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This I Believe Fundamental Scriptural Truths

by Donald Norbie

It is important for new Christians to spend valuable time in the personal study of God's Word. The instructions needed for daily living, church life, worship, witness and service will be found in the careful...

The Desire Of All Nations

by Dr Boushra Mikhael

In this volume Dr. Mikhael shares with us the fruit of a life's work that has been lived in occupation with Christ. He has done us an invaluable service to help us in knowing more about our Lord. Page after...

Dining with the Master

by Dr Boushra Mikhael

Christ at dinner feasts. This delightful little book deals with the Gospel records of the Saviour at breakfast, lunch, dinner and even at a wedding feast; sometimes in homes and on another occasion in the open...

Revelation From Tribulation to Triumph

by Norman Mellish

The purpose of this commentary is to help the saints understand the mind of God, while increasing our knowledge of coming events. These things are written to draw out our affections to Christ and to glorify...

Philippians The Mind of Christ

by Norman Mellish

The truth of Philippians is sadly neglected in practice as we move one with another, and if any book would be a means of glorifying the Lord we love it is by putting the truth of Philippians into practice.

Times of the Gentiles: Five Prophecies of Daniel

by Norman Mellish

The main thrust of the book of Daniel is to reveal the end of Gentile rule and this is the purpose of the book as seen in the four prophecies revealed to Daniel himself from chapters 7-12. In these tremendous...

The Romance of the Ages

by L.M. McPhee

This devotional is comprised of 107 short meditations which provide a refreshing devotional study of the Song of Solomon. The authour delivers on the intention to help those locked out from this tremendous portion...

Divine Principles In An Evil Day

by Robert McClurkin

In a day of increasing carelessness and liberalism there is a danger of treating far too lightly the precious truths that have been taught and held so tightly by those who love and appreciate God's divine gathering...

Judges Book of Heroes

by Timothy Mather

The author shows that for all their failings, the judges were men and women of rare faith, men and women who stood for God in troubled times. And he encourages us, too, to live for God where He has placed us;...

Biography of Henry Moorhouse

by John MacPherson

It is impossible to read the life of Moorhouse without being convinced that the Divine plan for him, at any rate, was to go forth to the masses as an evangelist. Moreover, it may well be that his career has...

Proverbs A Devotional Commentary PB

by William MacDonald

The last book by William MacDonald before his Home Call December 2007. MacDonald provides a verse by verse commentary explaining some of the difficult subjects and instructions. The principles contained in this...

Alone in Majesty with Study Guide

by William MacDonald

MacDonald explores God's characteristics-those unique to Him and those shared with humanity. With this in-depth Bible study you will gain greater knowledge of God's attributes and cultivate the attributes you...

Joseph Makes Me Think of Jesus

by William MacDonald

A biography of the life of Joseph and commentary which outlines the correspondences between his life and that of the Lord Jesus.

Heres the Difference

by William MacDonald

This book will bring into clear focus some of the most important teachings in the Word of God. Here's The Difference provides 96 careful biblical distinctions.

Once in Christ in Christ Forever

by William MacDonald

There are those who believe they can save themselves and those who believe they need a Saviour. This book offers 100 biblical reasons why a true believer cannot be lost.

Now that Is Amazing Grace

by William MacDonald

The well-loved classic, Amazing Grace, has stirred the hearts of millions. William MacDonald takes the reader on a thrilling expedition to discover the breathtaking heights and depths of God's amazing grace....

Worlds Apart

by William MacDonald

A doctrinal book that compares the principles of the kingdom of the world and the kingdom of God. The believer is faced each day with choices which reveal his loyalty to each of these two kingdoms.

Enjoy Your Bible

by William MacDonald & Arthur Farstad

Studying God's Word should become a delight and a joy. This little volume is to help chart your own early excursions on the limitless seas of adventuring into the written Word of God.

The Logan Story (Story of Wallace and Ruth Logan)

by David Logan

The Logan Story is a book that needs to be read by every serious Christian, especially those considering service for the Lord. As young Christians, Wallace and Ruth determined in their hearts to give their lives...

Judas: A Biography

by Susan Gubar

"Judas is a dark journey through the murderousness of Christian Anti-Semitism, culminating in the mass slaughter of more than a and their associated European butchers. Lucid, study is close to definitive on...