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Rewards of Prayer: 5-In-1 Anthology

by R.A. Torrey

This five-book R. A. Torrey collection reveals how you can prevail in prayer, be effective in soulwinning, and come to an intimate understanding of God and His Word. Discover how the Rewards of Prayers can lead...

Releasing Family Blessings: God's Plan for Your Marriage and Children

by Larry & Tiz Huch

The family is meant to be a beacon of hope, love, and redemption-a light that draws others to the One who designed families in the first place. Join Larry and Tiz on an adventure of trusting God to make your...

How to Make Prayer More Effective

by Herbert Lockyer

Without a doubt, prayer is the greatest art in the world, a holy art that only needs to be learned and practiced. The greatest difference between effective and anemic Christianity, is prayer. The most fruitful...

Know Your Ministry

by Marilyn Hickey

Renowned Bible teacher Marilyn Hickey explains the seven foundational gifts of the Holy Spirit-also known as motivational gifts -- found in Romans 12. You will discover the one gift that you identify with most...

Freedom Beyond Comprehension

by Joan Hunter

Trauma goes deeper than the mind. It infiltrates the body at the cellular level, and only a deliverance that deals with the whole man;soul, spirit, and body;will treat the trauma and set you free-completely...

Baby Names: Thousands of Names and Their Meanings

by Nick Harrison & Steve Miller

To help you in the wonderful and important task of naming your child, Baby Names provides a comprehensive listing of great choices for any boy or girl -- from Aaron to Zuwena -- with plenty of variety in between....

Voices from the Edge of Eternity

by John Myers

This is a compilation of the words and experiences of people, both famous and obscure, just before death, including such figures as Martin Luther, Charles Darwin, and Napoleon Bonaparte. The agreement among...

Words of Wisdom for Daily Living

by Charles H., Dr. Spurgeon

If the Lord has called you by His grace, all the men on earth and all the fiends in hell cannot reverse the calling. You belong to Him! This is just one of the many truths that Charles Spurgeon presents in this...

Praying That Receives Answers

by E.M. Bounds

Prayer is what connects us to the Creator. Let E. M. Bounds show you how to turn your frustration into praise as you move mountains through life-changing prayer.

Dying, Death & Destiny

by Herbert Lockyer

Best-selling author Dr. Herbert Lockyer has provided this valuable resource to provide the eternal assurance to comfort the Christian, and a message of hope for those who have not yet called on the name of Jesus...

Their Finest Hour: Thrilling Moments in Ancient History

by Herbert Lockyer

Delve into the Most Thrilling Moments of Bible History! Renowned Bible teacher Dr. Herbert Lockyer examined the lives of more than thirty of the most notable characters of Scripture in a quest to identify what...

A Cure for Troubled Hearts

by Herbert Lockyer

Best-selling author Dr. Herbert Lockyer reminds us that Jesus' willingness to receive us is the cure for our troubled heart. But His reception of us depends on our reception of Him. Through his teachings, Dr....

Fasting as Unto the Lord

by Marilyn Salmonson

This comprehensive book by Marilyn Salmonson offers a wealth of information, incorporating scriptural guidelines for fasting with contemporary scientific knowledge on how to physically maximize your fast. Don't...

Spirit, Soul, & Body

by Lester Sumrall

In this exploration of the inner man, Lester Sumrall describes the unity of the human personality. He shows how the three distinct parts of the human person can function in harmony and how to yield each part...

Supernatural Provision

by Joan Hunter

Speaking from experience with overcoming financial hardships, healing expert and Christian author Joan Hunter helps you to multiply your finances and receive God's unlimited resources.

Living in God's Power

by John G. Lake

A collection of the wisdom and experience found in John G. Lake's sermons on the power of the Christian life.

Faith, Family & Finances

by Henry Fernandez

Author Henry Fernandez believes that American has abandoned its godly standards and that God is calling on Christians to rebuild the foundations of their faith, families, and finances.

Fabric of a Woman

by Pamela Hines

God doesn't want the circumstances of life to overwhelm you and thus steal from you His joy, peace, and rest. Life may tear at the fabric of our lives, but when we choose to invest in ourselves, the mending...

Significant Living

by Jerry & Shirley Rose

Join Jerry and Shirley in a celebration of life and faith after fifty as you find renewed meaning and significance for the second half of your life!

Principles and Benefits of Change

by Myles, Dr. Monroe

The Principles and Benefits of Change shows you how to initiate positive change and use any life change to help you fulfill your God-given purpose.