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Averroes and Hegel on Philosophy and Religion

by Catarina Belo

Comparing Averroes' and Hegel's positions on the relation between philosophy and religion, this book explores the relation between faith and reason in a medieval Islamic and a modern Christian context. Through...

Varieties of Religious Establishment

by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan & Lori G. Beaman

In the hyper-globalized world of the politics of religious freedom today, a focus on establishments brings into view the cultural assumptions, cosmologies, anthropologies, and institutions which structure religion...

Understanding Muslim Chaplaincy

by Sophie Gilliat-Ray & Mansur Ali

Understanding Muslim Chaplaincy provides a lens through which to explore critical questions relating to contemporary religion in public life, and the institutionalisation of Islam in particular. Providing a...

Sufism in Britain

by Ron Geaves & Theodore Gabriel

This volume provides an objective analysis of current trends and developments in the beliefs and practices of Sufis in Britain. Sufism is a dynamic and substantial presence within British Muslim communities...

The Politics of Writing Islam: Voicing Difference

by Mahmut Mutman, Lucian Stone & Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh

The Politics of Writing Islam provides a much-needed critique of existing forms of studying, writing and representing Islam in the West. Through critiquing ethnographic, literary, critical, psychoanalytic and...

Emily Bronte and the Religious Imagination

by Simon Marsden

Readers of Emily Bront�'s poetry and of Wuthering Heights have seen in their author, variously, a devout if somewhat unorthodox Christian, a heretic, or a visionary "mystic of the moors". Rather than seeking...

Fireweed Evangelism: Christian Hospitality in a Multi-Faith World

by Elizabeth Rankin Geitz

"Episcopal priest Elizabeth Geitz delves, through Scripture, right into the heart of welcoming the stranger. Her handouts and forms are helpful. A must read." --The Living Church Fireweed, always the first flower...

A Heart for the Future: Writings on the Christian Hope

by Robert Boak Slocum

Prominent thinkers, writers, and well-known voices in the Episcopal Church come together to present a very broad spectrum of Christian thought and eschatology. Ultimately, what they have in common is the belief...

The Almost Daily eMOs: Mostly Reverent eMails

by Barbara Cawthorne Crafton

In the spirit of Internet slanguage, e-mails from Mother Barbara Crafton, known affectionately as "Mo." Crafton, are called "eMos." This collection of e-mail meditations has the immediacy of the Internet and...

A Good and Joyful Thing: The Evolution of the Eucharistic Prayer

by Byron D. Stuhlman

In his wonderfully clear style, this noted Church Publishing author examines the Christian action of "giving thanks" in the development of the Eucharistic Prayer from its early roots in Jewish table blessings...

From The Geranium Farm: A Second Crop of Daily eMails from

by Barbara Cawthorne Crafton

The Geranium Farm Cookbook is a collection of recipes and lore offered by The Geranium Farmers, the 10,000+ members of the worldwide virtual community of spiritual seekers created by Episcopal priest, author,...

The Church of Scotland Year Book 2013-14

by Douglas Galbraith 

This compendium of vital information includes every contact within the Church, procedures, protocols, amendments, statistics and an extensive index. 2013 is an exceptionally important year at the General Assembly...

Holiness and Community: John Coburn Preaches the Faith

by John B. Coburn

This varied and vast collection captures more than 160 sermons developed and delivered by John Coburn - prominent church leader, educator, and rector at St. James Church in New York City. Powerful, yet readily...

Joy in Disguise: Meeting Jesus in the Dark Times

by Edward S. Little

Little takes a fresh look at what it means for Christians to lead lives of joy, regardless of circumstances, as based on Paul's letter to the Philippians. Meaningful questions conclude each chapter, making this...

Make All Things New: Stories of Healing, Reconciliation, and Peace

by Caroline Westerhoff

Written with grace and sensitivity, Make All Things New is a collection of fourteen essays that focus on the themes of healing, peace, and reconciliation - topics as timely today as they have ever been. Well-known...

Life and Livelihood: A Handbook for Spirituality at Work

by Whitney Wherrett Roberson

Many working people may have the uneasy feeling that when they clock in every morning, they check their "real selves" at the door. Caring, compassionate, generous human beings who look after families and volunteer...

Dancing with God: Anglican Christianity and the Practice of Hope

by Jay Emerson Johnson

Using the metaphor of dance, Dancing with God helps readers without a theological background approach the discipline of theology as something we all do, and not just something to believe.

Gathering the NeXt Generation: Essays on the Formation and Ministry of GenX Priests

by Nathan Humphrey & Frank T. Griswold

Essays by Generation X priests who challenge the Church to rethink her approach to ministry by and to Generation X. A thought-provoking resource for all who care about the future of the Episcopal Church.

Knowing Jesus in Your Life

by Carol Anderson & Peter Summers

This book is a gem. Knowing Jesus in Your Life is a first-class introduction to the Christian faith. Written in a relaxed, conversational style, the text is refreshingly devoid of theological jargon. Knowing...

Seeing Judaism Anew: Christianity's Sacred Obligation

by Mary C. Boys & Norman Beck

By linking New Testament scholarship to the Shoah, Christian liturgical life, and developments in the church, Seeing Judaism Anew addresses important questions at the heart of Christian identity, such as: Are...