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Liturgy Wars: Ritual Theory and Protestant Reform in Nineteenth-Century Zurich

by Theodore M. Vial

The nineteenth century was a period of intense religious conflict across Europe, as people confronted the major changes brought by modernity. In Zurich, one phase of this religious conflict was played out in...

Religion Online: Finding Faith on the Internet

by Lorne L. Dawson & Douglas E. Cowan

Religion Online provides an accessible and comprehensive introduction to this burgeoning new religious reality, from cyberpilgrimages to neo-pagan chatroom communities. A substantial introduction by the editors...

Steel City Gospel: Protestant Laity and Reform in Progressive-Era Pittsburgh

by Keith A. Zahniser

Demonstrating the power religious language, ideas, and institutions had in shaping progressive reform in Pittsburgh, this cross-disciplinary study addresses significant debates in the fields of Progressive-Era...

Bioethics from a Faith Perspective: Ethics in Health Care for the Twenty-First Century

by Jack T Hanford & Harold G Koenig

Discover the spiritual community's position on bioethics issues!Bioethics from a Faith Perspective: Ethics in Health Care for the Twenty-First Century offers a meaningful, rational, faith-oriented framework...

Martin Luther's Basic Theological Writings

by Timothy F. Lull & William R. Russell

Martin Luther’s Basic Theological Writings has become the gold standard for use in seminary and college environments. It not only offers all of Luther's most influential, noted, and important writings in the...

The New Testament: A Literary History

by Gerd Theissen

Gerd Theissen describes the emergence of the New Testament canon out of the wide variety of early Christian literature, drawing on Max Weber’s discussion of the evolution of religious organizations. Theissen...

Moral Issues and Christian Responses

by Patricia Beattie Jung & L. Shannon Jung

Previously published by Cengage/Wadsworth, this popular anthology for the study of Christian ethics has been a mainstay of undergraduate courses for nearly thirty years. Shannon and Patricia Jung provide an...

A Gospel for the Mature Years: Finding Fulfillment by Knowing and Using Your Gifts

by Harold G Koenig

There's good news for middle-aged and older adults who wish to grow emotionally and spiritually and experience satisfaction and joy in their mature years regardless of circumstance, health, or age. A Gospel...

Gurdjieff: The Key Concepts

by Sophia Wellbeloved

This unique book offers clear definitions of Gurdjieff's teaching terms, placing him within the political, geographic and cultural context of his time. Entries look at diverse aspects of his Work, including:...

The Death of Christian Britain

by Callum G. Brown

The Death of Christian Britain uses the latest techniques to offer new formulations of religion and secularisation and explores what it has meant to be 'religious' and 'irreligious' during the last 200 years....

The Jews Among Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire

by Judith Lieu, John North & Tessa Rajak

In the period of Roman domination there were communities of Jews, some still in Palestine, some dispersed in and around the Roman Empire; they had to face at first the world-wide power of the pagan Romans and...

The A to Z of the Puritans

by Charles Pastoor & Galen K. Johnson

The A to Z of Puritans tells the story of Puritanism from its origins until its eventual demise. This is done through a chronology, an introduction, a bibliography, and several hundred cross-referenced dictionary...

The Quaker Way: A Rediscovery

by Rex Ambler

Although fairly well known, Quakerism is not well understood. The purpose of this book is to make it intelligible, to explain how it works.

Where Mercy Fails: Darfur's Struggle to Survive

by Chris Herlinger & Paul Jeffrey

With 8 pages of text, plus a 72-page color insert, the compelling new work of photo-journalism is laced with interpretive essays, providing a graphic and literal context for understanding the current tragedy...

Choosing to Be Catholic: For the First Time or Once Again

by William J., S.J. O'Malley

First published in 2001, Choosing to Be Catholic has sold nearly 25,000 copies and maintains its status as a Catholic parish favorite. In this revised edition, Jesuit priest, master-teacher, and bestselling...

Rooted in Love: Our Calling as Catholic Women

by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle, bestselling author and popular EWTN television and radio personality, accompanies Catholic women through the ups and downs of their lives, encouraging them to be reflections of Christ...

The Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes: Biblical Studies and Ethics for Real Life

by Yiu Sing Lúcás|Harrington, Daniel Chan & James F. Keenan

The Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes brings together biblical studies and ethics to help students gain a fuller understanding of these two important biblical passages—both what the text meant historically,...

The Pen and the Faith: Eight Modern Muslim Writers and the Qur'an

by Kenneth Cragg

What is happening in Islam is of concern to more than Muslims. The Qur'an is the prime possession of Muslims: how then, are they reading and understanding their sacred Book today? This volume, originally published...

Studies on the Civilization of Islam

by H.A.R. Gibb

Originally published in 1962, this book presents important studies on the history, literature and religion of the Islamic peoples as well as an appraisal of contemporary intellectual currents in the Middle East....

Caring for People from Birth to Death

by Richard L Dayringer & James E Hightower Jr

Discover the manual that will help you teach ministry students and effectively minister to people in all developmental stages!Caring for People from Birth to Death is a helpful resource for people who care for...