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Mysteries of Faith

by Mark McIntosh

In this volume of the New Church's Teaching Series, Mark McIntosh introduces the great mysteries of the Christian faith.

Mending the Heart

by John Claypool

In three meditations John Claypool speaks eloquently of the wounds all of us carry through life-the wounds of grievance, guilt, and grief-and how they can be healed.

Meditating on the Word

by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Now back in print, this collection of Bonhoeffer's writings, sermons, and letters on meditation reveals his deep love for the Bible as a focus for his prayer life and a support in his courageous political life....

Many Servants: An Introduction to Deacons

by Ormonde Plater

A basic, essential text for discernment committees and commissions on ministry, and a comprehensive look at the vital ministry of the permanent diaconate in the church today.

Living with History

by Fredrica Harris Thompsett

Fredrica Harris Thompsett, a scholar of the English Reformation, introduces us to the role that history has played in creating and shaping the Episcopal Church as we know it today.

Horizons of Mission

by Titus Presler

In this volume of the New Church's Teaching Series, Titus Presler offers a fresh vision of mission in the multicultural environment of a global community.

Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog

by Raewynne Whiteley & Beth Maynard

A thoughtful and provocative collection of sermons by a group of preachers from across the international church spectrum who have been moved to theological reflection on the art and work of U2.

Five Voices Five Faiths: An Interfaith Primer

by Amanda Milly Hughes

In this unique book about the major religious traditions of the world, a practitioner from each tradition-Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam-introduces the basics of his or her faith and participates...

Ethics After Easter

by Stephen Holmgren

In this volume of the New Church's Teaching Series, Stephen Holmgren introduces us to the world of Anglican ethics and moral theology.

Early Christian Traditions

by Rebecca Lyman

In this sixth volume of the New Church's Teaching Series, Rebecca Lyman introduces us to the world of the early church.

Christian Social Witness

by Harold T. Lewis

This volume surveys the teachings and witness of Anglicanism and the Episcopal Church concerning the Christian vision of a righteous social order, including the challenges of the new millennium.

Ceremonies of the Eucharist: A Guide to Celebration

by Howard E. Gally

Unlike liturgical manuals that are intended specifically for the use of parish clergy, The Ceremonies of the Eucharist is for everyone who bears responsibility for the planning and conduct of public worship....

Becoming Christ: Transformation Through Contemplation

by Brian C. Taylor

With clarity, wisdom, and wit, Brian Taylor offers a fresh look at contemplative prayer as the pathway to genuine healing and spiritual transformation.

Always Open: Being an Anglican Today

by Richard Giles

Always Open explains the essentials of the Anglican approach to authority, the Bible, social and moral questions, dialogue with people of other faiths, and more.

Mixed Blessings

by Barbara Brown Taylor

In this collection of early sermons, Barbara Brown Taylor brings her down-to-earth wisdom and keen perspective to the Bible readings of the lectionary cycle.

Luminous Web: Essays on Science and Religion

by Barbara Brown Taylor

An introduction to the contemporary debate between science and religion. The author describes her journey as a preacher who is trying to learn what the insights of quantum physics, the new biology, and chaos...

The Gospel of Cesar Chavez: My Faith in Action

by Mario T. Garcia

Best known as the leader of the farm workers' struggle and of the Latino civil rights movement, Chávez, like Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King, was a deeply religious figure whose faith and spirituality guided...

Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook

by Lawrence J. Epstein

Conversion to Judaism provides information, advice, and support for individuals contemplating conversion to Judaism, as well as those who have converted and the families affected by this decision. With sensitivity...

Between Two Worlds: Daily Readings for Advent

by Kate Moorehead

Moorehead uses the witness of the scriptures, her wealth of experience in long years of ministry, and the wisdom of her own life of prayer to guide us in praying the ambiguity of living faithfully today and...

Engaging the Word

by Michael Johnston

Johnston introduces us to the key terms and concepts of biblical criticism that show us how to read Scripture on three key levels: the literal, historical, and prophetic.