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Honey from Stone: A Naturalist's Search for God

by Chet Raymo

Organizing his book according to the monastic hours of prayer, Chet Raymo examines the strength of scientific language to encounter the divine in the natural world.

Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament

by Ellen F. Davis

This is a book about getting, and staying, involved with God-what it takes, what it costs, what it looks and feels like, and why anyone would want to do it anyway.

Speaking of Sin

by Barbara Brown Taylor

In Speaking of Sin, Barbara Brown Taylor brings her fresh perspective to a cluster of words that often cause us discomfort: sin, damnation, repentance, penance, and salvation.

Mystical Hope: Trusting in the Mercy of God

by Cynthia Bourgeault

In five interwoven meditations, Mystical Hope shows how to recognize hope in our own lives, where it comes from, how to deepen it through prayer, and how to carry it into the world as a source of strength and...

Stories within Stories: From the Jewish Oral Tradition

by Peninnah Schram

Gifted and highly acclaimed storyteller Peninnah Schram contributes to the ever-growing library of Jewish folklore collections, thus actively helping to restore the rich treasures of Jewish oral tradition in...

The Jewish Holidays: A Journey through History

by Larry Domnitch

The events surrounding the holidays molded the foundation of the Jews as a nation and are related to their continuity and survival as Jews throughout history. In The Jewish Holidays: A Journey through History...

Where You Go, I Shall: Gleanings from the Stories of Biblical Widows

by Jane J. Parkerton, K Jeanne Person & Anne Winchell Silver

Many of the Bible's remarkable women-Mary, Ruth, Naomi, Abigail, Anna, Tamar, Judith-are widows. In this book, the authors, two of whom are widows themselves, provide an understanding and comfort not only for...

What Makes This Day Different?

by David J. Schlafer

In his newest book Schlafer looks at the preacher's task at the high times of the church and the secular year, those occasions on which expectations run high and emotions can be intense.

Trustworthy Connections: Interpersonal Issues in Spiritual Directino

by Anne Winvhell Silver

Although God is at the center of the process of spiritual direction, the more readily visible participants are human beings. Trustworthy Connections identifies some issues and challenges that can arise in spiritual...

Toward Holy Ground

by Margaret Guenther

In each chapter, Toward Holy Ground explores the practical aspects of spirituality in midlife: intercessory prayer, a sense of community, a rule of life, lightheartedness, detachment, and stripping down, preparing...

This Far by Grace: A Bishop's Journey Through Questions of Homosexuality

by J. Neil Alexander

In this thoughtful and timely book, Bishop Alexander explores his journey through the theological, scriptural, and pastoral aspects of the questions surrounding homosexuality and the Christian faith.

Theology of Worship

by Louis Weil

In this exploration of the foundations of Anglican worship, Louis Weil invites the laity to claim their true baptismal role and serve alongside the ordained as ministers and celebrants of the liturgy.

Stories Jesus Still Tells

by John Claypool

The author brings fresh insight to a selection of parables, allowing us to hear Jesus' calm, persuasive voice still speaking to us through stories like the great banquet, the rich fool, and the final judgment....

The Soul of the Night: An Astronomical Pilgrimage

by Chet Raymo

Originally published two decades ago, The Soul of the Night is a classic work that is a must for those interested in the relationship between science and faith.

Sabbath Keeping

by Donna Schaper

Sabbath Keeping is a collection of ten meditations, each exploring a different aspect of keeping the sabbath and ending with a prayer.

Rule of the Ssje

by Society of Saint John the Evangelist

The book is composed of 49 short chapters that develop classical monastic themes of hospitality, poverty, celibacy, and obedience, exploring what these might mean to men and women living at the end of the millennium....

Pastoral and Occasional Liturgies: A Ceremonial Guide

by Leonel L. Mitchell

In this third and final volume in a series of ceremonial guides to worship in the Episcopal Church according to The Book of Common Prayer, Leonel L. Mitchell focuses on the pastoral and occasional liturgies....

Opening the Bible

by Roger Ferlo

The author leads his readers through the practical difficulties of reading the Bible, offering advice that is true to the way Anglicans have read Scripture from the time of Tyndale and Cranmer.

On Being a Priest Today

by Rosalind Brown & Christopher Cocksworth

This important book on priestly identity embraces the many contemporary varieties of priestly ministry: male and female, paid and unpaid, parish and work-based, catholic, evangelical, charismatic.

Offering the Gospel to Children

by Gretchen Wolff Pritchard

Gretchen Wolff Pritchard shows how to offer the gospel imaginatively to children, with practical ideas on children's worship, liturgy, drama, pastoral care, and study of the Bible.