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They Speak with Other Tongues

by John L. Sherrill

How a skeptical journalist was introduced to the charismatic renewal and to the phenomenon of speaking in tongues.

Raising Pure Kids: In an Impure World

by Richard Durfield

Encouragement for parents who want to help their teens resist sexual temptation. These are proven strategies for a vital topic.

Your Angels Guard My Steps: A 40-Day Journey in the Company of Bernard of Clairvaux

by Bernard of Clairvaux & David Hazard

Presents in contemporary language Bernard's teachings on spiritual battle-perseverance through trials and victory over adversaries. A Rekindling the Inner Fire book.

Rabbi Looks at the Last Days, A: Surprising Insights on Israel, the End Times and Popular Misconceptions

by Jonathan Bernis

Respected messianic rabbi and television host Jonathan Bernis reveals surprising insights about popular misconceptions, Israel, the end times, and a clear sign Christians are ignoring.

God's Economics: Principles for Fixing Our Financial Crisis

by Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis thinks our life together can be better. In this timely and provocative book, he shows us how to reclaim Jesus's ancient and compelling vision of the common good--a vision that impacts and inspires...

Windows Onto Jewish Legal Culture: Fourteen Exploratory Essays

by Hanina Ben-Menahem, Arye Edrei & Neil S. Hecht

This book opens windows onto various aspects of Jewish legal culture. Rather than taking a structural approach, and attempting to circumscribe and define 'every' element of Jewish law, Windows onto Jewish Legal...

A Theology of Gay and Lesbian Inclusion: Love Letters to the Church

by Donald G Hanway

Encourage the Church to address the gift of human sexuality—how to view it, how to deal with it, and how it relates to spirituality

A Theology of Gay and Lesbian Inclusion: Love Letters to the Church challenges...

Jewish Relational Care A-Z: We Are Our Other's Keeper

by Jack H Bloom

A collection of caregiving tools combining the values of Jewish tradition and self-relations—useful for practitioners of ANY faith!

Self-relations, a powerful framework for doing respectful and humane caregiving...

The Rabbi as Symbolic Exemplar: By the Power Vested in Me

by Jack H Bloom

The solution to the growing problem of stress and burnout in rabbis!

Written by a practicing clinical psychologist who spent 10 years as a congregational rabbi, The Rabbi As Symbolic Exemplar: By the Power Vested...

A New Science of Religion

by Greg Dawes & James Maclaurin

Religious belief, once in the domain of the humanities, has found a new home in the sciences. Promising new developments in the study of religion by cognitive scientists and evolutionary theorists put forward...

Bible and Cinema: Fifty Key Films

by Adele Reinhartz

Movies which have drawn inspiration from the Bible, either directly or indirectly, have been extremely popular since the earliest days of cinema. Bible and Cinema: Fifty Key Films introduces a wide range of...

Orientalism Revisited: Art, Land and Voyage

by Ian Richard Netton

The publication of Edward Said's Orientalism in 1978 marks the inception of orientalism as a discourse. Since then, Orientalism has remained highly polemical and has become a widely employed epistemological...

Henry Miller and Religion

by Thomas Nesbit

This study argues that this previously banned author devoted his entire life to articulating a religion of self-liberation in his autobiographical books, examining his life and work within the context of fringe...

The Therapist's Notebook for Integrating Spirituality in Counseling I: Homework, Handouts, and Activities for Use in Psychotherapy

by Karen B. Helmeke & Catherine Ford Sori

Learn to initiate the integration of your clients' spirituality as an effective practical intervention.

A client's spiritual and religious beliefs can be an effective springboard for productive therapy. How...

Religious Theories of Personality and Psychotherapy: East Meets West

by Frank De Piano, Ashe Mukherjee & Scott Mitchel Kamilar

Integrate spiritual traditions with psychological healing!In this fascinating volume, clinical practitioners of different religious traditions examine the same clinical case, offering insights, interventions,...

Living in God's Will: A Guide to Decision Making

by Stonecroft Ministries

"What does God want me to do?" This study for small groups and individuals encourages people to stop being anxious about God's will and instead turn to His Word. As participants consider the story of Ruth,...

A Couple After God's Own Heart Interactive Workbook: Building a Lasting, Loving Marriage Together

by Jim George & Elizabeth George

In A Couple After God's Own Heart Interactive Workbook, Jim and Elizabeth George build on the content of their book, A Couple After God's Own Heart, to create a companion guide that leads husbands and wives...

15 Minutes Alone with God

by Emilie Barnes

Bestselling author Emile Barnes' classic 15 Minutes Alone with God (more than 525,000 copies sold) has a lovely new cover and interior design that embraces inspiring devotions and encourages women in their quiet...

Following Jesus with Luke: A Guide to the Good News

by Stonecroft Ministries

What would it have been like to walk around with Jesus, watching what He did and hearing what He said? This ten-week study will guide readers through the eyewitness accounts gathered by Luke in his Gospel. As...

God and Greater Britain: Religion and National Life in Britain and Ireland, 1843-1945

by John Wolffe

Concern and debate over the role of religion in the make up of the United Kingdom is a contemporaneously relevant as it was in the nineteenth century. God and Greater Britain is a survey of the contribution...