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Festival of Remembrance and Hope (meditations Lords Supper)

by John Williams

Festival of Remembrance and Hope, will move your mind to wonder and your heart to worship, as you reflect on the magnificent grace of God, revealed in the saving death and Glorious Resurrection of our Living...

Paul Ambassador to the Nations

by John Williams

A fresh look at the Life and Ministry of the Apostle Paul. This is not a biography, nor is it an outline of Pauline theology. In these chapters we shall see Paul "wearing his many different hats," and functioning...

Visions of  Messiah A Fresh Look at  the Book of Isaiah

by John Williams

Visions of Messiah is a devotional exposition of the wonderful drama of God's saving Grace and Glory as it is unfolded in the magnificent Prophecy of Isaiah. Written for the ordinary reader, as well as those...

The Bee-Attitudes

by Dr Malcolm White

The Beatitudes are a statement of the life Jesus describes as walking in the Spirit. A life we can live when the Holy Spirit has His way with us. "In these nine Beatitudes Jesus answers the question "what kind...

Another One Bites the Dust

by Dr Malcolm White

Facing, Fighting, and Defeating The Giants Of Your Life. Another One Bites The Dust gives each of us encouragement to deal with the Giants in our individual lives as we try to live and serve the Lord in witness...

Seven Words of Love: The Saviours Dying Words

by Dr Malcolm White

While hanging on the cross at Calvary, the Lord Jesus spoke seven times. These seven cries from the cross contain a clear presentation of the Christian Gospel. That is why the last words uttered by the Lord...

Seven Words of Life: The Saviours Living Words

by Dr Malcolm White

In the Gospel of John, Jesus described Himself seven times as the great "I am". In this book we will look at each of the seven "I am" sayings found in the Gospel of John. Discovering a little bit more about...

Shadows of Redemption

by C.H. Waller

We are sometimes tempted to presume that Old Testament worshippers had the substance and we have only the shadows. Yet this books shows that the forms of worship on the desert sand at the base of Mount Sinai...

The Silver Sockets

by C.H. Waller

This books takes you for a walk through heaven by faith, and helps you fill your soul with a vision of the most wonderful Person in the universe. Some of the subjects that are covered are: the destiny of man;...

The Path to the City of Gold

by C.H. Waller

The Path to the City of God rises in the early chapters of Genesis and leads us along history's most remarkable highway,past the Cross road, and on to the gates of Glory. A fresh look at Old Testament dramas...

The Names on the Gates of Pearl

by C.H. Waller

The lives of Jacob's sons are peppered with war, rebellion, un belief,'s all there for you to read. But wait! As the Word of God comes to its conclusion, we see their names inscribed on the gates...

To Him Be the Glory

by Phil Townshend

Doxologies of the New Testament. The Holy Spirit, in inspiring these doxologies from the pens of the New Testament writers, has seen to it that God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ are ascribed the glory...

Your Old Testament Toolbox

by Tom V Taylor

You certainly shouldn't read a mortgage like a love letter. In the same way, we need to learn what to look for in the varied kinds of Scripture, so that we can hear them as they were originally intended.

Galatians & Ephesians: Commentary

by Lehman Strauss

These carefully outlined devotional messages provide a clear exposition of Scripture and both edification and practical guidance for the believer.

The Gospel of Mark

by Harold St. John

A helpful & detailed outline, brief and thought-provoking comments are given on the 100 paragraphs of the Gospel narrative. Difficult points are discussed and the reader is encouraged to form his own conclusions....

Abraham The Friend of God

by Hamilton Smith

He would have children like the stars of heaven and like the sand on the seashore for multitude. Join the author in learning more about Abraham and his God. There are two main themes emphasized in this book:...

The Miracles of the Messiah

by Bryan W Sheldon

Almost two millennia ago, a group of Jewish leaders plotted the execution of a young man, Jesus of Nazareth. The death of this young Jew has had implications for the whole of humankind ever since. The Miracles...

More Than Just A Messiah: Jesus of Nazareth

by Bryan W Sheldon

An examination of the deity of Christ as revealed in the Bible

The Messiah and the Covenants of Israel

by Bryan W Sheldon

One of the great foundation blocks of the healthy relationship between God and humankind is His righteousness. It can be guaranteed that in all His speech and actions He is righteous. By this, it is suggested,...

The Messiah and the Feasts of Israel

by Bryan W Sheldon

The Feasts of the Lord were placed in the calendar of the Hebrew nation as a prophetic timetable of God's redemptive plan. Israel, in celebrating the spring cycle of feasts was compelled to look back to their...