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Man, Woman, and God: Four Collected Works

by Christopher Alan Anderson

This writing presents to man find a new conception and definition of "God" based on man and woman balance (procreative love). It includes four separate works: The Community of Man and Woman; The Eternal Marriage;...

Man, Woman, and God

by Christopher Alan Anderson

There is a great misunderstanding today concerning the natures of man and of woman, and of the essence of God. This may be the cause of our human relations problem. The purpose of this writing is to clarify...

Selected Writings--Volume 2

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Four major writings on the man and woman relationship. These writings reflect the maturing of the author's thoughts revealing the breadth and scope of this metaphysical embodiment. Includes: Mind and Spirit;...

I Carry the Cross, Too: The Completion of the Message of Jesus Christ

by Christopher Alan Anderson

No doubt, anyone who attempts to "complete" the message of Jesus Christ opens himself up to question and perhaps ridicule. But, I ask, what are we now to do? We are at a crossroads, not knowing which way to...

The New Trinity

by Christopher Alan Anderson

"The New Trinity is the marriage of a man and a woman..." So starts the author's treatise on the Trinity covering the subjects: Creation, The Fall, Grace, The Messiah, The Virgin Birth, Death and Resurrection,...

Understanding the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad-Gita

by Christopher Alan Anderson

This this article, the author presents the metaphysical paradigm from which we may understand the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad-Gita--or any religious writing. Author Bio: Christopher Alan Anderson (1950...

Proposition 8: The Marriage Amendment

by Christopher Alan Anderson

The author's discourse and analysis of California's Proposition 8: The Marriage Amendment. In this article, the author suggests that marriage is actually a spiritual/metaphysical embodiment that both sides of...

Our Purpose Together: Bringing the Eternal Down to Earth

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Jesus came to bring the eternal down to earth. Did he fail or did we fail? In the article, the author suggests the center of love was not correctly defined and, as such, the eternal remains separated from us....

Being in Life: The Elimination of Original Sin

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Is Original Sin a metaphysical reality or does its existence arises out of the imbalance in our own souls? If it is the latter, perhaps we can free ourselves from this burden by correcting the mistake of our...

The Coming of the Procreant Holy Spirit

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this article, the author presents the Holy Spirit as a procreant reality--"...and the Two shall become as One." We miss the divinity of spirit when we fail to accept our equal and opposite other half into...

'My' Peace 'i' Give Unto You

by Christopher Alan Anderson

What is this peace that can be given unto us? In a world that seemingly is at war within itself, if we could just find peace, i.e., spiritual peace. But that may demand we enter a deeper placement within ourselves,...

Our Love Is Eternal Love

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Love bridges the chasm" as it has been said. In this article, the author looks at procreant love (between a man and a woman) as the one and only love that bridges the chasm between temporal and eternal, and,...

Man, Woman, and Child

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Too many of us today view sex or sexuality as separate and apart from procreation. In this article, the author defines the whole procreation/sexual nexus as one of man, woman, and child, a nexus running through...

The Miracle of Christmas

by Christopher Alan Anderson

What is it about Christmas that so touches our souls? In this article, the author discusses the deeper meaning of Christmas--perhaps today even lost to our religions. Author Bio: Christopher Alan Anderson (1950...

The Spiritual Components in the Lives of Men and Women

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Oftentimes, when people hear about the idea of man and woman balance they think of either the physical/sexual domain or the economic/political domain. But what about the spiritual? What are the spiritual natures...

Sexual Identity--Understanding Life and Family

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this article the author discusses the absolute reason for and nature of sexual identity and its necessity for life and family. Author Bio: Christopher Alan Anderson (1950 - ) received the basis of his education...

The Shift That Is Man and Woman Balance

by Christopher Alan Anderson

In this article the author articulates the effects of the paradigm shift of Man and Woman Balance on the fields of philosophy, religion, psychology, economics and politics, sexuality, marriage and family, education,...

52 Creative Family Time Experiences

by Timothy Smith

Parents want to connect with their kids and pass along their faith as part of those connections. Timothy Smith gives the ideal tool to parents making this possible using as little as 20 minutes a week. This...

Grace Faith Free Will: Contrasting Views of Salvation: Calvinism & Arminianism

by Robert Picirilli

Robert Picirilli renews the discussion of issues that have divided Calvinism and Arminianism since the Reformation. Jacobus Arminius, a Dutch theologian of the 16th century, contested the dominant theological...

Streetwalking with Jesus: Reaching Out in Justice and Mercy

by John Green

Find joy in the service to others and experience love in reaching out to the suffering, all under the shelter of God's unconquerable, abiding love.