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Mulla Sadra's Transcendent Philosophy

by Muhammad Kamal

This comprehensive study of Mulla Sadra's philosophical thought explores his departure from tradition; his turn to the doctrine of the primacy of Being; the dynamic characteristics of Being and the concept of...

Wisdom in Early Confucian and Israelite Traditions

by Xinzhong Yao

Wisdom is an integral part of all philosophical and religious traditions in the world. Focusing on the concept of wisdom, this book examines the difficulties and problems facing comparative studies of the early...

Being Reasonable About Religion

by William Charlton

When we start to discuss religion we run into controversial questions about history and anthropology, about the scope of scientific explanation, and about free will, good and evil. This book explains how to...

Islam and Global Dialogue: Religious Pluralism and the Pursuit of Peace

by Roger Boase

At a time when the world is becoming increasingly interdependent, multi-cultural and multi-religious, the concept of religious pluralism is under assault as a result of hatred, prejudice and misunderstanding...

Religion and Morality

by William J. Wainwright

Religion and Morality addresses central issues arising from religion's relation to morality. Part one offers a sympathetic but critical appraisal of the claim that features of morality provide evidence for the...

Learning from Chinese Philosophies: Ethics of Interdependent and Contextualised Self

by Karyn Lai

Learning from Chinese Philosophies engages Confucian and Daoist philosophies in creative interplay, developing a theory of interdependent selfhood in the two philosophical traditions. Karyn Lai draws on the...

Religion and Law: An Introduction

by Peter W. Edge

Discussion of the way in which law engages with religious difference often takes place within the context of a single jurisdiction. Religion and Law: An Introduction, presents a comprehensive text for students,...

Theology and Modern Physics

by Peter E. Hodgson

In this critical introduction to the science-theology debate, Peter Hodgson draws on his experience as a physicist to present the results of modern physics and the theological implications. Written for those...

Religion, Identity and Politics in Northern Ireland: Boundaries of Belonging and Belief

by Claire Mitchell

There has been increased interest in the relationship between religion, identity and politics in modern societies. Building on this debate, Claire Mitchell presents a challenging analysis of religion in contemporary...

Dreams of Glory: The Sources of Apocalyptic Terror

by Richard K. Fenn

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are engaged not in a 'clash of civilizations' but in a sectarian conflict among branches of a single civilization traditionally steeped in apocalyptic imagery and beliefs. Apocalypticism...

Narrative and Document in the Rabbinic Canon: From the Mishnah to the Talmuds

by Jacob Neusner

This study of the inclusion of biographical narratives examines sage-stories, anecdotes about the life and deeds of Rabbinic sages, in components of the unfolding canon of Rabbinic Judaism during the formative...

The Story of Holy Island: An Illustrated History

by Kate Tristram

From its misty beginnings as part of the mainland in the Stone Age, this history covers Lindisfarne's formation as an island, the Roman and Anglo-Saxon eras, the influence of Columba and Iona, Lindisfarne's...

Stations of the Nativity, Cross and Resurrection

by Raymond Chapman

Bringing together two Canterbury Press bestsellers with new material, here are meditations on 14 events around the birth of Christ, the 14 Stations of the Cross, and the 15 Resurrection appearances. Illustrated...

Reconciling People: Coventry Cathedral's Story

by Christopher Lamb

To mark the 50th anniversary in 2012 of the rebuilding of Coventry Cathedral after its destruction by incendiary bombs in November 1940, this lavishly illustrated volume celebrates a unique church with a unique...

Cries of the Heart: A Daily Companion for Your Journey through Grief

by Paul Sheppy

A personal companion for life's hardest time - the days immediately following a bereavement. Gentle and kind, it nevertheless encourages people on to building the future.

The Meaning is in the Waiting: The Spirit of Advent

by Paula Gooder

This is the first in a series of books commissioned in consultation with John Sentamu. It can be described as "The Archbishop of York's Advent book". Its theme is overtly an Advent one, yet subsequent books...

Walking the Labyrinth: A Spiritual and Practical Guide

by Sally Welch

A labyrinth is a pattern consisting of a single circuitous path that winds into the centre, with no possibility of getting lost, as in a maze, and no dead ends. It is one of the most ancient tools for spiritual...

The Jesus Prayer Rosary: Bible Meditations for Praying with Beads

by Michael Cleary

The Jesus Prayer Rosary will be welcomed by the growing number of people who are discovering that praying with beads can be a spiritually enriching and therapeutic experience. It will further enrich the spirituality...

Word into Silence: A Manual for Christian Meditation

by John Main

An introduction to the practice of Christian meditation, this book offers a twelve step programme in learning meditative prayer.

The Desert Movement: Fresh Perspectives on the Spirituality of the Desert

by Alexander Ryrie

An exciting new history for anyone interested in the Early Church. Drawing on recent research and newly translated texts, it sheds significant new light on the influence of Desert spirituality, introducing us...