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Faith and Philosophical Analysis: The Impact of Analytical Philosophy on the Philosophy of Religion

by Harriet A. Harris & Christopher J. Insole

Analytical philosophy has dominated the philosophy of religion for at least half a century. Its impact is relished by some and regretted by others, but rarely openly discussed. This is the first ever volume...

Pain, Pleasure and Perversity: Discourses of Suffering in Seventeenth-Century England

by John R. Yamamoto-Wilson

Luther's 95 Theses begin and end with the concept of suffering, and the question of why a benevolent God allows his creations to suffer remains one of the central issues of religious thought. In order to chart...

Military Chaplaincy in Contention: Chaplains, Churches and the Morality of Conflict

by Andrew Todd

Through the unique chaplain's eye view of the significance of their experience for understanding the ethics of war, this book offers clearer understanding of chaplaincy in the context of the changing nature...

Wide Awake Worship: Hymns & Prayers Rene

by John Henson

Some of the most honoured prayers reset in genuine contemporary language and over fifty classic hymns of former centuries presented in new guise.

How to Prepare Bible Messages

by James Braga

Give Your Best Sermon Ever—Every Time

Newly edited for today’s readers, this time-tested book combines recognized public speaking techniques with proven theories of preaching to equip you for the pulpit....

Chasing Superwoman: A Working Mom's Adventures in Life and Faith

by Susan DiMickele

A funny, intelligent, relevant exploration of living out your faith while juggling home and career.

God Revised

by Galen Guengerich

Over the past few decades, the ever-expanding scientific knowledge of the universe and the human condition, combined with the evolution from religion-based to personal morality, has led to a mass crisis of faith.  Leaders...

Jesus Changes Everything: It's Time to Embrace God's Unconditional Love

by Bob George

Bob George, bestselling author of Classic Christianity, shows readers how grace changes everything because of one often-ignored foundation of the faith-the New Covenant. Many Christians feel anything but new....

Why Can't We Just Get Along?: 6 Effective Skills for Dealing with Difficult People

by Shelley Hendrix

Every woman suffers from relationships that seem broken and past the point of salvaging. Why Can't We All Just Get Along? provides a warm, friendly, and candid resource for women to look honestly at relationship...

You Saved Me, Too: What a Holocaust Survivor Taught Me about Living, Dying, Fighting, Loving, and Swearing in Yiddish

by Susan Kushner Resnick & Martell Agency

Aron Lieb approached Sue Resnick at a Jewish Community Center fifteen years ago and found a companion and soul mate who was steadfastly by his side for the rest of his life. You Saved Me, Too is the incredible...

Conversations with Scripture: The Book of Judges

by Roy L. Heller

Sunday School curriculum or an irredeemably violent book? Throughout its history Judges has both entertained and appalled readers-some read it as a series of simple stories about faithfulness and some as a brutal...

Conversations with Scripture: The Book of Daniel

by Edmond F. Desueza

Daniel was written during a time when God's people were struggling to discern how to remain faithful, even as their lives were dominated by the political and cultural forces of the Empire. Daniel's central themes...

Walking Home: From Eden to Emmaus

by Margaret Guenther

An ideal book for reading groups during Lent. The spiritual life is oftentimes about putting one foot in front of another, always on the way, never home, until crossing another new threshold. However, the point...

Simpler Living, Compassionate Life: A Christian Perspective

by Michael Schut & Bill Mckibben

Editor Michael Schut presents a rare collection of voices - Henri Nouwen, Cecile Andrews, Richard Foster and others - as they explore our use of money, the practice of simplicity, listening to our lives, widening...

Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of Mark

by Marcus J. Borg

Most Christians are familiar with Mark's gospel - from the fishermen leaving their nets, to the miracle of the loaves and fishes, to the political rumblings, to the crucifixion. But for noted Jesus scholar Marcus...

Keeping in Tune with God: Listening Hearts Discernment for Clergy

by Suzanne G. Farnham

This book is an essential resource for clergy and the people who love, work with, and care about them. Based on the tested wisdom of Listening Hearts discernment, the book provides clergy with encouraging words...

Christian Cell Phone God's Favor

by Grace Dola, None, None Balogun & Lisa, None, None Hainline

The Cross of Christ is the cross of salvation to the world. God gave His Son for us and gave us eternal in heaven

Tweet If You [Heart] Jesus: Practicing Church in the Digital Reformation

by Elizabeth Drescher

A timely resource dealing with communication, leadership and community formation in the age of digital social media.

Historical Dictionary of Buddhism

by Carl Olson

The Historical Dictionary of Buddhism covers and clarifies Buddhist concepts, significant figures, movements, schools, places, activities, and periods. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay,...

Luke the Priest: The Authority of the Author of the Third Gospel

by Rick Strelan

This book focuses on the authority and status of the author of Luke-Acts. What authority did he have to write a Gospel, to interpret the Jewish Scriptures and traditions of Israel, to interpret the Jesus traditions,...