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Pray Like Hell: How to Talk with God

by Maxine Outlaw

Pray Like Hell: How to Talk with God is a practical, highly entertaining guide to prayer for people who consider themselves spiritual, but not necessarily "religious." People are seeking fresh ways to talk with...

Mojo Workin': The Old African American Hoodoo System

by Katrina Hazzard-Donald

Katrina Hazzard-Donald explores African Americans' experience and practice of the herbal, healing folk belief tradition known as Hoodoo. She examines Hoodoo culture and history by tracing its emergence from...

Last Works

by Moses Mendelssohn & Bruce Rosenstock

Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786) was the central figure in the emancipation of European Jewry. His intellect, judgment, and tact won the admiration and friendship of illustrious contemporaries. Last Works includes,...

30-Minute Read: Stress-Proof Your Marriage

by Cory Busse & Heidi Busse

Stress-Proof Your Marriage takes seriously the subject of marital bliss (without taking itself too seriously). Reinvigorate your marriage today. Take the first step to grow in faith, laughter, and love.

The Children of Fatima

by Leo Madigan

The most revealing book yet on Fatima, this full-length volume offers the phenomenal, never-before-released details of what Francisco and Jacinta Marto saw and heard.

30-Minute Read: Simplify Your Life

by Woodeene Koenig-Bricker

Let God lead you back to the clarity of peace that He intended for you by discovering that true simplicity comes not from doing...but from living in trust, patience, and gratitude.

The Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

by Susan Tassone

This best-selling, one-of-a-kind combination of the traditional prayers of the Stations of the Cross and scriptural reflections focuses on Christ's passion and death.

The Twelve: The Lives of the Apostles After Calvary

by C. Bernard Ruffin

Who were the Apostles really? What happened to them after the end of the Gospel story? Revel in the wealth of detail Ruffin has dug up for each Apostle -- even Judas Iscariot.

The Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus: Introducing S3 Leadership -- Servant, Steward, Shepherd

Saints of Africa

by C. M. Vincent J. O'Malley

Over 117 million Catholics live in Africa -- almost twice as many as in the U.S. Discover early defenders of the Faith and 20th-century martyrs as they bear witness to the remarkable sanctity of Africa.

Prayer Book for Widows

by Kay M. Cozad

A prayer book like no other, written by a widow for widows. Prayers that center on the emotions and situations a widow faces. A powerful resource.

Sonic Liturgy: Ritual and Music in Hindu Tradition

by Guy L. Beck & Frederick M. Denny

A groundbreaking study into the parallel developments of worship and musical performance in Hindu culture

The Rise to Respectability: Race, Religion, and the Church of God in Christ

Come Walk With Me I Have So Much To Tell You

by Wade Yarchan

A follow up to Life Lessons The Journey.

Come Walk With Me is about living life to the fullest. Without regrets. Never taking negative emotions from one relationship to the next.

This book is filled with quotes,...

The Same Sex Controversy: Defending and Clarifying the Bible's Message About Homosexuality

by James White & Jeff Niell

Responding to today's culture, this book clarifies and defends the Bible's stand on homosexuality.

They Speak with Other Tongues

by John L. Sherrill

How a skeptical journalist was introduced to the charismatic renewal and to the phenomenon of speaking in tongues.

Raising Pure Kids: In an Impure World

by Richard Durfield

Encouragement for parents who want to help their teens resist sexual temptation. These are proven strategies for a vital topic.

Your Angels Guard My Steps: A 40-Day Journey in the Company of Bernard of Clairvaux

by Bernard of Clairvaux & David Hazard

Presents in contemporary language Bernard's teachings on spiritual battle-perseverance through trials and victory over adversaries. A Rekindling the Inner Fire book.

Rabbi Looks at the Last Days, A: Surprising Insights on Israel, the End Times and Popular Misconceptions

by Jonathan Bernis

Respected messianic rabbi and television host Jonathan Bernis reveals surprising insights about popular misconceptions, Israel, the end times, and a clear sign Christians are ignoring.

God's Economics: Principles for Fixing Our Financial Crisis

by Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis thinks our life together can be better. In this timely and provocative book, he shows us how to reclaim Jesus's ancient and compelling vision of the common good--a vision that impacts and inspires...