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Jesus the Christ: A Study of the Messiah and His Mission According to the Holy Scriptures

by James E. Talmage

Jesus the Christ: A Study of the Messiah and His Mission According to the Holy Scriptures Both Ancient and Modern is a 1915 book by James E. Talmage. The book is a doctrinal study on the life and ministry of...

The Golden Bough

by Sir James George Frazer

The Golden Bough attempts to define the shared elements of religious belief. Its thesis is that old religions were fertility cults that revolved around the worship of, and periodic sacrifice of, a sacred king....

A Catholic Handbook for Engaged and Newly Married Couples

by Frederick W. III Marks

In this practical guide to marriage, learn the "secrets" of building a sound, spiritual relationship with your fiancé or spouse-from toothpaste in the sink to natural family planning. In the Foreword, Father...

The Qur'an

by Massimo Campanini

A lucid guide to how Muslims have read the Qur'an in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

The Family of Jesus

by Karen Kingsbury

America’s favorite inspirational novelist offers a fictional view of six of the family members of Jesus, all anchored by Scriptural truth, creating a life-changing and unprecedented emotional connection to...

The Grace in Aging: Awaken as You Grow Older

by Kathleen Dowling Singh

Learn to use your later years for awakening and spiritual growth.

Encouraging, inspiring, and practical, The Grace in Aging invites all those who have ever experienced spiritual longing to awaken in their twilight...

Religion and Commodification

by Vineeta Sinha

Using the lens of 'visuality' and 'materiality,' this book offers insights into the everyday religious lives of Hindus as they strive to sustain theistic, devotional Hinduism in diasporic locations. Relying...

Religion in Contemporary China

by Adam Yuet Chau

This book provides a wide-ranging and in-depth survey of contemporary religious practices in China. It explains how recent economic reforms and concurrent relaxation of religious polices have created fertile...

Sainthood - Santità

by Yaw Obeng Ampofo

...An “immigrant” who knows “ difficult it is to go up and down another man’s stairs” (Dante Alighieri: “Divine Comedy”), who discovered his faith when he was young and has lived in the most...

Sacred Strategies: Transforming Synagogues from Functional to Visionary

by Isa Aron, Steven M. Cohen & Lawrence A. Hoffman

Sacred Strategies follows the evolutions of eight congregations that reached out and helped people connect to Jewish life in a new way—congregations that went from commonplace to extraordinary. This book explores...

In God's Presence: Encountering, Experiencing, and Embracing the Holy in Worship

by N. Graham Standish

Vibrant worship services, argues creative and provocative author Graham Standish, are those in which the congregation obviously asks questions such as: Does our worship help people experience God? Does our worship...

Ministry and Mission In Uncertain Times

by Various Authors

This kindle, "Ministry and Mission in Uncertain Times," gathers 15 articles previously published by the Alban Institute on a range of topics.

The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose: The Revelation of the Celestial Mysteries from the Enclosed Garden of God

by Marilynn Hughes

THE FRAGRANCE OF THE MYSTICAL ROSE: THE REVELATION OF THE CELESTIAL MYSTERIES FROM THE ENCLOSED GARDEN OF GOD - The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose are those Out-of-Body Experiences which are beyond words and...

Are Mediums Real?

by Lorraine Holloway-White

All most people know of today are the false teachings within spiritualism that offers forced mediumship and healing without Jesus or Christianity. They have only been around for just over 100 years, but real...

The Ultimate Canon of Knowledge

by Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The central thesis of Dr. Kuhn's work hypothesizes that the sages of ancient mythologies did not intend for biblical writings to be read in a literal manner, but that it was their plan to transmit veiled truths...

The God Enigma: Does God Exist and Other Big Questions

by Mr Craig Beck

In the 21st century, increasing numbers of people are becoming less and less willing to blindly accept the word of traditional religion as an unquestionable truth. Despite the dramatic increase in shared agnosticism...

Evp Lab 1.0: My Failure and Success in Recording Electronic Voice Phenomenon

by John Gruber Ph.D.

My Failures & Success in Recording Electronic Voice Phenomenon. How I got started, what updated methods and equipment to use, along with a complete home and field EVP capture Guide.

Transnational Cinema and Ideology: Representing Religion, Identity and Cultural Myths

by Milja Radovic

Increasingly, as the production, distribution and audience of films cross national boundaries, film scholars have begun to think in terms of 'transnational' rather than national cinema. This book is positioned...

One Nation Under God: His Rule Over Your Country

by Tony Evans

Inscribed near a broken chain at the base of the Statue of Liberty are these words:

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearing to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these,...

Marriage Rebranded: Modern Misconceptions & the Unnatural Art of Loving Another Person

by Tyler Ward

It didn't take long for Tyler to realize he had no idea how to be married.

When Tyler and Analee got married, they read marriage books, learned about each other's personality and habits, and exhausted three-step...