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Christian Humanism

by Tom Drake-Brockman

Jesus did not come to save us. He came to show us how to save ourselves by making compassion the guiding principal of our lives. His compassion has a laser like focus on the most urgent cases - those who are...

It's All God, The Flowers and the Fertilizer

by Walter Starcke & Eron Howell-Starcke

In his best-selling classic, It's All God, modern mystic, Walter Starcke bridges the gap between our humanity and Divinity, as well as our traditional limited perspectives and our emerging Cosmic Consciousness....

The Window of the Lord's Return: Are We the Tribulation Generation?

by John Shorey

Many people speculate when the end times will be. Its a popular topic that shows up in the news, books, and television. . . even movies are made about when the end will be.JohnShoreyclearly lays out startling...

The Serpentine Wall: The Winding Boundary between Church and State in the United States

by James F. Harris

To understand the founding of a democratic country with a unique arrangement between church and state, it is important to view that development as both a product of and a departure from what has come before....

Then Sings My Soul: The Culture of Southern Gospel Music

by Douglas Harrison

In this ambitious book on southern gospel music, Douglas Harrison reexamines the music's historical emergence and its function as a modern cultural phenomenon. Rather than seeing the music as a single rhetoric...

The Big Little Book of Jewish Wit & Wisdom

by Sally Ann Berk

This small, chunky volume presents the witty, wonderful, deadpan and droll insight of the Jewish culture. Chapters on Wisdom, Mitzvahs, Dybbuks, Proverbs, Jokes, Curses, Conventions, Mores (ethics), Love & Marriage,...

Praying with Our Hands: 21 Practices of Embodied Prayer from the World's Spiritual Traditions

by Jon M. Sweeney, Tessa, Mother Bielecki & Jennifer J. Wilson

Here are twenty-one simple ways of using our hands to speak to God, presented in word and image. These spiritual practices are from a broad range of religious traditions-from Anglican to Sufi, from Buddhist...

Technology & Spirituality: How the Information Revolution Affects Our Spiritual Lives

by Stephen K. Spyker

Leads you on a lively journey through the many ways technology impacts how we think about faith and how we practice it. Explores the role of new spiritual communities, the personal relationships we have with...

Show Me Your Way: The Complete Guide to Exploring Interfaith Spiritual Direction

by Howard A. Addison

This fascinating introduction to an ancient spiritual practice is for all of us who are searching for fresh spiritual insight. Presents personal accounts from the lives of people representing a broad spectrum...

The Passionate Jesus: What We Can Learn from Jesus about Love, Fear, Grief, Joy and Living Authentically

by Peter, The Rev. Wallace

In this eye-opening spiritual study, Peter Wallace examines Jesus's actions as well as his teachings to uncover a passionate figure who was involved, present, connected, honest and direct with others.

Honest to God Prayer: Spirituality as Awareness, Empowerment, Relinquishments and Paradox

by Kent Ira Groff

Whether you're advanced or just starting on your spiritual path, this practical prayer path breaker will lure you in with its novel combination of touching, real-life stories, pithy thoughts and inspiring prayer...

Bede Griffiths: An Introduction to His Spiritual Thought

by Wayne Teasdale

Provides readers with an intriguing view into the thoughts, beliefs, and life of this champion of interreligious acceptance and harmony. This volume is the first in-depth study of Bede Griffiths' contemplative...

Awakening the Spirit, Inspiring the Soul: 30 Stories of Interspiritual Discovery in the Community of Faiths

by Martha, MD Howard, Wayne, Brother Teasdale & Joan, PhD Borysenko

Contributors from many faiths, ages, and backgrounds tell how they learned to integrate the spirit into their daily lives, and the remarkable transformations that followed.

Why Can't We Talk?: Christian Wisdom on Dialogue as a Habit of the Heart

by John Backman & Kay Lindahl

This highly readable and timely guide to engaging dialogue as a habit of the heart prepares you to approach your adversaries with curiosity, civility and compassion.

Learning to Lead: Lessons in Leadership for People of Faith

by Willard W. C., Sr., MDiv, DMin, Ashley

In this multifaith, cross-cultural and comprehensive resource for both clergy and lay persons, contributors who are experts in the field explore how to engage spiritual leaders and teach them how to bring healing,...

The Gospel of Philip: Annotated & Explained

by Andrew Phillip Smi Andrew Phillip Smith & Stevan Davies

Provides important insights into the historical context and major themes of the Gospel of Philip, and gives you a deeper understanding of the Gospel's overarching message: deciphering our own meaning behind...

Sacred Attention: A Spiritual Practice for Finding God in the Moment

by Margaret D. McGee Margaret D. McGee

Discover ways to develop a practice of attention as a means of talking-and listening-to God. Framed on the Christian liturgical year and paired with images of the seasons of the earth, each chapter includes...

The Book of Job: Annotated & Explained

by Donald Kraus Donald Kraus & Marc, Dr. Brettler

The book of Job, celebrated as a classic of world literature and one of the glories of the Bible, can often be puzzling and frustrating: puzzling for its dialogue form and off-putting because of the many questions...

Animism, the Seed of Religion

by , Edward Clodd

Originally published in 1905, this is a detailed look at the development of belief and religion. Contents include: Prehuman Elements in Religion; Brain in Animal and Man; Naturalism or Conception of Power Everywhere;...

A Jewish Understanding of the New Testament

by Samuel, Rabbi Sandmel & David, Rabbi Sandmel

An in-depth look at the Christian scriptures-from a Jewish perspective. Offers an enlightened view of Christian beliefs and encourages readers to acknowledge their common humanity with people of all religions....