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Remixing the Church: Towards an Emerging Ecclesiology

by Doug Gay

Doug Gay seeks to identify and evaluate what goes on in the emerging church and how it relates to other developments of the twentieth and twenty-first century church.

Only One Way?: Three Christian Responses to t he Uniqueness of Christ in a Religiously Plural World

by Gavin D'Costa

This book presents three different, influential and representative theological approaches towards the world religions. Students are not only introduced to the field, but get three passionate and intelligent...

Seeking the Church: An Introduction to Ecclesiology

by Stephen Pickard

Seeking the Church intends to introduce students, teachers and inquirers to key themes and dynamics in being the Church. In a time of significant change and search for new forms of Christian community the book...

As A Fire by Burning: Mission as the Life of the Local Church

by Roger Standing

Mission is the key subject in all denominations. All who prepare for ministry will have to study mission. Several training institutions have already created posts to train students in pioneer ministry.This is...

SCM Core Text Theology and Sexuality

by Susannah Cornwall

The SCM Core Text Theology and Sexuality provides a clear overview of the theological debate surrounding sexuality as broadly understood. It gives an outline of the major themes surrounding sexuality in theological...

Science and Religion in the Twnty-First Century

by Russell ReManning

stellar cast of leading theologians and scientists debating science and religion in the public arena. The Boyle lectures are a prestigious lecture series held annually in the City of London. Engaging themes...

Ethics Matters

by Peter Vardy & Charlotte Vardy

Ethics Matters introduces students and general readers to the business of making moral decisions, engaging them in meaningful dialogue and inspiring them to find out more. Beginning with a discussion of the...

On the Thirty-Nine Articles: A Conversation with Tudor Christianity

by Oliver O'Donovan

The Thirty-Nine Articles, together with the Book of Common Prayer, form the foundation of Anglican theology. Yet there are very few extended treatments of them. Oliver O'Donovan relates the Articles to the exhilarating...

Reimagining Ministry

by David Heywood

This text is a comprehensive introduction to mission and ministry in the contemporary Church which enables students to prepare for ministry in a changing church within a changing world.

Rethinking the Origins of the Eucharist

by Martin D. Stringer

The Eucharist is the central act of Christian worship. In this book Martin Stringer brings together some of the scholarship associated with the sociological analysis of biblical texts into conversation with...

John for Today: Reading the Fourth Gospel

by Neil G. Richardson

John For Today, like the author's earlier best-selling book Paul for Today, combines fresh accessible scholarship with an exploration of the gospel's significance for the contemporary Church and wider world....

Controversies in Interreligious Dialogue and the Theology of Religions

by Paul Hedges

A challenging controversial discussion of the current state of the debate about Christianity and other world faiths.

Good and Bad Religion

by Peter Vardy

Intends to provide criteria to separate good and bad manifestations of religion found in the Western and Eastern philosophical conditions, that there is a single human nature which all human beings share and...

For the Parish: A Critique of Fresh Expressions

by Andrew Davison & Alison Milbank

Fresh Expressions of Church are most significant development in the Church of England. Parishes are the mainstay of the 'inherited church'. The authors demonstrate that the traditions of the parish church represent...

Church for Every Context: An introduction to Theology and Practice

by Michael Moynagh

The first comprehensive textbook on the theology and methodology of Fresh Expressions, one of the most important developments within the contemporary church.

SCM Core Text Black Theology

by Anthony G. Reddie

An accessible introduction to Black Theology, helping readers understand the inherited legacy of 'race', ethnicity, difference and racism, as well as the diversity and vibrancy of this movement.

The Last Testament

by Don Cupitt

Considers the traditional Christian ideas of the hereafter against modern beliefs, arguing that we need not the New Testament message but a Last Testament for the Last World that we live in.

Mindful Ministry: Creative, Theological and Practical Perspectives

by Judith Thompson

A constructive resource for all who endeavour to become reflective practitioners.

Developing Faithful Ministers: A Theological and Practical Handbook

by Tim Ling

Developing Faithful Ministers aims to support the work of all those involved in supervision and training relationships within the Church. The Church recognising its call to serve God and the nation seeks to...

Worship that Cares: An Introduction to Pastoral Liturgy

by Mark Earey

An introduction to the principles and skills of pastoral liturgy. Inter-denominational, this text can be used across different Christian traditions, in both formal and informal contexts and to meet traditional...