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Solanus Casey: The Story of Father Solanus, Revised

by Catherine Odell

He was a simple Capuchin priest who worked most of his life as a monastery doorkeeper, yet he inspired thousands. He showed others that a life-giving faith and a love of God can be powerful.

Managing Stress with the Help of Your Catholic Faith

by Mary Lou Rosien

Through the teachings and Traditions of the Church, it explores the causes of stress, explains ways to identify personal stress triggers, and delivers realistic, helpful tools for coping.

Prayer Book for Catholics

by Jacquelyn Lindsey

This is the prayer book to help you refresh and renew your prayer life with favorite prayers of the Church.

A Pocket Guide to the Meaning of Life

by Peter Kreeft

This short, insightful guide to knowing God and the Catholic Faith gives new clarity to your personal purpose in life and life's questions. Gain new focus in your life and be fully prepared for those who may...

Catholic Bioethics and the Gift of Human Life, 2nd Edition

by William May

What the Church teaches and why on issues of euthanasia, invitro fertilization, genetic counseling, assisted suicide, living wills, persistent vegetative state, organ transplants, and more.

The Year of Faith: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics

by Mitch Pacwa

This is the ideal Bible study to help Catholics make the most of Pope Benedict's Year of Faith. Fr. Pacwa leads you through the beauty and insights of Scripture to integrate every part of your life – relationships,...

Answers to Prayer

by George Mueller & Rosalie A. A. de de Rossett

When George Mueller could not get it out of his mind to open a house for orphans in late 1835, he purposed to do so "that God might be magnified by the fact that the orphans under my care are provided with all...

An Introduction to the Old Testament Historical Books

by David M. M. Howard Jr. & David M. Howard Jr.

Gain a new understanding of the incredible events, great prophets, and rich theological themes documented in the Old Testament historical books.

Spiritual Maturity: Principles of Spiritual Growth for Every Believer

by J. Oswald Sanders

Spiritual maturity is not a level of growth Christians achieve, but the passion to press on in Christ. In these concise chapters J. Oswald Sanders explores the primary source of continual growth. As we embrace...

1-3 John MacArthur New Testament Commentary

by John F. , Jr. MacArthur

The apostle John is really a man for our

time. He wrote his three New Testament

letters in a bold, direct, even dogmatic

manner-more so perhaps than any

other New Testament writer. Although

renowned traditionally...

Living By the Book Workbook: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible

by Howard G. G. Hendricks, William D. D. Hendricks & Howard G. Hendricks

If people are taught how to study the Bible, it will become the living and active instrument of grace God intended it to be. The Living by the BookWorkbook is a unique tool which will teach the reader the techniques...

How Am I Smart?: A Parent's Guide to Multiple Intelligences

by Dr. Kathy Koch

Has your daughter come to you in tears, asking, "Am I smart?" Or has your son wanted to know, "How smart am I?" Dr. Koch wants children to ask an even

more important question  "How am I smart?"  When parents...

Financial Relief for Single Parents: A Proven Plan for Achieving the Seemingly Impossible

by Brenda Armstrong & Dave Ramsey

The challenging spiral of financial hardship can overwhelm even the most buoyant soul. Few know this better than single parents who face the seemingly endless burden alone. As a single mom fending for herself,...


by Charles C. C. Ryrie & Charles C. Ryrie

Dispensationalism continues to provoke heated debate within the Christian world. Highly acclaimed theologian, Dr. Charles C. Ryrie, addresses this crucial issue from the perspective of classic dispensationalism....

Sex: It's Worth Waiting For

by Greg O. Speck

Get the word out: sex IS worth waiting for! For leaders, parents, and teens, this book is not shy when it comes to the abstinence message. The new revised and expanded edition of Gregory Speck 50,000-unit original...

Proclaiming Jesus: Essays on the Centrality of Christ in the Church in Honor of Joseph M. Stowell

by Thomas H. L. Cornman & Michael Vanlaningham

Joseph M. Stowell was president of The

Moody Bible Institute of Chicago from

1987 to 2005, before returning to the

pastorate. His life's message is to preach

the centrality of Christ in the Church.


Life Essentials for Knowing God Better, Experiencing God Deeper, Loving God More

by Tony Evans

Knowing, experiencing, and loving God are the inevitable out- comes of a relationship rooted in an upward focus.  Discover how to pursue and glorify God so he can take care of your growth.

Oprah, Miracles, and the New Earth: A Critique

by Erwin W. W.. W. W. . Lutzer & Erwin W. Lutzer

When the world's most powerful celebrity (according to Forbes magazine) personally teaches a course on miracles, millions will join her class-including many believers. What will happen when the coursework blends...

Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible

by Erwin W. W.. W. W. . Lutzer & Erwin W. Lutzer

With the current cultural onslaught against the authority of God's Word, we explore the seven reasons why we can unequivocally trust and fully depend on the Bible. Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible is...

Read Through the Bible in a Year

by John R. Kohlenberger III

Reading through the Bible in a year is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions for believers-but like other resolutions, the success rate is low. This book helps readers overcome the two major pitfalls-a...