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Jesus among Friends and Enemies: A Historical and Literary Introduction to Jesus in the Gospels

by Chris Keith & Larry W. Hurtado

This unique textbook surveys the characters in the Gospel narratives to offer a fresh alternative to standard introductions to Jesus.

Dream: Discovering God's Purpose for Your Life

by Dutch Sheets

Bestselling author helps readers recognize and live out God's dream for them, making their lives count for him and giving them meaning and fulfillment.

A Handbook of New Testament Exegesis

by Craig L. Blomberg & Jennifer Foutz Markley

This accessible handbook provides sound guidance on how to study the New Testament in depth, offering a step-by-step approach to the exegetical task.

Jesus Speaks to Teens

by Baker Publishing Group

A devotional with teen appeal based on Jesus' words from the Gospels with deep application for youth today.

Moments of Peace from the Psalms

by Baker Publishing Group

Beautiful, full-color book of Scripture and devotional readings based on the Psalms, over 250,000 sold in the series!

Jesus the Jewish Theologian

by Brad H. Young

Establishes Jesus firmly within the context of first-century Judaism and shows how understanding Jesus' Jewishness is crucial for interpreting the New Testament and for understanding the nature of Christian...

ReJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church

by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch

Shows how rediscovering Jesus as the wild and radical revolutionary we meet in the Gospels can renew our discipleship, the Christian community, and the ongoing mission of the church.

Jeroboam's Wife: The Enduring Contributions of the Old Testament's Least-Known Women

by Robin Gallaher Branch

Much has been written about prominent women of biblical history like Sarah, Ruth, and Esther. However, relatively little attention has been paid to the obscure women of the Old Testament whose words are not...

First Corinthians

by George T. Montague

This Catholic commentary on First Corinthians interprets Scripture from within the living tradition of the Church for pastoral ministers and lay readers alike.

Where Mortals Dwell: A Christian View of Place for Today

by Craig G. Bartholomew

Provides a biblical, theological, and philosophical grounding for the significance of place and articulates a hopeful Christian vision of placemaking for today's world.

Planting Churches in Muslim Cities: A Team Approach

by Gregory Livingstone

A blueprint for church planting in Muslim cities anywhere in the world that is biblical and culturally appropriate. The experiences of 100 missionaries provide a guide to evangelizing and discipling.

The Christian Educator's Handbook on Adult Education

by Kenneth O. Gangel & James C. Wilhoit

Get historical insight and practical help for your adult Christian education needs.

Almighty over All: Understanding the Sovereignty of God

by R. C. Jr. Sproul

Christians desiring a better understanding of God's sovereignty will learn about the implications of God's strength and how it relates to this life and the life to come.

Oneness Pentecostals and the Trinity

by Gregory Boyd

What's special about Oneness Pentecostals?

In this penetrating analysis of Oneness theology and practice, Gregory Boyd reveals the experience of four years of personal involvement in a Oneness church.


Christian Teachers in Public Schools: A Guide for Teachers, Administrators, and Parents

by Julia K. Stronks & Gloria Goris Stronks

A guide for Christians teaching in public schools to (1) bring their faith to bear on their work and (2) understand the legal issues governing religion and public schools.

Mary--Another Redeemer?

by James R. White

What every reader needs to know about the controversial movement to name Mary as Co-Redeemer with Christ.

Celebrating Marriage: The Spiritual Wedding of the Believer

by T. D. Jakes

This book covers the spiritual wedding of the believer, helping Christians discover the rich themes in the book of Ephesians. The studies are practical, challenging, and revealing, and will empower readers to...

Global Church Planting: Biblical Principles and Best Practices for Multiplication

by Craig Ott & Gene Wilson

Two cross-cultural experts combine substantive theological, historical, and biblical foundations for church planting with practical guidance in this up-to-date textbook.

So You Call Yourself a Man?: A Devotional for Ordinary Men with Extraordinary Potential

by T. D. Jakes

60 devotional readings challenging men to be free, powerful, and filled with purpose; instruments of love and reconciliation.

Loose That Man and Let Him Go! with Workbook

by T. D. Jakes

This book offers clarity, healing, and restoration to a generation of men confused about their God-given purpose. Includes an easy-to-use workbook.