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The Way Into the Varieties of Jewishness

by Sylvia Barack, PhD Fishman

Takes readers era by era through Jewish history to reveal who the Jewish community included and excluded, and discusses the fascinating range of historical conflicts that Jews have dealt with internally. It...

Saint Ignatius Loyola-The Spiritual Writings: Selections Annotated & Explained

by Mark , SJ Mossa

This fascinating introduction to Ignatian spirituality draws from contemporary translations of original texts focusing on the practical mysticism of Ignatius of Loyola. Excerpts from The Spiritual Exercises,...

We Have Sinned: Sin and Confession in Judaism-Ashamnu and Al Chet

by Rabbi Lawrence A., PhD Hoffman

Through a series of lively introductions and commentaries, almost forty contributors from across the Jewish World examine the history of confession in Judaism, its roots in the Bible, its evolution in rabbinic...

There Is No Messiah...and You're It: The Stunning Transformation of Judaism's Most Provocative Idea

by Rabbi Robert N. Levine

Examines the history of messianic hope and anticipation, its evolution in Judaism and Jewish history, and other interpretations of "messiah" that shed new light on what it means to usher in the "kingdom of God....

Meditation from the Heart of Judaism: Today's Teachers Share Their Practices, Techniques, and Faith

by Avram Davis

Inspiring yet practical, this introduction to meditation from a Jewish perspective approaches it in a new and illuminating way: As it is personally practiced by today's most experienced Jewish meditators from...

The Rituals & Practices of a Jewish Life: A Handbook for Personal Spiritual Renewal

by Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky & Rabbi Daniel Judson

This easy-to-use handbook explains the why, what, and how of ten specific areas of Jewish ritual and practice. Each chapter provides you with guidance and background if you are just beginning to explore Jewish...

The Jewish Approach to God: A Brief Introduction for Christians

by Rabbi Neil Gillman

In this special book, Rabbi Neil Gillman guides you through these questions and the countless different ways the Jewish people have related to God, how each originated, and what each may mean for you. Whether...

Stepping Stones to Jewish Spiritual Living: Walking the Path Morning, Noon, and Night

by Rabbi James L. Mirel & Karen Bonnell Werth

Provides spiritual activities, meditations, prayers and simple rituals to accommodate any lifestyle and daily routine, giving us a chance to embrace God's creation throughout the day. Coauthored by a rabbi and...


by George Barna

This groundbreaking book shows that a revolution is already taking place within the church—one that will affect every believer in America. Committed, born-again Christians are exiting the established church...

Life's Highest Goal


LIFE'S HIGHEST GOAL In this book the author shows not only what is without question the highest goal that human beings can achieve in mortal life, but also how that timeless goal can be attained, so long as...

Jesus Christus

by Romano Guardini & Robert Krieg

Romano Guardini, widely recognized as the theological mentor of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), and the author of The Lord, offers a series of meditations on the life of Christ in a similar vein to the...

Zongmi on Chan

by Jeffrey Lyle Broughton

Japanese Zen often implies that textual learning ( gakumon) in Buddhism and personal experience ( taiken) in Zen are separate, but the career and writings of the Chinese Tang dynasty Chan master Guifeng Zongmi...

Moral Geography: Maps, Missionaries, and the American Frontier

Every Day I Pray: Prayers for Awakening to the Grace of Inner Communion

by Iyanla Vanzant

From the bestselling author of Until Today! and

One Day My Soul Just Opened Up comes a unique invitation

to prayer -- and her most deeply personal book yet.

Over the years, bestselling author Iyanla Vanzant has...

The Shack: Reflections for Every Day of the Year

by Wm. Paul Young

The powerful story found in The Shack written by Wm. Paul Young stole the hearts of millions and rocketed to fame by word-of-mouth, making it a phenomenon in publishing history. Now, THE SHACK: REFLECTIONS FOR...

Violent Buddhism

by Vladimir Tikhonov & Torkel Brekke

It is generally accepted in the West that Buddhism is a 'peaceful' religion. The Western public tends to assume that the doctrinal rejection of violence in Buddhism would make Buddhist pacifists, and often expects...

Muslim Women in Britain: de-Mystifying the Muslimah

by Sariya Contractor

Perceptions of Muslim women in Western society have been shaped by historical and sociological conditions such as colonialism, patriarchy and Orientalism. In Muslim Women in Britain, Sariya Contractor seeks...

Christology and Whiteness: What Would Jesus Do?

by George Yancy

This book explores Christology through the lens of whiteness, addressing whiteness as a site of privilege and power within the specific context of Christology. It asks whether or not Jesus' life and work offers...

Protestant Missionaries in the Levant: Ungodly Puritans, 1820-1860

by Samir Khalaf

Through focusing on the unintended by-products of New England Puritanism as a cultural transplant in the Levant, this book explores the socio-historical forces which account for the failure of early envoys'...

Theism and Explanation

by Gregory W. Dawes

In this timely study, Dawes defends the methodological naturalism of the sciences. Though religions offer what appear to be explanations of various facts about the world, the scientist, as scientist, will not...