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A Guide to the Sacraments

by John Macquarrie

A highly-acclaimed account of the sacramental principle and the seven sacraments of the church.

The Church's Other Half: Women's Ministry

by Trevor Beeson

Women have always constituted at least half of the church's membership, but for almost 2,000 years were excluded from any significant part in its leadership. After the example of Jesus, the earliest Christian...

The Sea of Faith

by Don Cupitt

This text began in the 1860s as a phrase from Matthew Arnold's picture of the decline of religion as the retreat of the tide on Dover's beach. The book has had a significant impact, for its account of historical...

Lifelong Learning: Theological Education and Supervision

by Frances Ward

This book on ministerial formation and supervision provides an accessible and thorough resource. It explores the nature of ministry and formation for 21st Century church and public life. It argues for the importance...

Theology, Liberation and Genocide: A Theology of the Periphery

by Mario I. Aguilar

The Reclaiming Liberation Theology series claims that Liberation Theology is alive and well and continues to produce new and challenging material. In "Theology, Liberation and Genocide", Mario Aguilar, one of...

Desire, Market, Religion

by Jung Mo Sung

Jung Mo Sung has pioneered a theological analysis of economics in his previous publications, developing a penetrating ethico-religious critique of the international capitalist systems, whose institutions he...

Another Possible World

by Ivan Petrella

Liberation theology was the most important theological movement of the 20th century. Its influence shook the Third and First world. Born from an epistemological break from the whole of the Western theological...

Beyond Liberation Theology: A Polemic

by Ivan Petrella

Liberation theologies are the most important theological movement of our time. In the 20th century, their influence shook the Third and First Worlds, grass root organizations and the affluent Western academy,...

Words Made Flesh: Writings in Pastoral and Practical Theology

by Elaine Graham

Words Made Flesh draws together a number of Elaine Graham's shorter writings and essays and thereby maps out the work of a pioneer theological thinker and the development of pastoral and practical theology in...

Jesus and Philosophy

by Don Cupitt

Around twenty years or so after his death, the fiery and interesting Jewish teacher Jesus of Nazareth was made into the personification of his own teaching, and given an exalted cosmic status. Within a few decades...

Towards a Jewish Theology of Liberation

by Mark Ellis

Marc Ellis fine book about the future of the Jewish community was first published in 1987. But twenty years on, in the light of recent events in the Middle East and post-September 11, its powerful message of...

Jesus God and Man

by Wolfhart Pannenberg

Wolfhart Pannenberg is one of the giants of twentieth century German systematic theology, and all serious students of German doctrine are obligied to take account of his work. In particular, his weighty but...

Briefly: Aquinas Summa Theologica II

by David Mills Daniel

The first part of the Summa Theologica by Aquinas was dealt with in an SCM Briefly guide that published in May 06. The second part of the Summa Theologica is dealt with in this book. Aquinas' Summa Theologica...

Briefly: Aquinas' Summa Theologica I

by David Mills Daniel

Aquinas' "Summa Theologica" is his most famous work. It was intended as a manual for beginners as a compilation of all of the main theological teachings of that time and consists of a summary of the reasonings...

Briefly: Sartre's Existrentialism and Humanism

by David Mills Daniel

"The SCM Briefly" series is made up of short, accessible volumes which summarize books by philosophers and theologians, books that are commonly used on theology and philosophy A level (school leaving) and Level...

Briefly: Russell's The Problems of Philosophy

by David Mills Daniel

Part of the "SCM Briefly" series, which summarizes books by philosophers and theologians, this book provides a summary of the problem of philosophy. It includes line by line analysis, short quotes, and a glossary...

Briefly: Plato's The Republic

by David Mills Daniel

The Republic is arguably Plato's most important work and was written in his middle period, around 370-5 BC. It is a philosophical masterpiece containing acute political theory as well as being great literature,...

Briefly: Artistotle's Nicomachean Ethics

by David Mills Daniel

Presents a support resource for students being introduced to philosophical texts and to philosophy in general. This work contains a glossary of terms relating to the philosopher's use of terms.

Briefly: Moore's Principia Ethica

by David Mills Daniel

George Edward Moore's Principia Ethica was published by Cambridge University Press in 1903 and this was the birth of the science of ethics. So groundbreaking was this book at the time, that practically overnight,...

Briefly: Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling

by David Mills Daniel

Fear and Trembling is one of Kierkegaard's earliest works, which he wrote under the pseudonym Johannes de Silentio. Kierkegaard had been a student of theology in Copenhagen, and had come to hate the Danish Church....