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Riddles of the Fourth Gospel: An Introduction To John

by Prof Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson, a leading scholar of the Fourth Gospel, provides an introductory textbook, crafted for a semester course, which leads students through literary, historical, and theological aspects of the Fourth...

Discipleship DBW Vol 4

by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Freshly translated from the German critical edition, Discipleship provides a more accurate rendering of the text and extensive aids and commentary to clarify the meaning, context, and reception of this work...

Bringing Out Best in People: How To Enjoy Helping Others Excel

by Alan Loy Mcginnis

Alan Loy McGinnis, author of the best-selling book The Friendship Factor, studied the great leaders throughout history, the most effective organization, and many prominent psychologists to discover their motivational...

How God Acts: Creation, Redemption, And Special Divine Action

by Denis Edwards

From providence and miracles to resurrection and intercessory prayer, Edwards shows how a basically noninterventionist model of divine action does justice to the universe as we know and also to central convictions...

Shalom Church: The Body Of Christ As Ministering Community

by Craig Nessan

Craig Nessan’s important new work retrieves biblical metaphors of the body of Christ and, following Dietrich Bonhoeffer, sees church today as “Christ existing as community.” To theological probing Nessan...

Lutheran Handbook: A Field Guide to Church Stuff, Everyday Stuff, and the Bible

by Kristofer Skrade & James Satter

The essential field guide for all things Lutheran. Confirmands – or anyone hiking the trails of life's adventures and challenges – will want to pack this handy illustrated field guide to Lutheran theology...

Theological Education Underground 1937-1940 DBW 15

by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Nearly all in translation for the first time, these documents shed special light on Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s work from the time of his underground seminary teaching, through his sojourn at New York City, and...

The Lutheran Confessions: History and Theology of The Book of Concord

by Charles P. Arand, Robert Kolb & James P. Nestingen

In this important new volume, Arand, Kolb, and Nestingen bring the fruit of an entire generation of scholarship to bear on these documents, making it an essential and up-to-date class text. The Lutheran Confessions...

Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons

by Russell Pregeant

The Bible can be hazardous to one’s health if it is read with faulty expectations. Writing with insight, compassion, and wit, Russell Pregeant shows that reading the Bible “without interpretation” is impossible;...

The Real Jesus: Then and Now

by Geza Vermes

In Searching for the Real Jesus, Geza Vermes, best known for his work on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jesus of history, offers lucid and engaging presentations of his lifelong research, along with comments on...

Standing in the Shoes my Mother Made: A Womanist Theology

by Diana Hayes

Black women in America have carved out a distinctive and instructive faith stance that is influential well beyond the historic black church. Diana L. Hayes, a leading commentator and forger of womanist thought,...

Book that Breathes New Life

by Walter Brueggemann

The purpose of this collection of Brueggemann's essays is to bring to the fore a much more extensive critical engagement on his part with the current discussion about the Old Testament, its character, its authority,...

Systematic Theology: Roman Catholic Perspectives

by Francis Fiorenza

Unique among contemporary resources, the landmark Systematic Theology and its distinguished contributors present the major areas or loci of Roman Catholic theology in light of contemporary developments—especially...

On the Mystery: Discerning Divinity In Process

by Catherine Keller

With immediate impact and deep creativity, Catherine Keller offers this brief and unconventional introduction to theological thinking, especially as recast by process thought. Keller takes up theology itself...

Biblical Theology of OT and NT: Theological Reflection of the Christian Bible

by Brevard S. Childs

This monumental work is the first comprehensive biblical theology to appear in many years and is the culmination of Brevard Child's lifelong commitment to constructing a biblical theology that surmounts objections...

Sun of Righteousness Arise: God's Future For Humanity And The Earth

by Jürgen Moltmann

Moltmann attempts to bring together the biblical, historical, and theological elements of a new integrated Christian vision of the world, especially in light of our contemporary understandings of nature and...

Proclamation and Celebration: Preaching on Christmas, Easter, and Other Festivals

by Susan K. Hedahl

Preaching the Principal Festivals focuses homiletically on the six primary theological festivals of the church year, sometimes described as the principal festivals: Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost,...

Rethinking Faith: A Constructive Practical Theology

by James Poling

If you’ve wondered how you can integrate your personal experiences, both positive and negative, into your understanding of Christian faith, Rethinking Faith shows you how this might be done. James Poling couples...

Being Well When We are Ill: Wholeness And Hope In Spite Of Infirmity

by Marva J. Dawn

Marva Dawn has an insider's view of the many spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical difficulties encountered by people with chronic illness and disabilities. She knows from experience how to...

Beyond Maintenance to Mission: A Theology Of The Congregation

by Craig Nessan

Visionary yet practical, Nessan’s influential book makes a persuasive case for the centrality of mission in the life of the church. Nessan’s model of mission-driven leadership is strongly centered on the...