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Non-Dualism in Eckhart, Julian of Norwich and Traherne,: A Theopoetic Reflection

by Charlton James

The words ’me,’ ’mine,’ ’you,’ ’yours,’ can mislead us into feeling separate from other people. This book is an exhilarating contribution to the spirituality of non-duality or non-separation. Meister...

When God Breaks Your Heart: Choosing Hope in the Midst of Faith-Shattering Circumstances

by Ed Underwood

Struck by a tragic disease, pastor Ed Underwood struggles to reconcile his suffering with a loving God, and discovers fresh hope through the story of Lazarus.

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Acts: Put Your Faith Where the Action Is

by Warren W. Wiersbe

The study explores the power of God’s Spirit, and how that power can impact our lives today.


Soul Custody: Choosing to Care for the One and Only You

by Stephen W. Smith

Soul Custody calls readers to pay attention to the state of their soul—and free it to thrive.

Buddhism and Postmodernity: Zen, Huayan, and the Possibility of Buddhist Postmodern Ethics

by Jin Y. Park

Through a close analysis of Zen encounter dialogues (gong'ans) and Huayan Buddhist philosophy, Buddhism and Postmodernity offers a new ethical paradigm for Buddhist-postmodern philosophy.

Pippa's Progress: A Pilgrim's Journey to Heaven

by Simon Parke

This witty and insightful modern-day re-telling of Pilgrim's Progress follows the original's premise of a pilgrim's journey to heaven, but this time through the trials and temptations of our secularised, postmodern...

Keeping Faith in the Team: The Chaplain's Story

by Stuart Wood

Stuart Wood has one of Christianity's more unusual jobs - in addition to being the minister of a small Baptist church to the North of the city, he is official chaplain to Cambridge United FC. In this book, Stuart...

By Faith and Reason: The Essential Keith Ward

by Roberto Sirvent & Wm Curtis M Holtzen

This reader offers a distillation of Ward's most incisive pieces collected together for the first time. It will be an invaluable resource for students of philosophy of religion, apologetics, contemporary theology,...

Apocalypse When?: Why We Want to Believe There Will Be No Tomorrow

by Ted Harrison

In Apocalypse When? Ted Harrison asks why it is that we are so determined to forecast The End. Why do many people prefer to think of the world ending in a single dramatic event than simply fading away over millions...

The Apocalypse of Ahmadinejad: The Revelation of Iran's Nuclear Prophet

by Mark Hitchcock

He stands only 5-foot-4 and smiles incessantly. But behind that charismatic persona beats the heart of a genocidal terrorist.

Meet the World’s Most Dangerous Man

In his provocative, well-researched exposé of...

The Tao Te Ching: A New Approach Backward Down the Path

by Jerry O'Dalton

A practical guide to the mystical and a mystical guide to the practical, this book results from a painstaking comparison of thirty editions of the Tao Te Ching. The chapters of the ancient original work, synthesized...

The Baha'i Faith: A Guide for the Perplexed

by Robert H Stockman

Founded by Bah�'u'llah in Iran in the 19th century, the Bah�'� Faith is one of the youngest of the world's major religions. Though it has over 5 million followers worldwide, it is still little understood...

Confucius: A Guide for the Perplexed

by Yong, Prof. Huang

Of the three main teachings in Chinese culture, Confucianism has exerted the most profound and lasting influence in China.While Confucianism (a term coined by Westerners) refers to a tradition (Ruism) that predated...

The Quintessential Porcine History of Philosophy and Religion

by James TAYLOR

Laugh out loud with this richly illustrated, tongue-in-cheek approach to the history of philosophy and religion.

Creating Holy Spaces: Worship Visuals for the Revised Common Lectionary

by Karen Appleby & Delia Halverson

Worship should be about more than just your ears. Worship means more when we're experiencing more than simply the spoken, read, and sung word. That's why Delia Halverson and Karen Appleby have written Creating...

Do Jews, Christians, and Muslims Worship the Same God?

by Jacob Neusner, Vincent J. Cornell & Bruce D. Chilton

Most Jews, Muslims, and Christians are devoted and faithful. Still, on any given day, it's difficult to avoid the vigorous and heated disputes between them, whether over the "Ground Zero" mosque, lobbying state...

The One Year Worship the King Devotional: 365 Daily Bible Readings to Inspire Praise

by Chris Tiegreen

Thoughtful and insightful, Chris Tiegreen has helped thousands of readers know God more intimately through his writing. In The One Year Worship the King Devotional, he explores a crucial question for Christians:...

Grace in the Maybe: Instructions on Not Knowing Everything About God

by Katie Savage

In Whirlybirds and Ordinary Times author Katie Savage beckons you to join her as she embraces the mystery of faith and gently eases into the sometimes turbulent waters of contemplative exploration. She writes...

Defending Inerrancy: Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation

by Norman Geisler & Bill Roach

Bestselling apologist and former student introduce and defend the traditional evangelical interpretation of biblical inerrancy for a new generation.

Are We There Yet? Surviving the Wilderness

by S. G. Riddle

Please change Authors Bio to:Gail Riddle (S.G. Riddle) has always had a love of writing, but this book was born out of a curious question and her fascination with how the Old Testament and the New Testament...