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The Psalms: Language for All Seasons of the Soul

by David M. Howard Jr & Andrew J Schmutzer

This collection of essays on the Psalms by distinguished Old Testament scholars is a snapshot of the most current scholarly work on the Psalter. The book is divided into five sections that 1) give an overview...

Do You Hear What I Hear?: An Unreligious Writer Investigates Religious Calling

by Minna Proctor

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Sacred History and National Identity: Comparisons Between Early Modern Wales and Brittany

by Jason Nice

The late sixteenth century saw a redrawing of the borders of north-west Europe. Wales and Brittany entered into unions with neighboring countries England and France. This book uses Brittany and Wales' responses...

The English Deists: Studies in Early Enlightenment

by Wayne Hudson

Interprets the works of an important group of writers known as 'the English deists'. This title argues that this interpretation reads Romantic conceptions of religious identity into a period in which it was...

Diabolism in Colonial Peru, 1560-1750

by Andrew Redden

Uses a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the transcultural phenomenon of the devil in early modern Peru. This work demonstrates that the interaction between the Christian and the Andean worlds was far...

The Last Pope: Francis and the Fall of the Vatican

by Robert Howells

Nearly a thousand years ago the Archbishop of Armagh, later canonised as St Malachy, made a series of prophecies that were hidden in the Vatican for 400 years. His predictions gave clues to the identities of...

The God Debate: A New Look at History's Oldest Argument

by Gerald Benedict

Between the sublime confidence of both biblical fundamentalists and radical atheists lie various shades of belief, agnosticism, wishful thinking and escapist fantasy. The passion to prove the existence of God...

When Jesus Lived in India: The Quest for the Aquarian Gospel The Mystery of the Missing Years

by Alan Jacobs

There have been many opinions about what happened during the eighteen 'missing' years of Jesus' life. Alan Jacobs presents and evaluates all the material, rendering it accessible for a modern readership, and...

The Gnostics: History, Tradition, Scriptures, Influence

by Andrew Phillip Smith

According to the ancient Gnostics—the early Christians who wrote such controversial texts as the recently discovered Gospel of Judas—we are all capable of gnosis, or direct knowledge of the true reality...

The Song of Solomon and Psalms: Poetry of Divine and Spiritual Love

by Gerald Benedict

This is a wonderful collection of some of the best-known and best-loved poetic texts from the Old Testament, as translated in the King James Bible.

The Principal Upanishads: The Essential Philosophical Foundation of Hinduism

by Alan Jacobs

This is a beautiful translation of the sacred writings of Hinduism, which predate recorded history, and is perhaps the greatest of all the books in the history of world religions.

Tales from Rumi: Essential Selections from the Mathnawi

by E.H. Whinfield

The famed and celebrated Rumi is one of the most widely read Poets in the world today; his sublime poetry has reached heights of legendary popularity in Europe and America. These profound tales are stories of...

The Koran: The Holy Book of Islam with Introduction and Notes

by E.H. Palmer

A wonderful translation of the most important Muslim text, The Koran, The Holy Bible of Islam which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

The Dhammapada: The Essential Teachings of the Buddha

by Max Dr. Muller

Discover the ancient wisdom that has made Buddhism the most popular non-Biblical religion in Europe and North America.

Confessions of St. Augustine: Spiritual Meditations and Divine Insights

by Bishop Pusey

One of the most valued books in Christian literature, St. Augustine of Hippo's Confessions are an intensely revealing picture of the saint's difficult search for the truth. Translated by Bishop Pusey.

Chinese Wisdom: The Way of Perfect Harmony

by Gerald Benedict

This is a compilation of the finest spiritual wisdom from China, covering nearly 5,000 years of masterly insight including the great traditions of Confucianism, Taoism, Zen, Chinese Buddhism and Chinese poetry....

Buddhist Wisdom: The Path to Enlightenment

by Gerald Benedict

Discover the ancient wisdom that has made Buddhism the most popular non-Biblical religion in Europe and North America.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ: The Missing Years

by Levi H. Dowling & Alan Jacobs

What happened to Jesus between the ages of 12 and 30? Where did he go, whom did he meet? How did Jesus increase 'in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man'? The Aquarian Gospel reveals the truth...

The Wisdom of the Buddhist Masters: Common and Uncommon Sense

by Robert Sachs

What does Buddhism have to say about sickness, poverty, and warfare—or social and political action? Would the wisest, most renowned Buddhist teachers go on the record and reveal their thoughts and perspectives...

The Real Messiah: The Throne of St. Mark and the True Origins of Christianity

by Stephan Huller

Highly controversial but impeccably researched, The Real Messiah explodes the myth that Jesus was the long-prophesied Messiah of the Jewish nation. Indeed, it argues that Jesus never claimed that role but thought...