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Our Accountability to God

by Arthur W. W. Pink & Arthur W. Pink

To appreciate the amazing grace of God we must understand all that we have been forgiven. Bible scholar,  Arthur W. Pink, helps us see our true condition, driving home the truth of the Gospel. Readers will...

Make It Home Before Dark

by Jr., Crawford W. Loritts & J Robertson McQuilkin

God calls us to live lives of holiness. But that is impossible without a close walk with Christ. That walk must begin with repentance; it is crucial to living biblical, practical holiness everyday. Crawford...

Made to be Loved: Enyoying Spiritual Intimacy with God and Your Spouse

by Steven Bell & Valerie Bell

The real disease that threatens marriages is spiritual distance from God. This book will help you take your marriage to the next level. Develop a deeper love relationship with your God, and in doing so, create...

Impressions in Clay: Learning to Live Under the Master's Hand

by Wendy G. Lawton & Wendy G Lawton

Award-winning writer, sculptor and doll designer Wendy Lawton offers a penetrating look at the Bible's metaphor of God's people being clay in the Potter's hands.  She bases these reflections on the process...

Hebrews MacArthur New Testament Commentary

by John F., Jr. MacArthur

The theme of Hebrews is simple.  Jesus Christ is superior to and preeminent over everyone and everything.  His absolute supremacy overshadows all else and demands the worship and allegiance of every individual. ...

For a Time We Cannot See: Living Today in Light of Heaven

by Crawford W. Loritts

It is nearly impossible to reach mid-life without some reflection upon one's desire to leave a legacy and build for an unseen future.  Loritts believes that these yearnings experienced by "second halfers" are...

The Fight of Faith: Believing God in Difficult Times

by Bruce W. McDonald & David Jeremiah

"However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8) Now is not the time to give up. God will be glorified in our trials. Written to encourage the weary to not lose heart, Bruce...

The Fall Feasts Of Israel

by Mitch Glaser & Zhava Glaser

This book is a look at three of Israel's most significant festivals: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. It gives readers new insights into what God originally intended for the sacrificial offerings and...

Faith-Shaped Kids: Helping Your Child Grow Spiritually

by Steven Bell & Valerie Bell

Relationship is the greatest faith-shaping tool a parent possesses. A practical tool to help parents maximize their relationship with their children in such a way as to draw them to faith. Filled with life lessons...

The Faith of a Child: A Step-by-Step Guide to Salvation for Your Child

by Art Murphy

Research shows that if children do not accept Christ before they are fourteen, their chance of becoming believers greatly diminishes. Children's pastor Art Murphy offers help through The Faith of a Child, teaching...

Ezra & Nehemiah- Everyman's Bible Commentary

by Carl Laney

Ezra and Nehemiah record the exciting drama of the restoration of the Jews to their land following Babylonian captivity. The restoration period offered the Israelites a unique opportunity to re-establish the...

Ephesians- Everyman's Bible Commentary

by Homer Kent Jr

With the ecumenical movement gaining impetus in today's world, ecclesiological discussions are common. What does church actually mean? Is it a visible organization or a spiritual organism? Who makes up its membership?...

The Ability of God: Prayers of the Apostle Paul

by Arthur W. W. Pink & Arthur W. Pink

Bible expositor Arthur Pink gives us a detailed look at the prayers of Paul showing us not only how to pray, but giving us greater insight into Paul himself, his relationship with God, and the people he served....

Unlocking the Bible Story Study Guide Volume 4

by Colin Smith

Pastor Colin Smith's four-volume masterpiece moves you past Bible stories to understand the Bible as one story--the glorious, unbroken account of Christ's work to redeem a fallen world. With this accompanying...

Tony Evans Speaks Out on Heaven And Hell

by Tony Evans

We don't hear much about hell today.  And most of what we hear about heaven comes from popular TV shows or celebrity-written books.  What does God say?  After all, heaven and hell are both based on God's...

Tony Evans Speaks Out on Fasting

by Tony Evans

Sometimes it's hard to make the concentrated effort of prayer.  When the need is urgent, God has prescribed an urgent method.  Tony Evans asks, "How badly do you want an answer?  How much do you want deliverance...

One of Us Must Be Crazy...and I'm Pretty Sure It's You: Making Sense of the Differences that Divide Us

by Tim Downs & Joy Downs

In this companion to Fight Fair! (a treatise on "winning at conflict without losing at love"), Tim and Joy Downs capture the heart of marital differences. This time they concentrate less on how to "fight fair"...

Social Security?: What's in it For You

by Ethan Pope

This non-partisan examination of the facts and myths of Social Security from a Christian perspective helps readers sift through the confusion of the current debate. Pope distills massive amounts of information...

Matthew 16-23 MacArthur New Testament Commentary

by John F., Jr. MacArthur

The Old Testament looked forward to the final King of kings who would bring everlasting salvation and peace.  In his gospel, Matthew demonstrates that Jesus Christ is that King, perfect in His eternal glory...

Matthew 8-15 MacArthur New Testament Commentary

by John F., Jr. MacArthur

The Old Testament looked forward to the final King of kings who would bring everlasting salvation and peace.  In his gospel, Matthew demonstrates that Jesus Christ is that King, perfect in His eternal glory...