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A Case Against Violence

by Christopher Alan Anderson

Violence--most would say they are against it and yet it seems to permeate our very institutions. Can we get down to the bottom and see exactly what a moment of violence is, how it is committed, by whom, and...

A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix

by Edwin H. Friedman

Author of the groundbreaking Generation to Generation applies the insights of family therapy to secular and religious organizations and how they treat their leaders.

A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism

by Sarah A. Reinhard, Lisa M. Hendey & Danielle Bean

Popular Catholic blogger and speaker Sarah A. Reinhard presents the first book to accompany expectant mothers from conception to baptism with weekly reflections and prayers rooted in the mysteries of the Rosary...

The Power & the Glory

by David Yallop

John Paul II and the dark heart of the Catholic Church...

In 1984 David Yallops In Gods Name changed the way that the world looked at the Vatican. In The Power and The Glory David Yallop returns to Rome with...

When God Comes Down: An Advent Study for Adults

by James A. Harnish

When God Comes Down is a five-week study, providing one lesson for each week of Advent and one for Christmas. Each lesson includes a key Scripture, a brief reflection, discussion/reflection questions, a brief...

The Right Church: Live Like the First Christians

by Charles Gutenson

We invoke the ideals of the "early church," but do we really know what the early church believed or how it lived?

Letters to Karen: A Father's Advice On Keeping Love in Marriage

Higher Power: Seeking God in 12 Step Recovery

by Douglas D Himes

An encouraging, thoughtful, scripture-based companion for individuals in any 12-step recovery program

Immersion Bible Studies - Psalms

by , Jr. J. Clinton McCann

Take a refreshing plunge into the Bible.

Immersion Bible Studies - Hebrews

by Chris Ewing-Weisz & John P Gilbert

Take a refreshing plunge into the Bible.

The Way of the Stars: Journeys on the Camino de Santiago

by Robert C. Sibley

Since medieval times, pilgrimages have been a popular religious or spiritual undertaking. Even today, between seventy and one hundred million people a year make pilgrimages, if not for expressly religious reasons,...

The Equality of Believers: Protestant Missionaries and the Racial Politics of South Africa

by Richard Elphick

From the beginning of the nineteenth century through to 1960, Protestant missionaries were the most important intermediaries between South Africa's ruling white minority and its black majority. The Equality...

RE Active Church: Connecting every primary school child with the Christian story

by Jenny Gray

Primary school children are required to learn about Christianity and local churches are often keen to help, but don’t know where to start. RE Active Church provides a four-year cycle of workshops that local...

Festivals Together: Creating all-age worship through the year

by Sandra Millar

Would you like to run services for key events of the Christian year that appeal to all ages, but don’t know where to start? Drawing on years of experience and good examples of all-age communication, Sandra...

The Worship Mall: Contemporary response to contemporary cultures

by Bryan Spinks

Religion is in competition with the leisure and entertainment industries. The postmodern generation is open to spirituality, but young adults have not been born into faith communities that embrace them fully...

Future Grace, Revised Edition: The Purifying Power of the Promises of God

by John Piper

Explore this stunning quality of God’s grace:  It never ends!

In this revision of a foundational work, John Piper reveals how grace is not only God’s undeserved gift to us in the past, but also God’s power...

The Book of Job: When Bad Things Happened to a Good Person

by Harold S. Kushner

Part of the Jewish Encounter series

From one of our most trusted spiritual advisers, a thoughtful, illuminating guide to that most fascinating of biblical texts, the book of Job, and what it can teach us about...

Idol Lies: Facing the Truth About Our Deepest Desires

by Dee Brestin

We often settle for cheap substitues for what we really crave. The million-selling author of The Friendships of Women helps readers move past their deceptive idols to discover true fulfillment and unimaginable...

Unexpected Christmas Hero

by Kathi Macias

Unexpected Christmas Hero is an inspiring story of friendship and survival. Forced by circumstances to live on the streets and in shelters, Josie Meyers and her children must decide whether or not to trust Rick,...

A Tapestry for the Soul: The Introduction to the Zohar by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag, Explained Using Excerpts Collated from His Other Writings Includin

by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag & Yedidah Cohen

A Tapestry for the Soul takes the Introduction to the Zohar (as translated in In the Shadow of the Ladder) as its main thread, from its beginning to its end. Excerpts from Rabbi Ashlag’s other writings are...