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The Armenians in the Medieval Islamic World: Armenian Realpolitik in the Islamic World and Diverging ParadigmsCase of Cilicia Eleventh to Fourteenth C

by Seta B. Dadoyan

In the second volume, Seta B. Dadoyan explores the Armenian condition from the 970s to the end of the fourteenth century. This period marked the gradual loss of semi-autonomy on the traditional mainland and...

Shared Governance: The Polity of the Episcopal Church

by Special Study Committee on Church Govern

The most comprehensive survey of church governance in the Episcopal Church. Ten essays on all aspects of church governance, focusing in particular on the national level, by prominent experts on the polity of...

I Am That Child: Changing Hearts and Changing the World

by Elizabeth Rankin Geitz

Geitz welcomes readers to join her pilgrimage to an orphanage in Cameroon, sharing both humorous and gut-wrenching wisdom from leaders and children who struggle against AIDS, global poverty and sexism. Along...

Your Faith, Your Life: An Invitation to the Episcopal Church

by Jenifer Gamber & Bill Lewellis

This 'everything-you-need-to-know' guide for newcomers to the Episcopal Church works through the language of worship, theology, structure, and sacraments, giving newcomers the vocabulary and framework to share...

Welcome to the Bible

by Vicki K. Black

New Episcopalians may be nervous about opening the Bible; others simply don't know how to begin. An often-overlooked gift of the Episcopal Church is that the texts and doctrines of the Bible are embedded in...

Welcome to the Book of Common Prayer

by Vicki K. Black

In this guide for newcomers as well as lifelong Episcopalians, author Vicki Black helps readers navigate the currents of Anglican liturgy and discover its richness and beauty.

Welcome to the Church Year: An Introduction to the Seabury Bookssons of the Episcopal Church

by Vicki K. Black

From birthday cakes and anniversary dinners to summer vacations at the beach, each family has its own ways of marking the days and seasons of its life. For the Christian family-especially Episcopalians-it's...

Wisdom from the Middle Ages for Middle-Aged Women

by Lisa B. Hamilton

Medieval mystics have much wisdom to offer contemporary middle-aged women grappling with empty nests, evolving careers and relationships, spiritual growth, and physical issues.

Seasons of a Woman's Life

by Lois Evans

Are you afraid that . .  you'll never reach the end of dirty diapers? You'll never be free of carpool duty? Your teenager's rebellion will never end? The empty nest is just a little too empty?

Fear not, seasons...

Empowering Bernard Lonergan's Legacy: Toward Implementing an Ethos for Inquiry and a Global Ethics

by John Raymaker

Raymaker offers an interdisciplinary approach to Bernard Lonergan’s work. He presents a series of five “feedback matrices” to situate his work within a historical context. One can best empower Lonergan’s...

The Great CoMission: Making Sense of Making Disciples

by Brooks St. Clair Morton

This book presupposes that pastors and seminarians deeply desire to answer the question of all questions: how do I make disciples of Jesus Christ? The Great CoMission is a practical guide that will be helpful...

Missionary Impositions: Conversion, Resistance, and other Challenges to Objectivity in Religious Ethnography

by Hillary K. Crane & Deana Weibel

The essays composed in this book encompass ethnographic fieldwork in Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and other populations, addressing such topics as the fluidity of the anthropologist's own religious identity,...

Reinhold Niebuhr's Paradox: Paralysis, Violence, and Pragmatism

by Daniel Malotky

We are caught between tendencies toward moral paralysis and postures of violence, with their intellectual birthing grounds reflected even among those who consciously seek to avoid them. Reinhold Niebuhr’s...

Comfortable Words: Polity, Piety and the Book of common Prayer

by Stephen Platten & Christopher Woods

Leading historical and liturgical scholars reflect on the history and impact of Book of Common Prayer, the most important liturgical text in English.

Seven-Mile Miracle Participant's Guide: Experience the Last Words of Christ As Never Before

by Steven Furtick

Experience the power and meaning of the last words of Christ with your family, your small group, or in your personal devotions


Filmed in the Holy Land!

In this seven-session, video-based study, pastor Steven...

My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir

by Colleen Carroll Campbell

A poignant and powerful spiritual memoir about how the lives of the saints changed the life of a modern woman.

In My Sisters the Saints, author Colleen Carroll Campbell blends her personal narrative of spiritual...


by Vinita Hampton Wright

What Do We Really Know About Angels?

What--or who--are angels? Where did they come from, and what is their purpose? What is their relationship to us as human beings?

This studyguide explores the numerous Bible...

Galatians, Titus & Philemon: Freedom in Christ

by Whitney Kuniholm

Paul wrote Galatians to defend the gospel - the Good News that we are saved by faith alone. Titus enforces this truth - we have been saved not because of good deeds, but to do good deeds. And Philemon continues...

Ezra & Nehemiah: Rebuilding Lives of Faith

by James Reapsome

Ezra and Nehemiah were both needed to fulfill God’s plan. From their dramatic stories readers learn lessons about spiritual leadership, prayer, courage, and obedience.

Little House on the Freeway: Help for the Hurried Home

by Tim Kimmel

More than 300,000 copies in print! Enjoy learning how to maintain true priorities and restore calmness to marriage, family life, your relationship with God, and the workplace. Includes individual/group study...