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7 Rituals of Honor That Guarantee The Favor of God

by Mike Murdock

Wisdom Is The Ability To Discern Difference. Honor Is The Willingness To Celebrate And Reward Difference. If You Succeed...It Will Be Because of Someone You Chose To Honor. If You Fail...It Will Be Because of...

365 Wisdom Keys of Mike Murdock

by Mike Murdock book containing 365 Wisdom Keys of Dr. Mike Murdock. Also includes 365 Special Scriptures for your personal memorization program, as well as The Following Study guides:

1. 31 Facts You Should Know...

Seeds of Wisdom on Enemies  Vol.22

by Mike Murdock

Some Straight Talk About Recognizing Your Enemies. Through the Master Secrets of Wisdom in this book discover how to recognize and overcome the enemies of...Your Prosperity / Your Assignment / Your Time / 5...

Seeds of Wisdom On Miracles

by Mike Murdock

Change Every Aspect of Your Life! This Book Will Unleash Your Potential, Unlock Your Creativity and Energize You Daily. Learn 31 Faith-Building Keys On Receiving Your Miracle / Accept The Unexplainable / Visualize...

7 Hidden Ingredients In Every Miracle

by Mike Murdock

Long Description:

You Must Need A Miracle From God Before You Will Experience One. You cannot receive from God until you reach. This book takes you through seven steps in learning how to reach and receive the...

How To Double Your Productivity

by Mike Murdock

In 7 Days, You Can Be On Your Way To Uncommon Productivity. This book reveals the 7 Steps to Achieving your Goals. Here are just a few of the many secrets you will discover in this life-changing book...11 Facts...

Four Forces That Guarantee Career Success

by Mike Murdock

This Informative Book Skillfully Addresses A Major Factor In Your Personal Happiness. Analyze and Review Your Present Job / Your Gifts and Talents / A 7-Question Career Analysis offers practical steps for finding...

Seeds of Wisdom On Overcoming

by Mike Murdock

Everything You Have Always Wanted To Know About Mastering Life! Glean from the daily teachings of this book such as...Recognizing Your Deliverer / Remembering The Crown of Life / Remembering You Are Royalty....

31 Secrets of An Unforgettable Woman

by Mike Murdock

This Study Will Give You A Whole New Perspective. Learn The 31 Wisdom Secrets from the life story of Ruth, a woman memorialized for her persistence, teachable spirit and pursuit of intimacy. Discover how these...

Dream Seeds

by Mike Murdock

God Begins Every Miracle In Your Life With A Seed-Picture-The Invisible Idea That Gives Birth To A Visible Blessing. In this teaching, you will discover how to concentrate on watering and nurturing the growth...

The Greatest Day of My Life

by Mike Murdock

Uncover The Mystery Concerning The Holy Spirit. The only Person you are capable of satisfying! He is the only Person you are required to obey your entire lifetime. Changes Will Occur In Your Life As You Make...

The Proverbs 31 Woman

by Mike Murdock

If You Are Seriously Interested In Becoming The "Uncommon Woman," This Book Unlocks Her Secrets And Examines The Qualities That Make Her So Remarkable. Whoever Trusts Her Is Safe / She Requires Pursuit / She...

The Assignment, Vol. 1: The Dream & The Destiny

by Mike Murdock

31 Reasons Why You Should Get Out of Where You Are And Get To Where God Intends You To Be. You will discover: 4 Rewards of Pain / 12 Keys That Unlock The Flow of Miracles / Your Assignment Is Geographical......

The Unhurried Life

by Mike Murdock

Your Life Does Not Have To Be Chaotic. The purpose of time-management is not only productivity... but a life of peace. In our race to achieve, we can miss the treasures that God has hidden in our present....

The 3 Most Important Things In Your Life

by Mike Murdock

No Student of Success Should Be Without This Book. If you are seriously interested in succeeding, you need this book! The Holy Spirit / The Assignment / The Seed / 17 Facts About The Holy Spirit / 7 Secrets...

The Holy Spirit Handbook

by Mike Murdock

This Is The Book You Have Been Waiting For. Learn The Life-Changing Facts About Your Daily Companion, The Person of The Holy Spirit / His Greatest Weapon / 3 Ways He Speaks To You. This Book Could Be The Turning...

The Leadership Secrets of Jesus

by Mike Murdock

Possibly The Greatest Leadership Book Ever Written-Powerful "Leadership Secrets" That Build True, Lasting Achievement. Included are...5 Power Keys For Effective Delegation / The Secret of Handling Rejection...

Wisdom - God's Golden Key To Success

by Mike Murdock

Wouldn't You Like To Be Propelled Into The Abundant Life? You will soon learn...3 Reasons Why God Delights In Your Success / The Power of Understanding / Wisdom Defined and many more topics. A Fascinating Concept...

Unstoppable Passion

by Mike Murdock

Long description:

You Will Never Have Significant Success With Anything Until It Becomes An Obsession With You. Uncommon Success is always accompanied by Uncommon Passion and, completing your Assignment on earth...

The Uncommon Achiever

by Mike Murdock

If You Are Really Interested In Becoming Successful, This Book Will Challenge You To Break Old Habits And Develop New Ones To Unlock Your God-Given Potential. Dr. Murdock reveals the Wisdom Keys for developing...