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16 Facts About The Presence Of God

by Mike Murdock

7 God Is Not A Presence...He Is A Person With A Presence. His Presence Is Evidence of His Person. You Will Learn:

Your Focus Is Corrected In The Presence of God

The Presence of God Is Critical To Your Spiritual...

The Tweeter's Handbook

by Mike Murdock

Life is full of exciting firsts!

This is the first volume of The Tweeter's Handbook. These books will be filled with many of the "Tweets" from my "Twitter" account... I never know when the Holy Spirit will bring...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 6

by Mike Murdock

Now You Can Learn Answers To Questions On Life's Journey! 15 Health Keys / 7 Facts You Should Know When Listening To Others / 4 Benefits of Becoming An Expert on The Word of God. Order This Book of Solutions...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 5

by Mike Murdock

Wake Up The Greatness Within You! Answer life's questions regarding topics such as...8 Keys To Remember When A Relationship Is Ending / 3 Things To Do During A Crisis / 40 Facts About Your Weaknesses. The Secrets...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 4

by Mike Murdock

This Powerful Study Will Shelter You From Some of Life's Heartaches. Secrets that can stop a hundred heartaches in your life and bring you a thousand days of joy / 10 Consequences For Not Knowing The Word of...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 2

by Mike Murdock

If You Are Seriously Interested In Answers. Discover That A Simple Statement Can Answer A Hundred Questions / How To Create A Perfect Day / 20 Facts About Favor / 6 Thoughts on Dreams and Goals / 8 Key Reminders...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 1

by Mike Murdock

A 7-Day Mentorship Program. Will give you a whole new perspective...Sometimes The Smallest Key Unlocks The Greatest Treasure. 9 Reasons Not To Make Decisions When You Are Tired / Treasuring Your Mentor / Improving...

7 Decisions that Decide Your Success In Life

by Mike Murdock

Nothing would bring more comfort than to think everything that happens was planned by God. However, this philosophy removes the burden of Decision-Making from you and me, making God responsible. The fact remains...

7 Laws You Must Honor To Have Uncommon Success

by Mike Murdock

Experience With God Creates A Different Reward Than The Laws of God. Every Law Contains A Different Reward. Your Love For God Does Not Guarantee A Productive Life. In This Fascinating Study, Dr. Mike Murdock...

Wisdom Keys For A Powerful Prayer Life

by Mike Murdock

This Book Could Be The Key To Your Miracle. It teaches the powerful benefits of effective praying and the arrogance of prayerlessness. The marvelous subjects in this book such as...Why We Should Pray / 5 Hindrances...

The Mentor's Manna On Adversity

by Mike Murdock

You will learn that...Adversity, Conflict And Struggle Are Proofs of An Enemy. The Book of Answers. Discover the 4 Weapons you must use during Adversity and gain the courage to overcome any adversary. A Fascinating...

Mentor's Manna On Attitude

by Mike Murdock

Discover The Powerful Secrets That Will Unlock The Treasures of Life. You will study 49 facts about Attitude including...Your Attitude Is More Powerful Than Your Gifts And Talents. Discover 4 Keys That Can Correct...

Greed, Gold And Giving

by Mike Murdock

This Study Will Give You A Whole New Perspective. Understand...The Purpose of Money / Defining Greed In The Christian / The Delivering Power of Giving / Mixing Faith With Your Giving, and much more. The Secret...

The Mentor's Manna On The Secret Place

by Mike Murdock

Have You Ever Thought About Establishing A Personal Prayer Room? Discover these life-changing facts...30 Important Facts You Should Know About Places / 15 Keys To Entering The Secret Place / What Is Not Included...

The Mentor's Manna On Assignment

by Mike Murdock

You Will Never Again Have To Worry About What Your Assignment Is. Through the teachings in these 35 Wisdom Keys you will unlock your Assignment...What You Love Is A Clue To Your Assignment / Your Assignment...

Mentor's Manna On Abilities

by Mike Murdock

Did You Ever Ask Yourself, "What is my Dominant Skill?" In this powerful book you will discover the secrets that will unlock the treasures of life. Discover 38 aspects of your abilities such as...Awareness /...

Seeds of Wisdom on Faith Talk

by Mike Murdock

This Book Could Determine The Future of Your Family. An excellent Daily Devotional to share with your family on living a faith-filled life. Includes 31-Days of Scripture readings and Seeds of Wisdom such as...Making...

Seeds of Wisdom On Seed-Faith

by Mike Murdock

The Best-Kept Secrets In This Book Will Be A Constant Reminder That The Wisdom of God Is Flowing Through You...Daily! Learn to respect the Law of Sowing and Reaping / Your Hundred-Fold Return / Naming Your Seed...

Seeds of Wisdom on Prayer

by Mike Murdock

How Many Times Have You Said To Yourself, "How do I pray about this circumstance?" This Wisdom Book on Prayer will give you the faith to overcome every circumstance you are facing today! Learn...How To Express...

Seeds of Wisdom On Warfare

by Mike Murdock

Now You Can Be Victorious In Warfare! Wisdom teachings include...Pinpointing Problem People / Seeing Your Battle As A Gate To Promotion / Refusing To Panic / Staying Focused and much more! A Compelling Book...