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Self Worth (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Invisible. Insignificant. Deep down, have you always felt this way but never understood why? Generally, negative self-perceptions develop as a result of being treated in ways that cause us to feel devalued by...

Writing Teresa: The Saint from Avila at the Fin-de-Siglo

by Denise DuPont

Writing Teresa examines the essays and works of five turn-of-the-twentieth-century authors devoted to Teresa de Jesús (St. Teresa of Ávila, 1515-1582).

Reimagining Life: Philosophical Pessimism and the Revolution of Surrealism

by Raihan Kadri

The innovative, wide-ranging study deftly traverses fields of art, politics, philosophy, psychology, and literature. Reimagining Life redefines Surrealism's place in modern intellectual history and offers a...

31 Days to Becoming a Better Religious Educator

by Jared Dees & Joe Paprocki

Creator of the popular website The Religion Teacher, Jared Dees shares practical, easy-to-use teaching strategies and exercises for spiritual growth. These components are designed to improve the effectiveness...

Tongues: Dissecting the Gift

by Teresita Perez

When someone speaks in tongues, is it always the work of the Holy Spirit? How can we be sure? What about the phenomenon of being slain in the spirit and all manner of supernatural occurrences? How may we distinguish...

The Development of the Babi/Baha'i Communities: Exploring Baron Rosen's Archives

by Youli Ioannesyan

Baron Rosen's Babi/Baha'i archives presents private letters and diplomatic correspondence from the nineteenth century, preserved among the prominent Russian scholar Baron Victor Rosen's materials in the Archive...

Prayer for the Bully Victims and the Bully Too

by Grace Dola, None, None Balogun & Lisa, None, None Hainline

The numbers are staggering. American schools harbor approximately 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million of their victims. 1 in 7 Students in grades K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying. 56% of students...

Christ The Joy Of Christmas

by Grace Dola, None, None Balogun & Lisa, None, None Hainline

Jesus Christ The Joy of Christmas will bless you with the very beauty and joy that Christmas has to offer. We all need to come to know and truly understand the very good news and great joy of the birth of the...

The Prescientific Bible: Cultural Influences on the Biblical Writers and How They Affect Our Reading of the Bible Today

Living Jainism: An Ethical Science

by Aidan Rankin & Kanti V Mardi

A radical new perspective on science rooted in intuitive awareness as much as deductive reasoning.

Beyond the Lectionary: A Year of Alternatives to the Revised Common Lectionary

by David Ackerman

Beyond the Lectionary offers experiences of scripture that will surprise, enlighten, provoke and challenge.

Sweeter Than Honey: Daily Devotions for Disciples

by Greg Hinnant

Want to satisfy your heart with God’s sweetly flowing truths applied to your life? Here’s a biblical honeycomb for you.

Three Adventist Titans: The Significance of Heeding or Rejecting the Counsel of Ellen White

by Albert Dittes

Today, Seventh-day Adventists are known for their healthcare institutions and their work in the field of medicine, but it wasn't always that way. In the late 1800s and early 1900s the Adventist Church was still...

Grandmothers Are Like Snowflakes...No Two Are Alike: Words of Wisdom, Gentle Advice, & Hilarious Observations

by Janet Lanese

When a child is born, a miracle happens -someone becomes a grandmother!

For first-time grandmas, beloved veterans, or grandmas-in-waiting, this warm, wonderful book captures all the joy and humor of one of a...

Essential Torah: A Complete Guide to the Five Books of Moses

by George Robinson

Whether you are thinking about studying the Bible for the first time or you’re simply curious about its history and contents, you will find everything you need in Essential Torah. George Robinson, author of...

The Holy Vote

by Ray Suarez

Not since the Civil War has the United States been so polarized, politically and ideologically. At the heart of this fracture is a fascinating, paradoxical marriage between our country's politics and religions....

The Tao Of Womanhood

by Diane Dreher

The Tao of Womanhood is for every woman who is searching for both external power and internal peace. It's for the woman who wants to be tough but nice, who wants to take care of things and everyone else but...

The Creation of Health: The Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing

by C. Norman Md Shealy & Caroline Myss

A collaboration between a traditionally trained physician and a medical intuitive, The Creation of Health illuminates the deep connection between emotional dysfunction and physical illness. It describes the...

The Measure of God

by Larry Witham

The Measure of God, now in paperback, is a lively historical narrative offering the reader a sense for what has taken place in the God and science debate over the past century.

Modern science came of age at...

Living God's Politics

by Jim Wallis

After fifteen weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list, God's Politics not only changed the conversation about faith and politics in this country, it began a movement. All across the country, wherever Jim...