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Festivals Together: Creating all-age worship through the year

by Sandra Millar

Would you like to run services for key events of the Christian year that appeal to all ages, but don’t know where to start? Drawing on years of experience and good examples of all-age communication, Sandra...

The Worship Mall: Contemporary response to contemporary cultures

by Bryan Spinks

Religion is in competition with the leisure and entertainment industries. The postmodern generation is open to spirituality, but young adults have not been born into faith communities that embrace them fully...

Future Grace, Revised Edition: The Purifying Power of the Promises of God

by John Piper

Explore this stunning quality of God’s grace:  It never ends!

In this revision of a foundational work, John Piper reveals how grace is not only God’s undeserved gift to us in the past, but also God’s power...

The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person

by Harold S. Kushner

Part of the Jewish Encounter series

From one of our most trusted spiritual advisers, a thoughtful, illuminating guide to that most fascinating of biblical texts, the book of Job, and what it can teach us about...

Idol Lies: Facing the Truth About Our Deepest Desires

by Dee Brestin

We often settle for cheap substitues for what we really crave. The million-selling author of The Friendships of Women helps readers move past their deceptive idols to discover true fulfillment and unimaginable...

Unexpected Christmas Hero

by Kathi Macias

Unexpected Christmas Hero is an inspiring story of friendship and survival. Forced by circumstances to live on the streets and in shelters, Josie Meyers and her children must decide whether or not to trust Rick,...

A Tapestry for the Soul: The Introduction to the Zohar by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag, Explained Using Excerpts Collated from His Other Writings Includin

by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag & Yedidah Cohen

A Tapestry for the Soul takes the Introduction to the Zohar (as translated in In the Shadow of the Ladder) as its main thread, from its beginning to its end. Excerpts from Rabbi Ashlag’s other writings are...

365 Pocket Prayers

by Ronald A. Beers

Each year of life brings seasons of loneliness, doubt, joy, confusion, fear, reasons for celebration, and occasions for grieving. 365 Pocket Prayers lets you grow closer to God with each passing day. With this...

Saints and Their Miracles in Late Antique Gaul

by Raymond Van Dam

Saints' cults, with their focus on miraculous healings and pilgrimages, were not only a distinctive feature of Christian religion in fifth-and sixth-century Gaul but also a vital force in political and social...

The Secret History of Lucifer (New Edition)

by Lynn Picknett

In her new account of an old religion, Lynn Picknett explains that Lucifer means 'the light bringer' and was a personification of the Morning Star, the planet Venus and its goddess. 'He' was originally 'she'...

Finding a Spiritual Home: How a New Generation of Jews Can Transform the American Synagogue

by Rabbi Sidney Schwarz

Offers a penetrating analysis of the American Jewish community, challenging synagogues to respond to a generation of seekers and to satisfy the spiritual hunger of the "new American Jew."

Torah of the Earth-Exploring 4,000 Years of Ecology in Jewish Thought, Vol. 1: Biblical Israel & Rabbinic Judaism

by Arthur Waskow

Gives us an invaluable key to understanding the intersection of ecology and Judaism, and offers the wisdom of Judaism in dealing with the present environmental crisis.

Evolving Halakhah: A Progressive Approach to Traditional Jewish Law

by Rabbi Dr. Moshe Zemer

Affirms the system of traditional Jewish law, Halakhah, as a developing and moral structure, flexible enough to accommodate the changing realities of each generation. Shows that the traditional framework for...

Moses-The Prince, the Prophet: His Life, Legend & Message for Our Lives

by Rabbi Levi , PhD Meier

Explores a life intertwined with the story of a people-from the Israelite Exodus from Egypt and the birth of a new nation, to the Divine revelation at Mount Sinai.

New Jewish Feminism: Probing the Past, Forging the Future

by Rabbi Elyse Goldstein & Anita Diamant

Join Jewish women from all areas of Jewish life as they examine what makes a "Jewish woman" today, how feminism has affected her identity and whether the next generation of Jewish women is braced to tackle the...

The Gift of Kabbalah: Discovering the Secrets of Heaven, Renewing Your Life on Earth

by Tamar Frankiel

Kabbalah is primarily a path of action, one that enables us to transform the world. This accessible, intelligent guide to Kabbalah is designed to quench your curiosity with learning and depth of spiritual insight....

Conscience: The Duty to Obey and the Duty to Disobey

by Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis

This clarion call to rethink our moral and political behavior examines the idea of conscience and the role conscience plays in our relationships to government, law, ethics, religion, human nature and God-and...

Bringing the Psalms to Life: How to Understand and Use the Book of Psalms

by Daniel F. Polish

There is something unusual about the psalms'-and that special power is the reason people have turned to them for thousands of years. What's more, the power of the psalms hasn't diminished over time. It remains...

Rethinking Synagogues: A New Vocabulary for Congregational Life

by Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman

More than any other institution, the synagogue has sustained American Jewry. But to thrive rather than just survive, synagogues are challenged to break free from the mold of ethnic enclave and re-emerge as a...

The Way of Man: According to Hasidic Teaching

by Martin E. Buber, Bernard H. Mehlman & Gabriel E. Padawer

This short and remarkable book presents the essential teachings of Hasidism, the mystical Jewish movement which swept through Eastern Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and their relevance to...