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31 Facts About Wisdom

by Mike Murdock

This Power-Packed Devotional Focuses On What God Says About The Rewards of Wisdom. This ideal Daily Devotional will enlighten you on subjects about how...Wisdom Creates Joy, Happiness and Peace / The Wisdom...

How To Turn Your Mistakes Into Miracles

by Mike Murdock

Now, You Too Can Practice The 15 Steps On Turning Your Mistakes Into Miracles. Accepting Your Humility / Assigning Responsibility / Developing A Winner's Mentality, plus much more! Take the Keys from these pages...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 3

by Mike Murdock

In 7 Days, You Could Learn The Secrets That Could Make Your Life Easier Than It Has Ever Been Before. 10 Advantages of The Use of Office Equipment Versus People / 6 Instructions You Should Give Your Staff /...

The Greatest Success Habit On Earth

by Mike Murdock

This Pocket Book Has Revolutionized The Lives of Thousands. It probes the practical methods of effective Bible reading. You will learn that as you make reading the Word of God a practice of your daily life,...

Born To Taste The Grapes

by Mike Murdock

If You Are Seriously Interested In Understanding Your Gifts, Talents And Abilities, The Pages of This Book Reveal The Dynamic Truths That Fuel The Life of An Overcomer. Such As...11 Benefits From God / 7 Gates...

The Assignment Vol.4: The Pain & The Passion

by Mike Murdock

Everything You Need To Triumph In Life. Apply the powerful truths contained in this book. 5 Rules For Relationships / 6 Facts About The Force of Compassion / 13 Facts About Servanthood / 25 Powerful Facts About...

The Sex Trap

by Mike Murdock

Some Straight Talk About Sex. This book tackles some of the difficulties associated with sex. The Key is understanding how we as humans are made. You will discover...There Is A Way Out of The Sex Trap / Understanding...

101 Wisdom Keys

by Mike Murdock

A Breakthrough Revelation On The Most Popular Wisdom Keys Addressing Every Aspect of Life. Life-changing Keys including...What Attracts Others Toward You / The Only Two Reasons People Are Remembered / Why Some...

Seeds of Wisdom On Obedience

by Mike Murdock

Uncover The Mystery Concerning Living An Obedient Life. Teachings include topics on...The Rewards of Obedience / Learning To Listen / Commanding Sickness To Leave / Getting To Know God's Voice. Your life will...

Ten Lies People Believe About Money

by Mike Murdock

The Real Truth About Money. This exciting book explodes the myths about prosperity and addresses some of the lies that tend to blind us. The Truths revealed in this book will help you become a winner in the...

Five Steps Out Of Depression

by Mike Murdock

Do You Lay Awake At Night Battling Hopelessness? There is a way of escape out of depression. In this informative book you will find 5 Steps to Recovery which include...How To Take Immediate Action / Understanding...

The Uncommon Wife

by Mike Murdock

The Uncommon Wisdom In This Book Will Forever Change Your Life, Your Heart And The Circumstances You Are Experiencing. You will be encouraged in your Divine Assignment on earth. Discover the powerful part the...

Seven Obstacles To Abundant Success

by Mike Murdock

In 7 Days, You Can Be On Your Way To Abundant Success. This book examines and reveals the 7 Most Common Obstacles. Here are just a few of the many secrets you will discover in this life-changing book...The Obstacle...

Seeds of Wisdom on Prosperity

by Mike Murdock

Wouldn't You Like To Receive Prosperity In Every Area of Your Life? Daily Scriptures and teachings on subjects such as: Discovering Your Real Source / Wasting Time / Staying Healthy / Pursuing Wisdom / Will...

Finding Your Purpose In Life

by Mike Murdock

No More Endless Searching...This Book Will Turn Your Life Around By Discovering God's Divine Purpose And Calling For Your Life. Learn 6 Steps to achieving: The Path To Fulfillment / Obedience Is The Golden Link...

Enjoying The Winning Life

by Mike Murdock

This Book Takes The Mystery Out of Winning! Recognize and Implement 4 Critical Steps To Living A Winning Life / The Heart of A Champion / The Mind of A Winner / The Spirit of A Conqueror. You have the power...

The Making of A Champion

by Mike Murdock

This Treasury of Powerful Wisdom Principles Will Inspire You To Overcome Mediocrity And Pursue Excellence In Every Area of Your Life. Discover The Keys To Breaking Old Patterns / Unlock Your God-Given Potential...

The Assignment Vol.2: The Anointing & The Adversity

by Mike Murdock

Did You Ever Ask Yourself How You Could Be Victorious Over Adversity? This book will arm you with 31 more Wisdom Keys that will make you victorious over adversity by the power of The Holy Spirit. You will learn...8...

Wisdom For Winning

by Mike Murdock

This Best-Selling Handbook Is A Gold Mine No One Should Be Without. Your family will be challenged by exciting topics such as...7 Keys To Having Your Prayers Answered / 20 Keys To Improving Your Marriage / 10...

The Uncommon Minister Manual

by Mike Murdock

Discover Practical Keys To Increase The Excellence And Productivity of Your Ministry In This Concise Handbook. This handbook answers so many of the questions that arise for those involved in church leadership....