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Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2013-2016 - Lay Leader/Lay Member: Connecting Your Congregation and Your Annual Conference

by General Board Of Discipleship

The Lay Leader and Lay Member to Annual Conference are key roles in linking the vision and plan of the congregation with the ministry of the Annual conference and in nurturing cooperation and coordination of...

Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2013-2016 - Pastor: Providing Spiritual Leadership for the Church in Mission

by General Board Of Discipleship

The pastoral leader is the primary spiritual leader of the congregation. The pastor carries the responsibility for a number of different ministry tasks, which are condensed into seven categories. Effective pastors...

Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2013-2016 - Church Council: Connecting Vision and Ministry in Your Church

by General Board Of Discipleship

The church council exists to create and supervise the strategic plan for your local congregation fulfills its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ. This twofold function includes both leadership and management....

Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2013-2016 - Small Membership Church: Serving with Significance in Your Context

by General Board Of Discipleship

The vast majority of United Methodist churches are small membership churches that can be and are vital places of ministry that matter. Most are situated in areas where there are people outside any faith community...

The Bloomsbury Guide to Christian Spirituality

by Peter Tyler

The Bloomsbury Guide to Christian Spirituality has been written by leading academics, who distil their knowledge for a wide audience, considering the wide spectrum of the Christian spiritual tradition and answering...

Mary Magdalene, Princess of Orange

by Ralph Ellis

Did Mary Magdalene travel to Provence, in France? Ralph follows the trail of mythology and reveals circumstantial evidence to suggest that she did, and that her presence there has left its mark on the region....

Cultivating the Missional Church: New Soil for Growing Vestries and Leaders

by Randolph C. Ferebee

Offers church leaders and vestries a robust and missional perspective on the church in the 21st century.

Unabashedly Episcopalian: Proclaiming the Good News of the Episcopal Church

by Andrew Doyle

A heartfelt book that calls Episcopalians to wake up to the church's unique gifts and story, and equips them to share that witness in their neighborhoods and out in the world.

Speaking Faithfully: Communications as Evangelism in a Noisy World

by Rebecca Wilson & Jim Naughton

Today Sunday morning worship competes with youth soccer, Starbucks, Facebook, and the allure of being "spiritual but not religious." To share the gospel in a world like this, Christians need to reach beyond...

Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of Matthew

by John Yieh

This book invites readers to enter the narrative world and the historical context of Matthew's gospel to encounter Jesus Christ in his mighty works and words. Focusing on particular social and theological issues,...

Where Two or Three Are Gathered: Spiritual Direction for Small Groups

by Daniel Prechtel

This book offers a detailed presentation of ten small group models, plus guidance in group leadership dynamics. It also presents material related to group retreat work, spiritual guidance with organizations,...

Doing Time for Peace: Resistance, Family, and Community

by Rosalie G. Riegle & Dan Mckanan

In this compelling collection of oral histories, more than seventy-five peacemakers describe how they say no to war-making in the strongest way possible--by engaging in civil disobedience and paying the consequences...

Praises Abound: Hymns and Meditations for Lent and Easter

by Russell, Dr. Schulz-Widmar

• Devotional reading for Lent and early Easter • Original hymn texts and meditations on existing hymns by students at the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest These hymns and meditations are authentic...

Radical Welcome: Embracing God, The Other, and the Spirit of Transformation

by Stephanie Spellers

Drawing on interviews with more than 2 church leaders and in-depth studies of eight congregations, this accessible and inspiring book presents a fresh vision for the mainline church - and the practical tools...

Remember the Future: Financial Leadership and Asset Management for Congregations

by Gerald W. Keucher

"This is an important book. Clergy would do well to consider it for an adult education course. It should be must reading for clergy and lay leaders." -The Living Church

Occasions for Alleluia

by David Adam

In this captivating book, David Adam aims to help us recognize that there are moments in each day of our lives that are cause for thanksgiving, when we may pause and praise God. The author explores in turn our...

A Clergy Husband's Survival Guide

by Matthew Caminer

Women now comprise almost half the priests serving in the Church of England. As a result, there are many male clergy spouses who have had to come to terms with the seismic shift that occurs in family life when...

101 Answers to Questions About the Book of Revelation

by Mark Hitchcock

Who are the 144,000 in Revelation 7:1-8?

Are the trumpet judgments literal or symbolic (Revelation 8; 11)?

What is the mark of the beast (Revelation 13:18)?

Readers who have questions about the book of Revelation...

How To Be Spiritual Without Being Weird: 12 Core Values for Thriving in a Modern World

by Christy Brawner

Getting real about today's life issues . . . Contemporary young people who seek answers for crucial life questions need look no further than this sparkling, authentic Christian apologetic by Christy Brawner....

Eye In The Dark

by Peter Hansen

Eye In The Dark tells the journey of Hank Haraldsen from Norway to British Columbia to seek out a First Nations' Shaman to remove a Viking curse. Hank's son, Isaac, 27 years later, comes to Canada to find his...