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Developing Faithful Ministers: A Theological and Practical Handbook

by Tim Ling

Developing Faithful Ministers aims to support the work of all those involved in supervision and training relationships within the Church. The Church recognising its call to serve God and the nation seeks to...

Worship that Cares: An Introduction to Pastoral Liturgy

by Mark Earey

An introduction to the principles and skills of pastoral liturgy. Inter-denominational, this text can be used across different Christian traditions, in both formal and informal contexts and to meet traditional...

Theological Reflection for Human Flourishing: Pastoral Practice and Political Theology

by Helen Cameron

This book is aimed at those training for ministry, those in ministry and lay people wishing to reflect upon their work. It seeks to enable those in pastoral ministry to reflect upon their institutional encounters...

Called to Love: Discernment, Decision Making and Ministry

by Raymond Tomkinson

Life comprises a series of transitions: from childhood to adolescence, adulthood, senescence, death and life beyond death. Christian life is graced by transition into Christlikeness which requires us to make...

Living Holiness: Stanley Hauerwas and the Church

by Michael Thomson

Stanley Hauerwas, was declared by "Time Magazine" in 2001 to be 'America's best theologian'. This book explores his work on the Church as a community living holiness. It offers an accessible introduction to...

Christian History: An Introductiom to the Western Tradition

by Diarmaid MacCulloch

First published in 1987, this book has been a primer for theological college students, undergraduates, lay readers and all interested in the history and development of Christianity. Now published in a new and...

Joining in with the Spirit: Connecting World Church and Local Mission

by Kirsteen Kim

Presents an introduction to mission studies - the history, theology and issues of mission. This book also offers a theological framework for mission, which applies both globally and locally, to help the reader...

The Reflective Disciple: Learning to Live as Faithful Followers of Jesus in the Twenty-First Century

by Roger Walton

Helps readers to explore the concept of discipleship beginning with the New Testament, and through examining snapshots of various patterns of discipleship as well as reflecting on discipleship in our contemporary...

Paul for Today: New Perspectives on a Controversial Apostle

by Neil G. Richardson

Neil Richardson invites readers who struggle to engage with Paul's writings to take a fresh look and to rediscover the relevance of one of Christianity's most maligned writers for today's Church. Written in...

Fresh!: An Introduction to Fresh Expressions of Church and Pioneer Ministry

by David Goodhew

Fresh ! offers a strong rationale for fresh expressions and pioneer ministries rooted in scripture and in the breath of the Christian tradition. This is tested against the realities of contemporary British culture...

A Guide to the Sacraments

by John Macquarrie

A highly-acclaimed account of the sacramental principle and the seven sacraments of the church.

The Church's Other Half: Women's Ministry

by Trevor Beeson

Women have always constituted at least half of the church's membership, but for almost 2,000 years were excluded from any significant part in its leadership. After the example of Jesus, the earliest Christian...

The Sea of Faith

by Don Cupitt

This text began in the 1860s as a phrase from Matthew Arnold's picture of the decline of religion as the retreat of the tide on Dover's beach. The book has had a significant impact, for its account of historical...

Lifelong Learning: Theological Education and Supervision

by Frances Ward

This book on ministerial formation and supervision provides an accessible and thorough resource. It explores the nature of ministry and formation for 21st Century church and public life. It argues for the importance...

Theology, Liberation and Genocide: A Theology of the Periphery

by Mario I. Aguilar

The Reclaiming Liberation Theology series claims that Liberation Theology is alive and well and continues to produce new and challenging material. In "Theology, Liberation and Genocide", Mario Aguilar, one of...

Desire, Market, Religion

by Jung Mo Sung

Jung Mo Sung has pioneered a theological analysis of economics in his previous publications, developing a penetrating ethico-religious critique of the international capitalist systems, whose institutions he...

Another Possible World

by Ivan Petrella

Liberation theology was the most important theological movement of the 20th century. Its influence shook the Third and First world. Born from an epistemological break from the whole of the Western theological...

Beyond Liberation Theology: A Polemic

by Ivan Petrella

Liberation theologies are the most important theological movement of our time. In the 20th century, their influence shook the Third and First Worlds, grass root organizations and the affluent Western academy,...

Words Made Flesh: Writings in Pastoral and Practical Theology

by Elaine Graham

Words Made Flesh draws together a number of Elaine Graham's shorter writings and essays and thereby maps out the work of a pioneer theological thinker and the development of pastoral and practical theology in...

Jesus and Philosophy

by Don Cupitt

Around twenty years or so after his death, the fiery and interesting Jewish teacher Jesus of Nazareth was made into the personification of his own teaching, and given an exalted cosmic status. Within a few decades...