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A Priest's Handbook: The Ceremonies of the Church, Third Edition

by Dennis G. Michno

Simplifies liturgical officiating and celebrating the rites of the Episcopal Church. Explains appropriate use of vestments, color, and altar preparation, as well as gestures and movements during services. Explores...

Mission-shaped Spirituality: The Transforming Power of Mission

by Susan Hope

Combining real-life case studies with vital lessons from her own personal journey, Susan Hope explores what happens to us on the inside when we cross boundaries and become missional Christians. This discerning...

Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry

by Margaret J. Marcuson

Author, speaker, and pastor Margaret Marcuson, a student of Edwin Friedman and national consultant and coach to church leaders, introduces "sustainable ministry" for clergy and church leaders, helping them rediscover...

Rising From the Ashes: Rethinking Church

by Becky Garrison

Becky Garrison explores the impact of the alternative worship/emerging church movement in mainline liturgical churches, and what it means to "be" the church in the 21st century.

Witnessing Their Faith: Religious Influence on Supreme Court Justices and Their Opinions

by Jay Alan Sekulow

When it was ratified in 1791, the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States sought to protect against two distinct types of government actions that interfere with religious liberty: the establishment...

Dying To Be Immortal: Man's Journey Back To Eden

by Daniel J Brown, E. Waugh Jeannette & Blue Moon Publishing

In Dying To Be Immortal, Daniel J. Brown provides an exciting and thought-provoking perspective on the age-old questions pertaining to man's creation, his unique relationship with God, and the true nature of...

As You Go: Creating a Missional Culture of Gospel-Centered Students

by Alvin L Reid

Today’s students long for a rich, meaningful faith. They want something more than a moral code and therapeutic worship that leaves them unsatisfied and uninspired. Speaker, author, and evangelism professor...

God's Guide to Food, Fitness and Faith for Women: 33 Biblical Principles for Better Health

by Freeman

Now better than ever, this follow-up to one of our best-selling titles is refreshed, and perfect for women striving for an overall sense of health (Mind, Body, Spirit). Easy to follow principles will help women...

The Adventure of Discipling Others: Training in the Art of Disciplemaking

by Ron Bennett & John Purvi

Just like Jesus, you can pour faith into believers, helping them grow spiritually and fulfill their unique niche in God’s kingdom. In this handbook and Bible study you’ll learn:

  • Why we are called to disciple...

Religion and the Inculturation of Human Rights in Ghana

by Abamfo Ofori Atiemo

It has been maintained that the secular nature of modern human rights makes them incompatible with the religious orientation of African and non-Western societies. However, in view of the resilience of religion...

Adult Bible Studies Student Book Spring 2013 - Regular Print Edition

by J. Ellsworth Kalas

Based on the Uniform Series, this quarterly study presents stimulating lessons that explore the biblical message and how to apply it to daily life. The curriculum helps adults move from a focus on the Word to...

Portable Faith: How to Take Your Church to the Community

by Sarah Cunningham

Have a congregation that not only talks about mission but gets out of their seats to carry their faith into the community

Adult Bible Studies Teacher Spring 2013

by Von W. Unruh

Developed for use with the student book based on the Uniform Series, this leader resource provides a wealth of information, planning ideas, and lesson guides for each of the 13 lessons in the quarter. This resource...

Different Paths, Different Summits: A Model for Religious Pluralism

by Stephen Kaplan

In a world where religious pluralism is a necessity of modern life, diverse religions exist for the diverse people populating the earth. Theologically, how do people of different faiths find liberation in their...

Military Chaplains as Agents of Peace: Religious Leader Engagement in Conflict and Post-Conflict Environments

by S. K. Moore

By way of theoretical analysis and documented case studies from a number of countries, this book considers Religious Leader Engagement as an emerging domain that advances the cause of reconciliation via the...

Christianity and Culture in the City: A Postcolonial Approach

by Samuel Cruz, Edgar Rivera & Peter Savastano

This volume examines how the manifestation and development of diverse expressions of Christianities in the city offer potentialities and innovative models for the liberation struggles and gospel incarnation...

Conservative Islam: A Cultural Anthropology

by Erich Kolig

Conservative Islam: A Cultural Anthropology by Erich Kolig analyzes the salient characteristics of Islam and contemporary Muslim society from the perspective of traditional cultural anthropology. By highlighting...

Jewish Responses to Persecution: 1938-1940

by Alexandra Garbarini

Volume II begins with Kristallnacht in 1938 and continues through Jewish flight out of Germany, the onset of World War II, the forced relocation of the Jews of Europe to the East, and the formation of Jewish...

Beyond Sanity and Madness: The Way of Zen Master Dogen

by Dennis Genpo Merzel

Zen Master Dogen (1200-1253), the founder of the Soto Zen sect in Japan and one of the most brilliant minds Japan has ever produced, was a true giant of Asian thought whose works are of an astounding richness...

What Did Jesus DO All Day?: Discovering the Teen Jesus

by Felicia Silcox

What Did Jesus Do All Day? bridges two worlds-the one we know today and the one Jesus knew in the Holy Land under Roman rule. Archaeological discoveries, historical writings, and early-Jewish studies continue...