor, wisdom, success, well-being and every good thing you could possibly need - all the good things Jesus desires for you to have....

Welcome To The Family: A Guide to Salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Healing

by Kenneth Copeland

In this book, Kenneth Copeland shares on a one-to-one basis the steps you are to follow in joining God's family. He shows what God's Word says about receiving salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit and healing....

God Has Your Miracle On His Mind

by Gloria Copeland

What changes would you need to make for His will to be fulfilled in you? What would it take for you to be healthy - whole, undamaged, and intact - in every area of your life? Would it take a miracle? If so,...

Unbeatable Spirit of Faith

by Gloria Copeland

You can walk in constant victory and beat the devil every time. How? By developing The Unbeatable Spirit of Faith! In this encouraging book, Gloria Copeland shows you how to develop a spirit of faith that perseveres...

Biblical Healing

by T.L. Osborn

Miracles are the life of Jesus Christ manifested in people. My father is constantly urged to share the secrets that have brought such success to the Osborn global ministry during nearly six decades.

The truths...

Mercy: The Divine Rescue of the Human Race

by Kenneth Copeland

Mercy. Few people truly understand it, yet it's key to receiving God's best for your life. It is the compelling power behind The Divine Rescue of the Human Race. It is the only force in the universe strong enough...

Living In Heaven's Blessings Now

by Gloria Copeland

It is the responsibility of the Church to manifest the kingdom of God in this natural realm. It's our job to exercise the dominion of that kingdom, and demonstrate it so others can experience the reality of...

He Did It All For You

by Kenneth Copeland & Gloria Copeland

Five best-selling works complete in one volume:

  • Welcome To The Family
  • Now Are We In Christ Jesus
  • The Force of Righteousness
  • God's Will Is The Holy Spirit
  • Love - The Secret To Your Success

A clean slate and...

Our Covenant With God

by Kenneth Copeland

Dear Covenant Child, I have stated in My Word that if you love Me, walk in all My ways and hold fast to My Word, you will be one with Me, joint heirs in the covenant of Abraham.

This covenant is your assurance...

Power of the Tongue

by Kenneth Copeland

Words have played a vital role since the beginning of time. In the book of Genesis, God created the world and everything in it with His words. Today, as believers, we have the same God-like ability to speak...

Faith Has No Feelings

by Novel Hayes

One way to obtain God's mighty healing power is believing in James 5:14-15. Norvel Hayes explains how you must confess and believe that you are healed regardless of whether you feel anything or not.

Norvel recounts...

Prayer - Your Foundation For Success

by Kenneth Copeland

Do you desire to develop a deeper prayer life?

God created you to have a relationship with Him. Fellowshipping with God on a personal level gives birth to a deep, strong faith and trust in His ability to work...

Grace That Makes Us Holy

by Gloria Copeland

Do you experience frustration trying to live the Christian life! Do you know what holiness is? Does it seem unattainable? It's not. When failure comes our way, getting back on the right track can sometimes seem...